JaMarcus Russell Photo Surfaces, Appears to Be In Shape

Well the scoop masters at Deadspin.com found a photo of JaMarcus Russell today, with the story being that Russell looks lean (pardon the pun).

The former can’t miss quarterback prospect out of LSU spent most of his time in the league living the extravagant life, smoking weed, sippin’ syrup and getting too fat to compete as a backup, let alone franchise saving quarterback.

Now out of the league, Russell appears to want back into the game and is taking getting back into shape seriously. He is wearing slimming black and I don’t usually comment on physiques of athletes often, but it looks like Russell is no longer the embarrassingly pudgy shadow of the player who wowed everyone in college.

It is unlikely that Russell ever sheds his bust image, but looking in shape, there could be an NFL team or CFL team that gives Russell a training camp invite in the future. Perhaps a more focused Russell can find redemption in some form.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Glenn

    I hope someone gives him a shot. Great young man, very talented. Sad he didn’t produce in Oaand.

  • Charles King

    Dont excuse the pun, its a perfectly good pun

  • Lamont Brown

    If he is dedicated i’d give him a tryout in Oak. He would really have to wow me to sign him but i’d give him a tryout.

  • Raider Grant

    He still is the RAIDER’S biggest bust, minus 51 pounds! Silver & Black back on track 2014! Return to Excellence 2015! Go Raiderrrrs

  • Ricky-Lisa Sotelo

    Looking good..,good luck hope u show everyone wats up!

  • serge

    The guy is a bumm, He is out of money, that’s the only reason he lost weight.
    He wants to hit the lottery again. As soon as he gets paid, he will
    quit on his new team. He will have money again for his purple drank and start sleeping in meetings.

  • Chris Baham

    Are you crazy Lamont? Do you SERIOUSLY think the Raiders would ever throw one more red cent at Jabustus? HELL NO. He should give his money back.

  • Tim Owens

    Are his NFL-level skills as in shape? DOUBT IT, SRSLY. What a scamster to the tune of $30M.

  • Jim Fike

    If you ever want to have a winning franchise you “always” keep an open mind and if a player earns the right thru training, effort & talent of course the player should get a look in training camp. Keep in mind that the Oakland Raiders are now a brand new franchise starting over from scratch. We need talented, committed players and Russell would have to earn his place and beat out the other QB’s. His problems appear to be more mental than physical as he never grasped the playbook and had a bad group of people around him. Can he ever change? I have no idea, but doubt it very much but there is nothing I’d like more than to see JaMarcus Russell come into camp w/ all the criticism and haters have to eat their words as he studied, outworked everyone and kept his nose clean. Tall order, yes, but we’ve all seen stories far more unusual than this where a drastic turnaround happens.

  • Aaron

    Well done young man! NOW KEEP HITTING THE PLAYBOOK!!!!

  • chase ruttig

    UGK would be proud I hope

  • Tim Martindale

    Hope he does good just not against us

  • Amelia Argo

    Chris you are so right in your comment, and why does
    this loser reporter, keep writing about someone the RAIDER NATION LIFERS AND OTHER RAIDER FANS


  • Chris Custer

    Duh- duh-Marcus will forever be a fat sack of Purple Drank, as far as Raiders fans are concerned. A tiger doesn’t change its stripes, and this man has permanent character flaws. He needs to go away, somewhere far away, like maybe Japan.

  • Timothy Hill

    Why are you showing off this BUM on a Raiders Raiders blog! He is hated in Oakland. He fuked up the Raiders for 6 years and 60 million dollars! I hope he drops dead!

  • sfasdfsad

    poor offensive line, not his fault. i fucking hate raider fans, i am a raider fan but i hage the rest of u shits. shuts ur mouths


    He”s still a buster