The Raiders Suck! (An AFC West Perspective)


Yeah, I’ve heard that before. Actually I’ve heard it a lot over the last ten years.  It’s warranted, it’s deserved,  it cannot be denied.  But as a die hard fan, I can live with it. I sort of have to because I cannot see myself  EVER rooting for another team.  These last ten years have served as a test and a purge of the fan base. If you haven’t jumped ship by now, you are a true die hard. Be proud Raider Nation because we are survivors. We have survived a litany of bad plays, a record setting number of penalties, countless blown calls, terrible free agent grabs,  and… oh yeah -  Jamarcus Russell.

As Robert H. Schuller said: “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

So what do we have to cheer for? Plenty.

When you look at the history of the AFC West, despite ten years of bad football, the Raiders are still tops in various categories. Non Raiders fans, especially our division rivals, like to rip on us as if were an expansion team like the Jaguars or Panthers. So lets take a look at how each team stands from a historical perspective, not just the last ten years (more on that later).

When measuring the history of a franchise, what is important? What are the factors that determine an organizations net worth? Most would say, championships, you know; hardware. But lets dig a little deeper and add some more categories to build the case. How about Hall of Famer’s? Winning percentage? Head to head results? Some internet searching helped reveal what I have already known. The Raiders still have bragging rights in the AFC West. Here is a break down of how each franchise weighs in on the categories listed above.



Super Bowls:   three wins in five appearances (60% winning average)

Last Super Bowl appearance: 2003 (10 yrs)

AFC West titles: 12

Number of  HOF’s: 13 (21)

Overall record (winning percentage): 455-381- 11 (.544)



Super Bowls:  two wins in six appearances (33% winning average)

Last Super Bowl appearance: 1999 (14 yrs)

AFC West titles: 12

Number of  HOF’s: 4 (6)

Overall record (winning percentage):  437- 391 -10 (.527)

Head to head v. Raiders: 44 – 59 (-15)



Super Bowls:  one win in two appearances (50% winning average)

Last Super Bowl appearance: 1970 (43yrs)

AFC West titles: 5

Number of HOF’s: 10 (16)

Overall record (winning percentage): 412-402-12 (.506)

Head to head v. Raiders: 53 – 50 (+3)



Super Bowls:  lost in only appearance (100% losing average)

Last Super Bowl appearance:  1995 (18 yrs)

AFC West titles: 10

Number of HOF’s: 7 (11)

Overall record (winning percentage): 409-410- 11 (.499)

Head to head v. Raiders: 47-57 (-10)


Just as I thought, the Raiders are still on top.

Now lets revisit these past ten years. In those ten years, all three rival teams have won the division at least once. San Diego has the most with five , followed by Denver  with three and KC with two.  Congratulations.  But what have you done with all those AFC West titles?  Nothing actually. As a matter of fact, no team in the AFC West has made it to the conference championship game in the last ten years. Way to go Broncos, Chargers and Chiefs! Collectively you have been miserable in representing the AFC West. Way to show the rest of the league what you’re made of.  By comparison, the last time the Raiders were on their Super Bowl runs, they were actually in two of the three conference championship games. They would have been in three had it not been for some obscure rule that no one had ever heard of before, that the league recently owned up to and did away with. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

To point out the good and the bad, the Raiders also hold dubious records for the most penalties in one season and also the record for most consecutive losing seasons of ten or more losses.  Also a negative for the Raiders, the league is a win now league and that puts them in the back of the line as far as recent accomplishments.  As a Raiders fan however, I am undeterred. So is most if not all of the fan base that remains loyal to this proud organization. At least we didn’t have the butt fumble, right?

Looking ahead at the other teams in our division, Denver is on a limited run of two to three years at the most. Peyton Manning can’t play forever you know.  San Diego’s window closed when LT left for the Jets and with an aging tight end, injury prone running back and no true number one receiver, Phillip Rivers is looking more like the latest version of Dan Fouts. Great numbers but nothing to show for it in terms of winning when it matters. The Chiefs have a new QB, but I don’t think Alex Smith is the answer. If he was, he would still be across the bay.

