Aug 2, 2013; Canton, OH, USA; General view of the exterior of the Pro Football Hall of Fame with the banners of enshrines of Larry Allen and Cris Carrter and Curley Culp and Jonathan Ogden and Bill Parcells and Dave Robinson and Warren Sapp. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Hall Needs More Pirates

This weekend marks the annual enshrinement of seven new people into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (HOF) . The inductees this year will be Bill Parcells, Larry Allen, Cris Carter, Warren Sapp, Dave Robinson, Jonathan Ogden,and Curly Culp. While all of these men are worthy of enshrinement, there are many more who are equally worthy but did not make the final cut this year.  It seems that there is always one or two players who feel shunned by the committee  for being left out and the fans also react negatively when one of their favorite players fails to get in. Search the blogosphere and you will no doubt come across any number of players that have eluded the Hall.

Many would argue that in order to get in, you need to win a Super Bowl, be a game changer or innovator on the field or simply have astronomical stats.  While all of these are true to some extent, they are not the only reasons for getting inducted.  The current selection process is conducted by 46 writers (one from every team city, 13 at large writers and one representative from the Pro Football Writers of America). So what keeps players, coaches, owners and GM’s out of being forever immortalized? Very simply it comes down to a popularity contest.  Each writer will present their personal nomination and then go about convincing the other writers that their guys should get nominated and sent on to the next round. I imagine it is a lot like a Survivor episode with many alliances and secret dealings going on. Many fans have said that the process itself should be changed and opened up to the fans. The fans however, do have a say by being able to write any and all of these writers and nominating their selection(s).  I too believe the  process needs to be changed but I am not sure that it should become fan exclusive, maybe incorporate the players opinions as well. With sweeping changes made to the Pro Bowl this year, I foresee some changes down the road for this process as well.

As it is for other teams, the Raiders have their own set of players, coaches and contributors who many fans feel should be in Canton. Jim Plunkett, Kenny Stabler, Tim Brown, Ray Guy and Tom Flores are among the most popular Raiders that are not in the Hall of Fame. With a team rich in  football history, the Raiders boast an  impressive 21 players who have worn the Silver and Black but there is always room for more. I would encourage any and all Raiders fans to submit their nominations to all of these writers and hopefully get some of our greats recognized for their accomplishments to our team.  For the players that I have watched,  I would say Tim Brown, Tom Flores and Ray Guy should be automatic.  Charles Woodson and Sebastian Janikowski should also be nominated when their time comes. For more seasoned fans there are even more players that should be in.  With the HOF ceremonies in full swing, Raider Nation should take the time to get their favorites on the list for consideration.


Raider Nation, which Raider belongs in the Hall of Fame?

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  • Shane Schilperoort

    A great job on this article. Very, very good points made.

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    I would think that Tom Flores would’ve gotten more votes by now. Three SB’s with the team. Truly an underrated coach.

  • holy roller

    clearly an age bias here…..I watched the Snake in the ’70s and have seen all the others in person over the years, he and DT Timmy brown as well as Jimbo are getting screwed because of how the game has changed….u could take brady,montana,et all over the Snake in the last two minutes and not be wrong but you just might get Snakebit…..I’d take him over any of ‘em he was just that cool, called his own plays….one of many great stories is during the 2nd longest game ever against the colts and bert (in the hof jones) 2nd ot and gohst to the post has come and gone, Snake walks over to Madden (we all assume they r scheming to win the game) what was actualy said? “Hey John, we given ‘em a pretty good show today, arent we”?…….sea of hands….holy roller….the immaculate deception…..throwing to the hof revciever Freddie B(and mvp) in the super bowl win. Ken Stabler has to be first but the others aren’t far behind.
    Just my humble opine……


    Thanks for reading another article Holy Roller! I appreciate your support. Like I said, in my time, those are the players I have seen so that is what I am going off of. Not to say that Stabler isn’t HOF worthy especially when he still is the all time leader in yds for the Raiders and was able to have a 60% completion percentage in an era when the pass was secondary to the run. Why do you think he’s not in?

    Even within our own fans, you see the vote results- and neither Stabler or Flores have garnered much votes. I think as the years have gone by, their stars and accomplishments have been forgotten. Sadly, outside of sea-bass and Woodson, I don’t see another HOF worthy player on our team in the last 10-20 years, Do you?

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