Trading Darren McFadden..... Should We Be Talking About It?

The writing is on the wall; Darren McFadden needs to be traded. DMC was one of the most talented running backs drafted by the Oakland Raiders since Marcus Allen. McFadden came with all the accolades any running back could ever achieve at the college level. Awards, after awards line McFadden’s trophy wall from college but the NFL wall is empty.

The Oakland Raiders have definitely not helped McFadden career at all to be fair. DMC has had maybe 5 different coaches/offensive coordinators/schemes in his 5 year career. Who the hell could be productive with that type confusion from the franchise who employs you. If you change the dollar menu at any McDonald’s franchise, the drive through lady may be able to overcome it, but she isn’t going to rush for 1,000 yards.

McFadden hasn’t helped himself much either to make matters worse for his pro career. Baffling injuries have hampered him his whole career. The toe injury in 2009 was anonymity. A toe injury causes you to lose 14 weeks on the field. Ronnie Lott would have cut that toe off at half time and played the second half. Then again, Lott was never paid $60 million dollars with $26 million guaranteed. (If he was, he would have cut his whole foot off.)

Career wise, DMC has had only one year worth bragging about in 2010. That year he had over 1,000 yards rushing and over 500 yards receiving with 10 touchdowns. That’s about it. The rest of his career stats look like Justin Fargas career stats. Fargas hit the 1,000 yard mark once in his career also. Last year DMC flirted with 1,000 combined yards but was put on the shelf for yet another injury.

I know Raider family, I’m being hard on the dude, but DMC is healthy right now and let’s face it; we are not a Super Bowl team this season. A healthy Darren McFadden has good market value in the NFL and we should trade him while he is still upright. I would love to see DMC run for 2,000 yards with 20 touchdowns but I can’t see it. The argument about DMC being a draft “bust” will soon be something the fans may began to speak of.  We all know the guy is one step away from a home run every time he holds the ball, but holding the ball on the side line doesn’t help anybody. We are rebuilding this franchise from the bottom up Raider Nation. We need draft picks, we need intelligent veterans with a good moral compass, and we need to get back that blue collar state of mind which embodies Oakland, California pro football.

Raider Nation for life!


Greg Simon

JBB Staff Writer


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  • Kevin Nunes

    R u serious?!! What r we gonna get for the guy? A 7th round pick? No one’s gonna take a chance on the sissy. Run him into the ground in 2013 to make him or break him. If we break him, his contract is up and we move on. If he makes it, then we think about re-signing him or possibly making him a restricted free agent so we can get a better return on losing him. Please think before you write garbage like this.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    I agree, use him as much as possible this year. However, if they are thinking about trading him, the time is now. Get what you can for him. More than likely a 5th round at best for next year, but we still get something out of it. Somebody will take a chance on him. Look, there is so much that can be blamed about the way he was used, but he was also unable to stay healthy. Even when he was being used right, he couldn’t last a full season. Both of you are correct.

  • brobb

    Keep him.. we won’t get shit for him anyway. Last year on contract I bet he breaks 1000yds. He has to make himself valuable Im betting on a career year. Plus power blocking scheme. Trading him would be a joke.

  • David Paul Trujillo

    And that’s why you write a blog. Just cause u have something stupid to say doesn’t mean you should share it. Trade McFadden for what? Who is gonna put anything worth what he’s capable of doing for us. “Hey I got another stupid idea, let’s tank this season for the top pick next year so we can compete in the future!” Comparing DMC to Fargas? Come on dude….I’m a big fan of Fargas way back to when he played for USC… But there are really no comparisons between the two! Trade out best and most explosive offensive weapon for med to late round picks? Write before you smoke Greg.

  • Ron Jennings

    Did it ever occur to any of you that the reason for his injuries might be the fact that he was so heavily used when he was healthy. Look at how hard the dude runs. And I’m not exactly sure why DMC gets the “injury prone” tag but nobody else on the team has. Just about EVERY player was injured last season. Ford, Moore, DHB, even Palmer. They ALL ended up injured last year. I can’t think of a single starter that wasn’t injured last season. Moore and Ford and are consistently hurt too. It’s FOOTBALL!!!! I could have the best built car in the world. But if I drag raced it at full throttle ad many times ad DMC has run full throttle for Oakland. It’d be breaking parts all the time too. Not to mention the lousy practice field they had. It was full of holes and bumps, and wasn’t even level. (which McKenzie had gotten fixed). I’m sure that had a lot to do with why out playerS (not just DMC) being injury prone.

