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City of Oakland, Raiders Eye $800 Million, 50, 000 Seat Stadium Deal According to Reports

Despite being one of the most infamous NFL stadiums that holds one of the league’s most passionate fanbase, there is no argument that the Oakland ( Coliseum is on its last legs.

There is just one problem: California is notorious for dragging out the stadium process and the San Francisco 49ers stadium is just getting done right now across the Bay, meaning that Mark Davis wanting $300 million of taxpayer money might be a dragging point.

The Oakland Tribune reported that the Raiders want a 50,000-seat stadium to give the franchise a much needed new home after years in playing in an outdated facility. The stadium would be the smallest in the NFL, but would only cost $800 million. In contrast the 49ers’ new stadium, set to open next season, is slated to have a $1.3 billion pricetag, so the Raiders have done the math and have been fairly operating on a bargain budget.

Davis and the Raiders are willing to post $300 million of that $800 million pricetag on the Coliseum 2.0 with the NFL’s stadium loan program covering another $200 million leaving us with that $300 million amount.

That amount has the City of Oakland and its sports franchises playing hardball. With the Raiders and Athletics both wanting a new building and the Warriors having already jumped the Bridge to San Francisco, it is clear that if the city wants to keep its teams it is going to have to chip in some public funds to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The pressing question that remains is will they?

Municipal and state governments know that they are being hustled by the NFL (and to be fair, all sports leagues) when it comes to public funding of new stadiums. Yes, the City of Oakland is going to profit off of the 50, 000 people who come to the stadium eight Sundays a year, but the NFL holds 30 of the richest 50 sports franchises in the world including Oakland and can afford the bill, which is the problem.

The City of Oakland knows it shouldn’t have to pay $300 million for a new stadium and they know that the taxpayers and voters that aren’t Oakland Raiders fans also know that. At the same time Mark Davis isn’t going to pay $500 million of the Raiders money when there are cities that will be more than welcome to find the money (or already have the building) for the Raiders.

You can’t build a $500 million NFL stadium and the Raiders and Mark Davis are already being flexible with a 50, 000 seat $800 million stadium that is a fraction of the cost of most new NFL stadiums. Combine that with the fact that raw sewage came up so quickly in the stadium last month that the A’s were forced out of their dressing room and you quickly emphasize with the situation of Mark Davis.

Oakland deserves better, yes asking taxpayers is wrong and I personally don’t agree with the logic of making non-sports fans foot the bill for a stadium any more than I would a non-art fan foot the bill for a new city funded art gallery, but the Davis family brought the Raiders back to Oakland in 1993 and have now rebuilt the tradition of Raiders football in Oakland for 20 years. The fact that the sides involved can’t get a deal done is frankly disappointing because Oakland has lost the Raiders once and could be willing to let it happen again.

The fact that there is now a plan, a capacity number and a pricetag on a potential Raiders home is promising. Still $300 million of unaccounted money looms in the balance, pocket change considering the Raiders have already been modest in building the smallest venue in the NFL to save money. An end to this saga seems close, but the words of Mark Davis put the writing fully on the wall:

If the City of Oakland and Mark Davis can’t come to a deal eventually, we could be dealing with the sad reality of a second exodus of Oakland by the Raiders. Let’s hope that common sense prevails on all sides and that never has to happen.

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  • phil s

    I’ve been an Oakland fan and I’ve been an L.A Raiders fan a fan is a fan where ever there team goes (in Cali, haha) if the city of Oakland is not willing to put the effort into keeping any of its teams then I am sure L.A will welcome them with open arms. Our team deserves a new stadium and now a fresh new start all around will be good for our team. Go Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders doesn’t matter to me anymore I’m just a fan who looks forward to watching them play where ever.

  • Raider Grant

    Portland Oregon needs an NFL Team if Oakland doesn’t step up to the plate to build new stadium. They have Nike??? Sorry Boys in the hood, but LA gave our team the gangster label. Thus, after the LA experience decent folks can’t wear Raider gear without all the thug stereotypes that come along with doing so. Doesn’t matter if your white black brown blue or purple if you look the part your a suspect, or target to be a victim. Don’t give me your hip hop thug BS either I live the part of being a Die Hard Raider Fan, and the consequences that comes from a decent person sporting the silver & black year round. Real men wear silver & black…..they also walk the line, have jobs, pay taxes,vote, help others, respect women & takes care of his family. Not guilty by association, just a Die Hard Raider Fanatic!

