Colin Kaepernick Wears Dolphins Hat, Defends Right to Wear It on Instagram

On a weekend right after the Fourth of July news is slow in the NFL right now. So bloggers all over the internet are thanking Colin Kaepernick this Saturday as after being put on blast for breaking one of the cardinal sins in sports in wearing a Miami Dolphins hat, Kaepernick defended his position on instagram of all places. With the Dolphins hat in question in his hand and a smug duckface like pose (Because this is Instagram after all) Kaepernick told everyone to calm down and that he will wear what he wants and leave his allegiances to the football field:


This the hat y’all mad at?” Kaeperick said on his Instagram account.   “I’m goin wear what I want regardless of what you think, all you need to worry about is the fact that I grind for my teammates and the 49ers!  I plan on doin this until they won’t let me in the building!  #ridiculous#y’allmustbebored.”

Kaepernick has a point, he can “wear whatever he wants” and no one can dispute that, but as the face of a franchise that just went to the Super Bowl, you should expect fans to be passionate enough to call out their quarterback for wearing the hat of another NFL team.

No true fan wants to see any member of the fan’s favorite team wearing another team’s colors.  And no true fan wants to be lectured by the player who commits one of the few cardinal sins of sports, one that could easily be solved by wearing a different snapback. Perhaps a Miami Hurricanes one would suffice.

This really is a non story that is only getting traction because there is very little to talk about right now, but Kaepernick comes off as a tool in this situation. Wearing the Dolphins snapback was bad enough, but going on instagram and doing a smug duckface and defending yourself is something a high school football player would do.

It could have been worse and been an NFC West team, but none of those franchises have nice gear anyways. Perhaps the next time Kaeperninck is taking college girl selfies on Instagram he could rock a nice Silver and Black Raiders throwback.


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  • Al

    This made the news!?! Wow!! While I understand diehard fans take on this,it could’ve been one of his favorites while growing up. Don’t know, don’t care!!

  • Silvia Arredondo

    I understand the mad fans… As a die-hard Raider fan I know I would be pissssssed if one of my teams players had another team’s hat. But! This really got me thinking that even football players are human and they deserve to have a life outside of work, because that is what being a professional athlete is… It’s a job. We must understand as fans that once, players like Kaepernick were just like us, FANS. We need to give players that space to do as they please(outside the football field) with their memorabilia and we need to understand that we don’t own these players and the NFL doesn’t either. So, as long as Kaepernick or any other football player is keeping their personal likes outside the football field (or maybe they’re just like other people who have a collection of different NFL team hats) and keeping their passion for their team on the football field, let them be! This has changed my mind, and although I choose not to wear any other team memorabilia, I will not be quick to judge if any athlete from any other organization chooses to do so. Think about it, not all professional Nfl players will get to play for their favorite teams. The game of football is a business for the purpose of our entertainment. It is highly likely that all players will play for more than just one team and we all know that while the fans are out trying to stab their team’s rival, all those players go out to lunch or for a drink after! So lets all stop being so ridiculous, because in the end we would be fools to act this way. In the end, it is just a game! It is just a business that is meant for our entertainment! We need to realize this!

  • Richard Hough

    Colin is just lamenting what he can never be. A Miami Dolphins football player.