  • Luis Hernandez

    I’m having mixed feelings about this article. At some level I’m think, why trade one of the best players we have had in a long time? On another level, I can see where gaining more draft picks comes into play. Especially with his lack of production due to injury. I believe if trade talks actually surface, it depends on what is being offered in return. If I’m not mistaken, Anquan Boldin was traded to SF for only a 6th round pick! To me, he should have gone for way more than that. I say trading McFadden for anything under a 3rd round pick is not worth it. Not only is he still young, but he’s a beast when health. Now that were switching back to power running, we should see why we drafted him in the first round to begin with.

  • Frank

    no one is going to trade for him for much unless he has a great year…and if he does the raiders have to franchise him…

  • chase ruttig

    This is extremely shortsighted. Yes DMC has had his injury issues, but like many have said it is primarily from being ran to the ground as our only real elite weapon on offense.

    You can’t give up on your cornerstone on offense just because of a thin year due to injuries. I can understand Greg trying to stir the pot, but this will never happen as long as McFadden shows flashes of brilliance when he is healthy.

    The editor has spoken. This is nonsense. Keep DMC.

  • ssgtflo

    No passing game to speak of, blocking schemes were horrible, and yeah he tends to be made out of glass but when he is good, he is really good. You don’t trade away your best offensive weapon especially in a contract season. I know that you are writing your article just for the purpose of getting reactions from people, but come on.

  • Raider Grant

    What’s the definition for insanity? Exactly, doing the same thing over & over again and expecting a different result. I’m not insane, but crazy & got my fingers crossed DMC tears it up this year, but if he doesnt stay healthy the majority of the season the Raiders would be insane not to cut ties with DMC.

  • BigNinaRoss

    Boo! Quit smokin the wacky tobacky… Ronnie Lott didnt play running back and he didnt have the wheels that Mcfadden has either. Mcfadden goes hard every play and gives it his all. He could still be a superstar in the NFL and is an asset for our team. I say resign him…for less money of course, and I bet he would go for it.

  • Jay Haskins

    Are you nuts?! McFadden is healthy on the last year of his deal. DMac playing with Pryor at QB, should have his best season yet. More holes will open.

  • Hangtownie

    If we could get a good DL for him? Or I’d say if the price is right go for it. Love to watch him play but every time he gets tackled I cringe because I think he just got hurt again. But don’t trade him just to get a late round pick next draft.

  • Kevin Nunes

    Go write for the 9ers you fair weather fan!!!

  • Greg Simon

    Your right. McFadden on the side lines is always better then future draft pics. He’ll probably be healthy all season to. Winning the Super Bowl this year is going be so awesome.

  • Greg Simon

    Try reading the whole article. I’ve probably been a Raider fan since before you were born.

  • Greg Simon

    You’re exactly right everybody was hurt last year. Our team look like a second string on any college team. We showed heart last year, But that was about it.

  • Greg Simon

    You’re probably right no one would trade for him.

  • Greg Simon

    Ronnie Lott was not a running back?

  • Greg Simon

    Ha ha. I don’t smoke Homie. Check out Justin Fargas stats. McFadden hasn’t done much better. Just saying.

  • Greg Simon

    Oh my god somebody that agrees with me!

  • Greg Simon

    You’re probably right Frank. A good season definitely requires a franchise tag from the Raiders.

  • Greg Simon

    Thank you for your response Luis. That was a great thought process that you went through. I actually would agree with you most.

  • Greg Simon

    Are they hiring douche bags, I’ll drop your name buddy.

  • Greg Simon

    I agree with you 100% brother!

  • Greg Simon

    Pryor? Ha ha. He might not even make the team.

  • David Paul Trujillo

    Stats? This isn’t fantasy foot ball dude and if it was, DMac is way more valuable. Catches out of the backfield. Picking up the blitz…etc. if you throw out last season which was not his fault, at least I don’t think it was. His average is 5 ypc. They were teammates lest we remind you, and MacFadden took the bulk of carries by the end of his rookie season. Again Fargas is a player I actually like, but there’s no comparison. Go back to your pole

  • Greg Simon

    You’re right guy. You should write a blog.

  • BigNinaRoss

    Yeah seriously…he was a safety…and they dont run the ball…they play on the defense…crazy huh?

  • Christopher T Eaton

    SMFH …. Your vast football knowledge needs a little work . Your knowledge of the Raiders and there players is so moronic , that this articles premise is a joke. The only thing more idiotic than the entire article is you actualy trying to justify your reasoning behind it .