With training camp on the horizon, Raider Nation has a new hope for the team. Sure that sentiment rises up every year with every team, but this year there seems to be tangible proof.  There are no longer overpaid/ under-performing players taking up a spot on the roster.  We now have players that are on short term contracts and who are eager to play and prove that they belong in this league.  With a surplus of money for the following season, you can bet some of those short term contract players are going to play their butts off to secure long term contracts  in 2014. Also with that money in 2014, Reggie McKenzie can sign the players whose contracts are up for renewal and not worry about losing them because he can’t afford to, like Phillip Wheeler this past year. You also have the makings of a real quarterback competition between three to four hungry, determined QB’s, with each out to prove they deserve that opening day start.  The team is also on the young side as far as average age and that bodes well for consistency and team cohesion going forward. Plus we have a future Hall of Famer who knows a thing about about winning and what it take to get there. Maybe you heard of him, he caused that fumble on that play that I’m sure you’ve heard of before.

I believe things are looking up for the Raiders. When you’ve hit rock bottom, the only place to go is up. Once that happens, the AFC West will be right again and the Raiders will retake their rightful place atop of the division. The way it was then and the way it should be.




As pointed out by some readers, there is a discrepancy in the article.  There have been two AFC West teams to make the AFC championship game in the previous ten years. San  Diego in 2007  and Denver in 2005, both teams lost those games.  My apologies for the error.



The parenthesis in the Hall of Famers  category  represents players who made contributions to the team but are more associated with another team. (i.e.- Jerry Rice played for the Raiders from 2001-2004 but contributed more to the 49ers and is enshrined as a 49er)

Statistical data provided by Pro Football Hall of Fame


Hall of Famers who made the major part of their primary contribution for any one club are listed in bold. In cases where a player contributed about equally and/or in a major way to two or more clubs – he is listed in bold under both clubs (ie. Gary Zimmerman is listed with both the Vikings and the Broncos as his primary teams).  Hall of Famers who spent only a minor portion of their career with any club are listed under that club in normal font. – See more at:
Hall of Famers who made the major part of their primary contribution for any one club are listed in bold. In cases where a player contributed about equally and/or in a major way to two or more clubs – he is listed in bold under both clubs (ie. Gary Zimmerman is listed with both the Vikings and the Broncos as his primary teams).  Hall of Famers who spent only a minor portion of their career with any club are listed under that club in normal font. – See more at:
Hall of Famers who made the major part of their primary contribution for any one club are listed in bold. In cases where a player contributed about equally and/or in a major way to two or more clubs – he is listed in bold under both clubs (ie. Gary Zimmerman is listed with both the Vikings and the Broncos as his primary teams).  Hall of Famers who spent only a minor portion of their career with any club are listed under that club in normal font. – See more at:



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  • JoseSD

    We’re all biased and I respect your passion for your team but I have to disagree witg you probably within 2 years the Donkeys will be back to the bottom so the other 3 will fight for the division, the Chiefs have talent with Hali,,Berry, Flowers, Johnson, Houston, Charles, Bowe and their two offensive tackles. But realistically the Raiders have a long way to go no QB maybe Wilson will be good, Run DMC can’t stay healthy, Denarius Moore is just a speedster and needs work on his route running, isn’t Jacoby Ford on his way out with the current management, as for the defense didn’t you lose Seymour, Kelly and Shaughnessy? Lammar Houston is underrated though, I like Miles Burris but the rest if the LB corps isn’t great, and Woodson is past his prime, they could have had a great foundation to rebuild but the Carson Palmer trade took away all your high picks, i can see with the new management better decisions are being made on who gets drafted and signed and 40 times aren’timportant, but no matter what I’ll always hate the Raiders just like you’ll hate the chargers that’s just the way it is,


    The Broncos hopes all lie on Manning for the next couple of years. They are doing exactly what the Raiders used to do, pick up vets in hopes that they will be good. So far so good for them, but that philosophy doesn’t last long term for stability.

    The Chiefs have talent but they too have and aging core of players that they will need to replace in 2-5 five years so they might be in that rebuild trap too.

    All of our QB’s are young which is good, but unproven which could be bad. This is the year for DMC and Ford to put up and stay healthy otherwise I think they will be gone. D. Moore also has to work on his ball catching skills. I actually like our LB’s they have that good mixture of hunger, experience and as well as youth. Burris is a great find. If Sio Moore can become a starter and Nick Roach who came from the Bears, can lead as MLB, I think they will be set. Despite Woodson being past his prime, he still has upside as far as leadership and experience go for a young team. Plus he’ll be in as Safety which is situational so less wear and tear. Overall they are greatly improved on defense from last year. I don’t think they will be a lay down team this year.

