October 4, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raider fans celebrate after the Raiders scored a touchdown in the second quarter at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Raider Nation is the Best!

“Beyond doubt, the sleaziest and rudest and most sinister mob of thugs and wackos ever assembled in such numbers under a single ‘roof,’ so to speak, anywhere in the English-speaking world.”  This was a comment made by Hunter S. Thompson (American Journalist and Author in the 1960’s) when he was asked about Raiders Fans.

Many would take this as an insult.  I, however, see it as a compliment, a compliment to the best nation in the world, the Raider Nation.  There is no better crowd in the world.  So what if we have a mythical reputation for cursing, drinking, brawling, and generally wreaking mayhem.  Oakland Raiders fans are a multiracial, largely blue-collar group, but this mixture creates a profound sense of community.  What is a community, but a group of people who band together to achieve a certain goal.  Our goal, Raider Nations goal, is to cheer our team to victory, and we let nothing stand in the way of our goal.

In a book written by Jim Miller and published by Kelly Mayhew (Better to Reign in Hell: Inside the Raiders Fan Empire), is a quote that stands out to me.  As stated, “The silver-and-black-clad Oakland Raiders fans are the most notorious in American professional sports.  The self-described Raider Nation, smitten with its outlaw mystique, provides a gritty alternative to California’s sunshine-and-granola image.”   

How many other sports team fans can say that they had a book written about them?  Not many, if any at all.  Raider Nation is notorious and gritty.  We work our butt’s off during the week.  We deserve to get rowdy and uncouth every now and again.  It’s all for fun and nobody is there to get hurt.  We are there for our team.

Opposing teams fans are treated with the utmost respect at our home games.  It’s only the ones that get out of line that tend to be mistreated, but usually they are the ones who become the problem.  Look, if you show up to a Raiders game with the opposing teams colors on, expect to get heckled.  You’ll be yelled at and booed, but it’s all a part of the fan experience.  If I showed up to an away game with my Raiders colors on, I would expect no less, but I would show respect to those fans.

There is no other experience on earth quite like the time you will have at a Raiders game.  It is even better when the team is winning.  We are loud and proud.  The Raider Nation is the best.  Hands down, there are no others like us.  Therefore, we are the best fans in all of American professional sports.  Ask any player who the best fans in all of football are, and I almost guarantee the Raider Nation will rank among the top.  We are number one.  In our hearts, souls, and minds, Raider Nation is the best!

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  • chris long

    you like stroking the raider nation cock dont you hahahahah


  • Raider Grant

    There is no other fanbase in sports that can rival Raider Nations devotion/loyalty to Our team. Being at a home game is the best, especially for the first time. If your like me & get ridiculed for sporting silver & black behind enemy lines all year, there’s nothing better then being in a stadium full of people who share the same love for “The Raiders” you do. Thus, you feel like your where you belong…..right at home! 2014 Silver & Black back on track. 2015 Return to Excellence! Go Raiderrrrs!

  • Juan Flowers

    There is only one nation

  • Shane Schilperoort

    You know it!

  • Shane Schilperoort

    No, I do not complete nor attempt to complete the act in which you speak of. However, I am a proud member of Raider Nation, and I like to express myself in words. Sorry if you think otherwise. Go Raiders!

  • Shane Schilperoort

    True enough!

  • Martin Torres

    The only nation exactly

  • Silvia Arredondo

    That is so true… Everytime I go to games the fans boo any opposing team’s fans and try to intimidate them but we Raider fans never go up to anyone and and straight up punch them in the face for no reason.. Not until they start crap and get in our face… Then it gets personal and we need to protect our territory!

  • mojosnake257

    c.Long you are a dong

  • bob saget

    i dont know about anyone else but after reading this article i felt like a was being stroke a lil maybe not to completion though lmao

  • John

    Actually the RAIDER NATION is not only the best, but the ORIGINAL! Every other team fanbase hates us, yet they call themselves a “nation” of one sort or another. FACT: THERE IS ONLY 1 NATION.

    To all the other fan bases: TRY HAVING AN ORIGINAL THOUGHT. WE DID!!