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Jun 12, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick listens to a question during a press conference before minicamp at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

"The Patriot Way" Is a Hypocrisy: Aaron Hernandez Murder Investigation Shows Why Praising Organizations is Dangerous

Much talk has been made about “The Patriot Way” during the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era in New England. A group of ragtag no namers led by a third string quarterback who was a backup in college turned into the class of the NFL overnight in the 00′s after their miracle upset against the St. Louis Rams in the Super Bowl thrust the team and their head coach into the spotlight. With many lauding Belichick’s ability to create a team of high character, “team first” guys as the reason for the beginning of their dynasty.

With that dynasty and three Super Bowl wins has came an extremely long leash and blind eye when it has came to bringing in risks and distractions into his football team. Now after two weeks of a media windstorm in New England, it appears that Bill’s luck with savvy risk taking has finally ran out, and the Patriots camp is turning into a soap opera that even they can’t control.

Starting in 2007  with the drafting of safety Brandon Meriweather in Round One of the NFL Draft, and making the blockbuster trade with the Oakland Raiders that brought Randy Moss to New England from.  Meriweather kicked an opponent in the head during an on-field fight at the University of Miami who just happen to be the most notorious bad character schools in the NCAA, and Moss’ is the guy who is best known for “Straight Cash Homey” and mooning the fans in Green Bay.

These moves ended up working out as the Patriots went 18-1 with Moss and went to another Super Bowl, further adding to the mystique of the Patriots organization as Moss’ career rejuvenated. Many ignored the fact that Moss mailed it in for his entire stay in Oakland with bad quarterbacks and a bad attitude forcing him out of town and attributed Belichick with the ability to fit typically selfish players with checkered pasts into his high character organization.

With Moss’ declining and the Patriots championship window slightly closing yet again, the was dice rolled for another time on Aaron Hernandez in the fourth round. Hernandez joined Rob Gronkowski as the Patriots new tight ends who both came with risks with Hernandez’ failed drug tests being the biggest concern ahead of Gronk’s back problems. Still the pair resulted in a third revival of the Brady/Belichick era as the tight ends exploded onto the scene giving the Pats a new strength in the passing game.

Now reports have surfaced that Hernandez told off veteran receiver Wes Welker before he even played a down for the Patriots with the Boston Globe reporting the two got into a film room dust up in Hernandez rookie season. With Hernandez murder investigation bringing even more negative attention to New England it is becoming more and more clear to everyone that the “Patriot Way” the mainstream media shoved down our throats is a farce.

In fact Belichick takes risks at an extremely high clip, trying to buy low and bring steals into his organization to give the Patriots an edge in taking players that are being ignored for whatever reason by the rest of the league.

In 2011, Belichick took risk-taking to a higher level, using a third-round pick on much-maligned quarterback Ryan Mallett and then, after the lockout, sending mid-round picks to the Redskins and Bengals, respectively, for defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and receiver Chad Ochocinco.

In 2012, a seventh-round flier was taken on cornerback Alfonzo Dennard, who was charged with assaulting a police officer only days before the draft.  During the 2012 season, Belichick traded for cornerback Aqib Talib, a former first-rounder who had more than a few off-field predicaments in Tampa.

Then came the unexpected waiver claim on tight end Jake Ballard (ACL) and, most recently, a trade for running back LeGarrette Blount and the decision to bring Tebowmania to town. Now doesn’t that seem like the cast of characters you would expect from the Bengals, or their AFC East rivals in New York?

Belichick is sticking to his blueprint to take risks and buy players low, whether due to injures, health problems, off-field issues, or perceived distractions, but it seems that his magic is running out as he increases the amount of times he steps up to the table to roll the dice.

In some cases it works, but now it seems like the Patriots are just riding on a perceived “good reputation” that most of the NFL’s organizations are not afforded. They have earned it by winning with class, but at the end of the day each NFL team is the same regardless of how people want to perceive them and the Patriots are slowly learning the hard way that in a league that has athletes with discipline problems, it happens to the best of everyone in the NFL. “The Patriot Way” was never there, their luck has just ran out and they now have two huge distractions on their hands for 2013 in Hernandez and Tebow. It is your move Bill.

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  • Tyler Cary

    Good job cheaters, way to have less class than the Jets.

  • Bennny K

    Patriot way = the New England Circus

  • Martin

    What are you a Seahawks fan or something. Pats never cheated.

  • Raider Grant

    This is Just Blog Baby right? If it is then F the patriots & if its not then still F the patriots! Silver & Black back on track 2014, Return to Excellence 2015 ! Go Raiderrrrs

  • Christopher T Eaton

    I hate the pats with a passion . But this kind of article is the type that some moron writes about the Raiders. So I don’t like seeing this crap written about anyone. Just say u don’t like the Pats and Tom Brady is a F@#! and move on. This isn’t some tabloid magazine.