  • ericthemadman

    Sorry Greg…I hate to be the grammar police but….all season too….would be the proper spelling. I’m with Chris on this one…your sarcasm about us winning the big one is moronic!

  • Mike James

    As a Raider fan… WE NEED TO GET RID OF THIS GUY WHILE HE STILL HAS VALUE. Our team is so jacked up it ain’t even funny. There needs to be a real shake-up… and yes, dammit, it needs to start with getting rid of underachievers like McFadden. Trade the picks for LINEMEN and defensive players who are young and can contribute. Stop all the damn overpaying for washed-up ass hacks (Sapp, Hall, Palmer). And just take it back old-school… if the guy can play, he can play. If he can’t cut him. Chaz Schilens should have taught the Nation that. SILVERNBLACK TIL DA CASKET DROP!

  • bill kush

    I’m with you Greg, I would trade McFragile. I’d put money on it if they don’t that he won’t last the entire season. He’s a good hard runner but not very durable. The RB’s need to be able to last longer than 6 weeks before riding the bench. He is injury prone or he was like Seymour last year take an injury & ride the bench as long as you can basicly quit on the team. Either way I don’t see him being the future for the Raiders. Next man up. I did like the story about MJD contract being up next year & the idea of him coming to the Raiders to be with his old coach.

  • Tommy Trujillo

    I agree with David. Even tho Dave is probably a tool, you need to stop throwing in the towel of the future. You compared him to Marcus Allen. You don’t just trade. Marcus or a McFadden for crap draft picks. But you somehow are listened to with these asinine columns, so u must be doing something right. Or steaming the correct pole. As for you David, get off your high horse! Don’t make me come find you. Or you can come find me in Santa Fe if you want trouble. Punk!

  • Tommy Trujillo

    He didn’t agree with you. He said he hopes McFadden tears it up ‘for the Raiders’ this season.

  • ericthemadman

    No he does not agree with you??? Sounds like you want to trade him now. Grant wants to give him one more shot this year!

  • Tommy Trujillo


  • Tommy Trujillo

    Jut kidding David. See you at Mom’s

  • ericthemadman

    LMAO….that’s the best you have for me?? He isn’t the big time “blogger” like you….so I’m not going to correct his spelling!!

    For the record, I’m 100% heterosexual and have been a Raider fan for 35+ years. Seems you are a bit homophobic, huh?

    Don’t take it so personal….you knew what the Nation would say about this article. A professional writer should just suck it up until the next article bro?? Peace out….Go RAIDERS!!

  • chase ruttig

    Greg no longer works for us as a staff writer Eric. Apologies for the insults this will never happen again.

  • ericthemadman

    Thank you Chase! I agree 100% with your comment, “The editor has spoken. This is nonsense. Keep DMC.”

    In the name of the late great Al Davis….Just Win Baby!!

  • Charles Larson

    Ron, you`re in massive denial about Dmac being injury prone. He belongs at WR now, because his feet,ankle and leg joints can`t take the pounding of being tackled by D Linemen and LB`s. He can dominate at WR against DB`s and running free in the open field.It`s no coincidence that good and great WR`s have much longer careers. Reggie Mac and Dennis Allen are too dumb to think outside of the box. So, it`s a great bet that Dmac will be injured at RB again, he`ll sign elsewhere in 2014 and he`ll probably be remembered as another Justin Fargas, whose career was plagued and cut short by injuries.

  • Charles Larson

    Jay, I`d be interested in seing Dmac at QB and Pryor at WR or TE.It takes good blocking by the OL for holes to open up. Really, I want Dmac to play WR, because he has the talent for it and it`s the only position he has a realistic chance to stay healthy at. Pryor`s great athleticism, size and speed are going to waste,so if he doesn`t win the starting QB job he should be a big man and move to WR or TE. Otherwise by staying at QB, instead of being a team player and a third string QB for more years , while his physical tools and speed go to waste, he`ll look like he`s playing the race card. He can only help a team out on the field no matter where he plays. I want him on the field somewhere soon or the Raiders should trade him, not Dmac. Mike Vick, Cam Newton and RG III are starting QB`s, but how many other third string QB`s with similar tools and sub 4.4 speed are there who remain on the bench?

  • ThaFootballGuru

    I’m a Raiders fan and said they should have traded him during the draft while he still has some value.
    He hasn’t played a full season yet, so in my opinion he’s not worth the money.

  • holy roller

    dmc will finally prove big al right and have a huge year………f the talking heads we gonna go places now.