  • Al

    Wouldn’t want to see them in Oregon either. However the whole Boys in the Hood, HipHop thug bit shows a lack of maturity on your part.

  • Raider Grant

    Well your comment shows your maturity level sir; Because If you lived as a fan through the transitions of the team moving from Oakland to LA, then your well aware of what the gangs in southern California did to our teams public image. Decent Raider fans are reluctant to wear/sport the silver & black, especially if their a minority in the northwest! Before the move you could wear a Raider Jersey next to an old lady in a store & it wouldn’t of made a difference to her, and possibly could of even sparked a conversation. After the move, you try being a big multiracial male in a Raider jersey next to an old lady in a store…. Yep not the same as it was before is it. That’s just a simple example of how the gangs of southern California(boys in the hood) changed the image of The Raiders & their ENTIRE fanbase. Ice Cube did 60 for 60 ESPN special that details the effects of “The Raiders” move to LA. Of course it is from his point of view,but does hit on what I’m stating. You should watch it, it is a good piece. Afterwards think of the rest of the decent Raider fans in the world who have no ties to that lifestyle & what I’m saying will come to fruition. I hope being old enough to live through the changes of “The Raiders” & seeing life how its been lived by this old timer is sufficient enough to make a mature & truthfull comment. Win, Lose, or Tie I’m a Raider till I Die! Go Raiderrrrs!

  • Al

    Not only have I been a diehard Raiders fan since 79/’80 I lived in LA until the start of the ’95 season. I saw the IceCube peice. The perception of RaidersNation was already a thugs image because many people who didn’t even live in Cali was that Oakland was more hood than LA at the time. However I’m not concerned unless its RaiderNation Silver and Black attack here. Just win baby!!!

  • Raider Grant

    Sure Our team had the bad boy, tough guy image prior to the move to LA, but the Raiders were the blue collar working man’s team & their history starts before 79. It wasn’t until our team moved then went from being great, to mediocre, to being irrelevant that our image changed publicly. Thanks to media, gangs, gangster rap the Raiders changed from the blue collar working man’s team to thug life. Now all the decent folks have to endure the stereotypes, harassment, and injustices that come with being a die hard Raider fanatic. Just build “The Raiders” a new stadium already Oakland, and if we move please don’t let it be back to LA! Agreed, Just win baby!

  • Al

    Most NFL,NCAA and MLB team fans endure that whether they relocate or not. What my point was regardless of what type of fans/image that was portrayed its irrelevant now and if our beloved Raiders leave the state you can bet another type of negative stereotype will take place. Why do you think so many teams have recent years adopted the Black?? Bad boy or thugs the facts remain we’re still considered one of the most copied and hated in the league.

  • Raider Grant

    True that Al! If for some reason they can’t stay in Oakland, my vote is for Portland Oregon(never happen)! Regardless if We move or not the image society has of “The Raiders” & its fans will remain… Unless We make that change & start winning. Thus, watch all the haters turn back into fans, and even more people would start sporting the silver & black again; which in turn would hopefully keep all The Nation from being stereotyped for loving “The Raiders”. Have a good afternoon Al & go Raiderrrrs!

  • Scoobz

    Personally I don’t give a damn how many seats our new stadium will have. Just build one and keep our boys in Oakland. I can’t tailgate with my family in L.A.
    Just sounds right!

  • Raider Grant

    Hell Yeah!

  • lorens

    Pisspoor player managing in the last decade, and now they are reducing their standards to the tune of almost half the worth of the team next door. Every move the Raiders have been making are signs of just surviving to stay afloat in this league. Sorry to say, but its time for Mark to sell this team to an owner who is committed to winning now.

  • lorens

    ONLY reason the Raiders failed in LA is that they played in the crappy Coliseum and AL Davis did no justice by continuously antagonizing the league. Gauranteed, there would be no better city for the Raiders than LA…with the right ownership.

  • Mike Millan

    The Raiders were born in Oakland, represent the hard working class of Oakland and Northern California, and should always be in Oakland. Build the damn stadium.