  • Tyler Cary

    2007 season, Patriots were caught cheating twice. The first was Spy Gate when Josh McDaniels was OC for the Pats. They were caught videotaping their opponents hand signals that they used to signal what play was being called, so that the Pats would always know what play the opposing team was calling. Then they could either call the correct play to counter the other team’s play, or call a quick audible. Josh McDaniels was also caught doing this when he was the HC in Denver. For Spy Gate Belichick was fined $500,000.00 for CHEATING, and the rest of the team was fined another $750,000.00 for CHEATING. Later that year it came to light that before the Pats played the Rams in the Super Bowl they had someone sneak into the training facility and videotape their walkthroughs, which provided the Patriots with a complete video taped list of all the plays the Rams intended to use during said Super Bowl. The Patriots were once again fined for CHEATING because of this. The best part about the Spy Gate scandal was that the Pats capped off their season with one of the most wonderful Super Bowl losses of all time, leaving them with a record of 18-1. My beloved Dolphins went 17-0 and managed to finish perfect, with a back up QB. That record will stand forever. Why would you think that I would be a Seahawks fan because of my comment? They are AFC/NFC. Do you even watch football? Can you name more than Tom Brady and Wes Welker as having been Patriots players? How do you not know this stuff? How old are you? You look like you are about 10 years old in your picture, so maybe you aren’t old enough to remember something that happened six years ago.

  • Tyler Cary

    Holy shit, you are the dumb ass son of a filthy cunt whore. How about you go learn about football, and then you can post something. I bet you are the kind of person that believes all of those FB chain mails, and you probably repost the hell out of them as well. Fuck you for being an ignorant ass fucking moron. I bet you would have plenty of correct information if we were talking about men’s gymnastics, or nude male wrestling wouldn’t you there cupcake.

  • Tyler Cary

    End a question with one of these? You do that more often when the first word in a sentence is what.

  • Martin

    Hahah funny.

  • Sivart9876

    Typical Hater-aid from Raiders fans… Yes the Pats have a
    few bad apples on their team, but so to do the rest of the NFL teams. I
    mean look at the Raiders: it’s only a matter of time before one of them get arrested
    for something. The Raiders team is as ghetto, misguided, and pitiful as
    it’s fan: and they all have a jail-bird mentality about them. I
    understand the hate, tho… Your team lost a chance at the Superbowl because of
    the ‘Tuck Rule,’ but that game wasn’t won or lost on that one play: there were plenty
    of other plays left on the field. That
    old Pats teams was more mental toughness than the Raiders, they had an
    intangible quality that Raiders teams have never had. Even though a few
    seams are starting to show now, the Pats are still a better team and organization
    than the Raiders hope to be at anytime in the near future.

    As far as the cheating… It’s much the same as the whole Saints scandal.
    The Pats got called out on the same s— that many other teams were doing
    at the time (go back and look at anonymous quotes from other NHL player/execs
    during that time.) That whole scandal came down to the Jets having the
    weasel and horrible coach Mangina (who damaged two team for the long hall: see
    Jets and Browns) making a desperate attempt to weaken the Pats organization.
    As with this Hernandez scandal: it’s an opportunity to jump on the hater

    Now, directly addressing the Hernandez thing. There are plenty of past and
    present Raiders with criminal records (Rolando McClain, Darrius
    Heyward-Bey, Michael Bush, Cornell Green, and Sebastian Janikowski to name a few.) When the truth comes out in this case, I have
    a feeling that we’ll all find out that this is a drug deal gone bad, and that
    Hernandez was stupid enough to taper with evidence because he didn’t want to be
    suspended by the NFL. It’s doubtful he
    pulled the trigger on one of his best friends.

    How does this affect the Pats? Probably for the better. Hernandez really doesn’t like to get hit (see
    Seahawks game) and the Pats have rebuilt themselves into a smash-mouth offense this
    off-season. The Pats have a tough and
    talented run game, larger tougher receiving corp, Gronkowski (when healthy) and
    Ballard at tight-end, and one of the toughest/clutch players in the league in Tim
    Tebow (who will most likely take some of the Hernandez snaps,) and of course
    Tom Brady. Without Hernandez, the Pats
    offense may be better off in hard-hitting games (games that they have lost in
    recent years.)

    Nice job you, Andrew Dice Clay wannabe meathead: this article, like the Raiders
    team and its fan-base, is a joke.

  • chase ruttig

    I have been called an “Andrew Dice Clay wannabe meathead” I guess that is a first.

  • chase ruttig

    My point was every team in the NFL is the same, and that the media praising the Patriots as a team at a higher standard than other teams in the league is simply wrong.

    I wasn’t attacking the Patriots because I “hate” New England. I just hate the double standard the media shows. If this happened to the Cowboys, Raiders or Bengals you can bet they would be getting ripped by everyone as usual