    You’re right, that’s just the way it is and the way it should be, it’s football.

  • Alter Ego

    Your argument is a swing and miss. The Raiders are shitty. Period.

  • Alter Ego

    That’s a stat ? Bullshit. Its just good tv to watch fat guys in make up cry – Its a car wreck – everyone looks. If you are invading…shouldn’t you win the fight at some point? We love Raider week in SD. You make us look amazing !!

  • Alter Ego

    How is it changing ? There is more evidence that you suck more today than you did yesterday. You can be optimistic – but your not credible. The Raiders are really, really…wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…SHITTY- THE RAIDERS ARE REALLY SHITTY :)


    That’s what I expect you to say.. nothing else to prove your teams worth. In the end, your one and only argument was pointless and a weak attempt to validate your team as being superior to mine.

    Have a good night, I’m going to go look for Charger SB ring’s on ebay…oh, never mind. Maybe I’ll relax and look up the that great show about the Chargers top ten players on NFL Network….damn it, that doesn’t work either.

    I know… I’ll dig up some footage about Phyliss Rivers crying about another loss, or maybe that footage of LT sulking and crying behind his visor on the sideline. BINGO, I found something…finally.


    Really, list your evidence since you are so credible?

  • Raider Grant

    It’s been a bumpy road for sure, but our franchise has three rings & one of the biggest fan bases in all sports. Over the last 20 years we’ve taken lumps from just about every team out there,but recently went undefeated in the AFC west with a mediocre team to say the least. Could be 11 years of losing, but SILVER & BLACK BACK ON TRACK 2014 & RETURN TO EXCELLENCE 2015!!!!

  • Alter Ego

    My team is fine. Ask your dad what its like to root for a winner – you don’t know first hand…because you have a shitty non competitive team that will be used as everyone’s favorite urinal. The Bolts got a shot – they do just about every year…your team …no shot. At least you have the glory years of two decades ago to look back on – sale that to your kids. They will eventually tell you – “dad, the Raiders are really shitty”. No one cares about 20 years ago – except teams that suck now…oh…that would be you.

  • Alter Ego

    16-4 the last 10 years against your washed up shitty team. 16-4…16-4…16-4 – that’s some very good fucking evidence. If the Bolts are bad what does it say about the Raiders for the LAST TEN FUCKING YEARS. The Chargers of course have won the division five times in the last ten years – Raiders…nada. Don’t bring up 20 year old stats – not relevant to today. Mama don’t let your son grow up to be a Raider…cause they are really shitty

  • Alter Ego

    I can at least appreciate your comment RG. When did you say that the Raiders swept the AFC West ?

  • Raider Grant

    2010-2011 if I’m not mistaken. First team to go 6-0 in division play & not make the playoffs. Curse of Tebow year! Go Raiderrrrs


    Spoken like a true Dolt fan. I asked you to give evidence that things are not changing in the Raiders organization and you were once again not able to deliver.

    So much for that credibility you speak of.

    All of your comments hinge on 16-4, peppered with cuss words up and down this page. You sound like a 5 year old whiny kid, much like Rivers, saying the same old thing over and over..16-4, 16-4, 16-4.

    Congrats on 16-4. If they handed out trophies for 16-4, I know you would be there to accept the prize because it is apparent that your 16-4 is what you are most proud of.

  • Alter Ego

    Yeah – 3 rings…that’s true. Its been some time since you won those rings though.
    We’ve been butt fucking you for a while now – I’m glad we turned things around and made you our bitches.
    So that we are clear…
    us – Landlord….
    you – bitch ass tenant who can’t pay the rent
    You can’t live in the past forever – no bragging rights if your team has sucked for ten years. That’s the rule !

  • Dennis Reesman

    Piss poor article. The history of the AFC west that the writer talks about starts in 1970, yet they throw in AFL stats like they mean something in the AFC West.. Al Davis was the commissioner of the AFL as well as the HC/ GM of the raiders. In an era when power, money and influence determined how well a team did in the bidding war for draft picks lots of teams had no chance. In the AFL/ NFL era it wasn’t as simple as the worst team gets the top pick in the draft. Teams would bid on draft picks and the more money, power, influence and the better a team did, said team would have a better shot at the top draft picks. Obviously that system was doomed to fail from the beginning and the rules had to change forcing the merger and a common draft.

