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No doubt by now, Raider Nation has learned about the growing need for a new stadium for the Oakland Raiders.  Trust me, the Oakland Athletics and their fans know, especially after the latest sewage debacle at Coliseum.  The concrete stadium that Al Davis built that has stood as the home of the Oakland Raiders for the past 30 plus years, but it’s time to find a new home.  It’s time to build a new stadium, but how to get it done?

The National Football League (NFL) has stepped in and discussed the building of a new stadium with the Oakland Raiders (Reference; Secret meeting in August 2012 reported by The Oakland Tribune’s Matthew Artz).  In May of 2013, the NFL approved a loan of $200 million to the Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank.  The Atlanta Falcons stadium is estimated to cost $1 billion to build, and it is estimated to be ready in 2017.

Is this what the NFL discussed with Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis?  Will they offer him the same deal that Arthur Blank received?  Remember, Blank is contributing his own money to fund half the cost of the Falcons stadium.  Is Mark Davis considering the same, or is he hoping that the City of Oakland will step up and help out?

There are so many questions without answers.  The fact remains, the Oakland Raiders need a new football stadium.  The biggest question is where?  Where will the new stadium go?

We will get back to ‘the where’ in a moment.  When the Oakland Raiders moved to Los Angeles, CA, it was under the assumption that they would be receiving a new stadium there.  However, Raider Nation knows that never happened.  When the Raiders came back to Oakland, it was also under the assumption that the City of Oakland would upgrade or build a stadium for the team.  The City of Oakland built Mount Davis and upgraded some of the player’s facilities.  Then, the City of Oakland hiked up the price of Season Tickets and Single Game Tickets.  Luckily, the PSL’s are no more.

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis has publicly stated that he would prefer to keep the team in Oakland, CA, or near there.  However, I believe if he was to be given the right deal, he could move southward again.  We, Raider Nation, can keep that from happening, but it is going to take a concerted effort from all of us.  How, you may ask?  We, the fans, must contribute to the building of a new stadium.  This is a radical idea, I know, but this may be the only way to keep the Oakland Raiders in Northern California.

Remember, we are Raider Nation.  We have one of the largest, if not the largest, fan bases in all of sports.  Think about this, we each contribute $100 to the building of a new stadium.  I understand that $100 can be a considerable amount of money to a lot of families, but in the long run it is just a drop in a bucket.  Not everybody would be able to contribute that much, but if we could contribute anywhere from $10-$100 each, that would be a lot of money.  That money, would jump-start the building of a new stadium.

Some would ask, what do we get for contributing?  I’m sure that the Oakland Raiders Organization would be very appreciative of the donation, and a new Fan Appreciation Zone would be added within the stadium itself.  Our team, the Oakland Raiders, would remain in the Oakland Area.  Better facilities would be given to the players.  Season Ticket holders would receive special incentives, and fan seating would be more comfortable.  The Black Hole would remain where it is supposed to be, in Oakland.  These are just a few of the things that would be given back to the fans.  Imagine, a football stadium built by the fans.  Could you imagine it being called, “Raider Nation Stadium,” or, “The House that Raider Nation Built?”  In my opinion, this is a very exciting concept.

Back to where it could be built.  It should stay within or very near the Oakland Area.  They are the Oakland Raiders, and they should remain the Oakland Raiders.  The building of a new stadium would generate revenue for the City of Oakland, and it would benefit the area it is built within.  There are plenty of locations that the Engineers could propose to build at.  Oakland, San Leandro, Dublin, Richmond, Concord, Livermore, etc…, are all locations that could house a new stadium.  A more radical idea would be to build it right along the bay near the Emeryville area.

It’s going to take anywhere from $1 billion to $5 billion to build a new stadium.  With the $100 contribution from just 500,000 fans, we are talking an estimated donation of $50 million.  If the NFL added in their loan of $200 million, then Mark Davis would have $250 million to start the process of getting a stadium built.  That $250 million would get the City of Oakland to stop sitting on their hands.  It would be the incentive needed to get the ball rolling.  It can be done Raider Nation, and we can help build it.  Not to mention, Raider Nation would physically be the ones building the stadium.

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  • jeff scarpino

    As a lifetime fan I would absolutely donate to the cause. I think it should be organized I think many raider fans would feel the same way.
    Raider fan in Rochester ny

  • Pauly

    I am With it Raiders NJ

  • Silvia Arredondo

    Lets do it! Who do I write the check to?

  • James Powell

    I’d gladly contribute to my team

  • Kevin Nunes

    I donate $100 every month. In the form of buying Raider paraphenalia, paying for DirectTv Season Ticket, paying for my season tix, etc. The NFL and the Raiders make more than enough off of its fans to build a new stadium. So does the City of Oakland. Problem is the city is using stadium revenue to pay for other bleeding budgets in the city’s genreral fund instead of reinvesting it into the stadium projects. A fan zone, etc, should be constructed out of appreciation for itsfanstolerance of the team, Al, and the city over the last 10+ years, not because we donated to an already inflated product. Stop paying these players do much money and you’ll have more to spend on your infastructure.

  • Daniel Stephen Mercado

    I personally would LOVE it if the Raiders came back to L.A.

  • melecio plascencia

    I will donate for the raiders to stay in Oakland.

  • Scott J. Barbieri

    I have been thinking about this exact idea for a while now, even the $100 donation. can you imagine if the donation was $200,or heck, even $1,000 over a period of time, some incentives being seating and maybe even some say in the design? It would then be a stadium truly built be the fans, once again am Al Davis leading trend, and one of the greatest stories in NFL history, even trumping the Packers public stock options which I think are fantastic. Personally I think this is the ONLY way this should be done. It would be the ultimate tribute to Al Davis, and the Ultimate Raider Nation Statement to the rest of the NFL, which is, “Screw you and what you think of us.”. Go Raiders!

  • Rick Worth

    Winnipeg Raider nation is all in

  • Beezy

    Sounds like a Kickstarter.

  • Edwin

    honestly that is a great idea, there are a lot of die hard fans out there for the raider nation, i being one, and to be able to say “i helped build my teams stadium” is an honor

  • pudgie_child

    I would contend that it’s not necessary for us to have a new venue at the current time. The Raiders can’t sell out the existing inventory they already have (season tickets at the $25 price level still remain available in a stadium that seats only 50,000). Focus on a few years of REAL sell outs (not including 2-for-1 ticket deals), and THEN talk about a new stadium.

  • Beezy

    Raider Nation loves L.A. You guys represent the team with pride but the teams home is in Oakland and I think every option should be viewed there first before a move back to L.A.

  • Patrick Allen

    Are you out of your damm mind the only way I would do that if you promised me part ownership of the property what a joke throw away my hard earned money for what? Talk about a damm pipe dream they must think people are stupid!!

  • raiderjoe

    Oakland is great fanz are great but I’m bias and yea I would love the Raiders to come back to L.A. no matter what happenz Raider Nation runz deep in da veinz!!!

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  • Rees Britton

    I like the idea of contributing! What about the near empty Jack London Square or the old navy base here in alameda… talk about a stadium with a view!!! There is plenty of room for hotels and restaurants.

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