  • Dennis Reesman

    As far as Broncos overall NFL record it is 398-295-6.
    The raiders overall NFL recod is 378-323-6.
    The raiders still have the H2H lead but it’s only by 4 games NOT 15.

  • Alter Ego

    Nice…your right. You ended up 3rd in the division. There is that. Hmmm – I think 2015 is crazy talk though. The Raiders took another step back last year…this year only looks better because you haven’t got the beat down yet. No – you got a lot of sucky years ahead.



    Thanks for reading the article and your input. I used the stats from the HOF, which does include the AFL stats. Those AFL stats are relevant because all four teams are part of the original 8 and have been grouped together since each team joined the league, whether the AFL or NFL, they have been battling it out since 1960.

    That may be true about the old system, I wasn’t around then. But by your description, it sounds like how the NBA is today, where the players choose where to play instead of the teams and build super teams. Can’t argue with you there, that system is a mess.


    Good thing you don’t make the rules outside of your own life. And even better that we don’t count on you to recite our history to us. There were a couple of guys like that in history actually, Hitler and Saddam, they went away…you should too with your lame analogies and very short sighted view and knowledge of the NFL.

    Do you know anything else about your beloved Chargers besides 16-4, 16-4, 16-4?

    More and more, I’m thinking you are the worst kind of fan, a fair weather fan, we know the Chargers are full of them so it wouldn’t surprise me if you are one. Admitting you are a fair weather fan is the first step to recovery.

  • holy roller

    In fact we true Raider lifers enjoy the pointless banter of the balance of the divisions fans. Up and down for sure however always relavent. Just look at how ya’all get ur panties in a bunch. The chefs…SUCK, THE DOLTS…….SUCK……THE DONKS ………yep, …SUCK!
    Don’t talk to me about stats when the best ya can come up with is “wheres ur boobs”.
    “The greatness of the Raiders lies in thier future” and like HTM said……..”the future is now.
    Watch and learn.

  • Anthony Rosales Sr.

    Chugglersfans are so full of it, yeah you have a better record over the last ten years, AND YOU WOULD TRADE THAT IN HEART BEAT JUST FOR ONE RING! LMAO!

  • nik beauchemin

    Mostly because the AFC has had to go against Tom Brady every year, Peyton Manning every year, and the Steelers D. The AFC has been dominated by the same three teams until the ravens finally made it last year.

  • Alter Ego

    Amen. Its 16-4 against the Raiders – that’s the history. You have nothing to brag about the last ten years. Your pompous article is all about what use to be… Now – your not much to worry about. In fact your team is the easiest on our schedule. You keep talking about what once was – not what is. Its not applicable to the current state of things. The Raiders are at the bottom of the pecking order. Your teams roster makes us all smile – nothing is changing any time soon. This year you will continue not only being our bitch – but you will be everyone else’s too.

  • Alter Ego

    You are forgetting the rule – no bragging rights if you have sucked for the last 10 years.
    I am simply enjoying the dominance that we have over you now – its happening now…not 20 years ago.
    When we beat the snot bubbles out of you again this year – hell, when everyone beats the snot bubbles out of you this year…will you still brag about 20 years ago?
    I know you will…you got nothing else to hang your hat on. The Raiders are just that shitty that it may be a dozen years until you can be respected again. That has a real possibility of happening. This year you are dog shit again – I’m happy for it.
    For now…its accurate to say the Raiders suck. Because they do.

  • Dennis Reesman

    Now that we know you’re a hater, your opinion about the rest of the west means as much as a drive thru ATM in braille, it’s pointless and meaningless.

  • Dennis Reesman

    The HOF is voted on by sports writers who have never played the game with an ax to grind. It’s a popularity contest of sorts. Using HOF inductees is not a good example of how good the players were. . Broncos have played in 6 SB’s and won 2 back to back, if you don’t think we deserve to have more In the Hall then you’re blind. Bills and Miami(Marinos era) have players inducted without a SB win.

  • Dennis Reesman

    In a system that was as unfair and biased as it gets, it’s like shooting someone in the leg and telling them let’s go run a mile and expect them to keep up. Not a fair race to say the least. Also to use winning % as far as SB wins goes doesn’t make sence. By that logic a team is better off going to and winning one SB so they can say they have 100% winning %. Is that really better then a team who has played in 6 SB’s and won 2? No way no how.

  • holy roller

    Looks like a Raiders blog, muttonhead. I’d be a hater on the mile low site. I’ve seen it all since the late 60′s afc west wise so my opine can actually hold some merit at times.
    Mannings gonna break and the donks will go down…….
    “have a nice day”


    How the HOF’s get voted is irrelevant, and I agree with you that it is a popularity contest to some extent, not as bad as the pro bowl but there is some bias Voting is not strictly based on popularity. The players have to have made solid contributions on the field and that includes a myriad of stats as well as SB appearances.

    Also, I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be more people inducted because every team can make the case for more.
    Which Bronco players would you add into the hall and why do you think they are not in there? Because of media bias alone?

    SB percentage does count for something, you can make it four times and not win one (Bills) or you can make it two times and win them both (Ravens). So by your reasoning, the Bills are a better team than the Ravens because they played in four? It’s not enough to have the opportunity, its what you do with that opportunity when it comes that defines you.

    As in any sport, it only matters if you win or lose. Head coaches get hired and fired on the W-L percentage alone.


    Right. those teams have done their due diligence by staying consistent in coaching, management and play calling systems. It’s a lot easier to bring players into the system as opposed to building the system around the players. You might have to do that initially, but once it’s on point you go out and seek the same style of players with the same characteristics to ease the transition.

    Sadly, the AFC W has not done that and the least consistent of the four have been the Raiders

  • Dennis Reesman

    By your logic a team that has played in and won one SB is better then a team that has played in 2 SB’s and only won one? Makes absolutely no sence. The list of Broncos that should be in but not limited to are, Karl Mecklenburg, Rulon Jones, Dennis Smith, Steve Atwater, Rod Smith, Terrell Davis, yes I said TD, if Gayle Sayers gets in without a SB ring then TDMA should be in. At least with the pro bowl people who have played and or coached the game get a vote, the HOF its biased sports writers that vote players in or leave players out.

  • Dennis Reesman

    Typical butt pirate fan has to resort to name calling. Butt pirates are snake bitten to the core.


    Statistically speaking, yes they are, a team with a 100% avg is better than a team with a 50% avg. Were talking stats, numbers and percentages. Would you rather have $100 or $50 dollars. How does THAT not make sense.
    But I see your point that getting there has to account for something.

    Nice picks for who should be in HOF. Jones and Smith I’m not familiar with but the other ones were prime time.
    As for TD, he was the catalyst that got your team and Elway over the hump and those two rings. Is he HOF worthy? I don’t know…. there are a lot of RB’s in the HOF with better numbers and that is who he would be compared to. Too bad his migraines limited his career because he was a beast and had he had longevity, he surely would’ve made the HOF and the Broncos would surely have more rings.

    SB rings are only part of the process. I could list various Raiders who have rings but no HOF. The process does need to change, maybe open it up to the fans, at the very least, the players. Also, increase the number of inductees. But you have to remember, if anybody could get in, then the mystique of the HOF would lose it’s appeal.

  • Alter Ego

    Ha…that’s not the best I can come up with – just seemed appropriate after you attacked my avatar. But seriously, I don’t get your avatar at all…if its a tit shot your showing…its on the disappointing side. Be proud – I want to watch and learn.

  • Dennis Reesman

    Any time you can win a championship is a good thing. Playing in a SB means you are the conference champion. Granted the SB is the ultimate championship but a conference championship is still a championship.

  • holy roller

    ya like man boobs ?This kind if comment I’d excpect in the stir….. the shirt is a classic with the red eyed bear in boxers worn by my late father years ago…..sadly, I couldn’t squeeze into it until now.
    Name calling begets name callin it seems so there is that.
    Over the years we ( the afc/l west) fans have been treated to quite alot of classic football. Indeed, the Raiders, hawks,dunks,dolts and chefs all had a hand in it.
    the compettative nature of the beast is what draws us to it IMHO.
    So unlike sooo many others my “hate” is tempered with a wink and a nod to the great players who came from those other teams.
    “if you watch,learn you will, young jedi”…………

  • superman_25_58

    Alex Smith is more of an answer than any of your QB’s lmao! Smith has been one of the most accurate QB’s in the league the last two years. This is a what have you done for me lately league so the last two years are more relevant than the first 5. What has Flynn or any other QB on your team done in the league here lately besides getting beat out by rookie QB’s? So I would bet our QB against any of your QB’s just based off of what Smith has done in the league lately, and the simple fact that he knows how to take care of the ball IMO. 2-3 years? I’m just not seeing it IMO

  • Bronc

    Excellent spin, as a “donkey” fan I think the last year the team won a superbowl should also be included in the analysis, but I understand the need to spin it. Well done.

  • Shiza57

    So your veteran QB, is your savior, who got beat out by a
    one year QB, who could honestly been considered a rookie, because he had no playing time. A KC fan trying to talk smack about the Raiders, and if I remember correctly, we had a better record than u last year, and we spanked u both times we played. U should go back to your room now.

  • superman_25_58

    Smith didn’t get beat out by Kap? He got hurt and Kap filled in and did a phenomenal job so they decided to just go with the younger QB who has lots of room to grow still bc that pretty much is the nature of the game right(Young and talented is better than old and talented)? It had nothing to do with Smith not being good enough bc I believe he was like 17-18 before he wound up with the concussion. Smith also would have went to the SB two years ago if his Returner didn’t fumble the ball twice in the NFC Championship game to blow it for him. I believe neither of us made it to the Playoffs this year which is the ultimate goal, so to me it doesn’t matter what the records were if neither team came close to making the Playoffs. The only difference is we had a way worse QB lineup than what the Faiders had which in turn got us the #1 draft pick to get the top player in the draft. It also got us a QB who has been one of the top accurate QB’s in the league in the last two years and that is something that has been missing in KC for quite some time. I hope any team can beat Matt Cassle, Brady Quinn, Brodie Croyle, Yancey Thigpen, Tyler Palko, etc…. bc they all sucked. Atlest now we have a QB who can throw the ball to all the receivers without trying to get them killed and who knows how to take care of the ball instead of giving it away wrapped in a bow tie.

  • chris long

    Itz really funny how chiefz , denver and san diego fans cherp the raiders even tho ur teams are still shit too. One bad hit on manning and denvers fucked san diego has been on a steady decline too.. really the only teamthat has a bright future is the chiefs but thats been their story for afew years now but yet still anaged a worse record then oakland. The raiders really have no right to cherp any team tho theyve sucked for the past 20 years theyve only had glimmers of hope.. either way ur all stupid ignorant and oblivious.. either way at least the raiders have a huge fanbase full of true fans ,certian culture and image thatll always stay with the team while no other team can really say that espically in our division.. the funniest lost our from the people how brag about beating the raiders in the past 20 years and have nothing else to brag about.. congratulations for beating a team thats been know to be spirling down hill with no direction and rattled with poor decisions.. i cant wait to see manning get hurt and the broncos lose there direction. In the upcoming years the only teams in this division ripe to get a home grown dynasty going is oakland and the chiefs.. i wish oakland took smith rather ten the chiefs.. when alex was on the 49ers he made me about a grand and ill always be a alex smith fan for that.. but at heart oakland is my team.. tho i out of all the afc west teams i expect the biggest improvemnt from the chiefs.. alex is the money maker.. fuck you kaperinck( dont know how to spell his name ha) the 49ers were better with alex my proline tickets prove it ha!

  • AFL Champions

    If you’re going to go back to 1960, at least get your facts straight. Do a little research. Chargers won an AFL Championship in 1964 (following the 1963 season). They were in an additional four AFL Championship games.
    I know it must be hard being a Raider fan presently, don’t worry, it’s not gonna always be this bad. In the meantime, it sounds like you’re choosing to make yourself feel better by lashing out at other teams/fans. If that’s whatcha gotta do to deal with insecurities…….

  • AFL Champions

    As far as HOF players who have played in the last 20 years for the Raiders – Howie Long (retiring in 1993). For the Chargers, Seau and Tomlinson are slam dunks for the hall and will be elected in a couple of years. Am I missing any Raiders that will be elected? If not, sounds like your HOF point isn’t such a fantastic one.