Aug 9, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders running back Rashad Jennings (27) rushes for yards in the first quarter in an preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Davis Refers to Baseball Diamond as a "Travesty" for Raiders to Play On

A long time ago seeing a ball diamond on a gridiron in September was a sign of the start of the season in many NFL markets. In fact Miami, San Diego, San Francisco and Oakland all dealt with having the infield taking up a chunk of their field every September through October.

Now it is 2013 and the Oakland Raiders remain the only team to have to deal with the vintage annoyance and injury risk of having an infield taking up real estate in their home stadium until the end of the MLB season. In Oakland where the Athletics are in the midst of a late summer pennant race with the Texas Rangers, that problem can now extend well through October provided the A’s keep winning.

With a new venue in Santa Clara for the ‘Niners and being the worst stadium in the league with no new deal in sight, Mark Davis has apparently had enough. Telling a sideline reporter for their preseason game with the Cowboys that it is a “travesty” according to ProFootballTalk.

According to PFT, during the broadcast of Friday night’s Cowboys-Raiders game, sideline reporter J.T. The Brick said that Davis dubbed the situation a “travesty.” Not surprisingly considering that Davis is in an ugly and slow moving deal to get a reasonable 50, 000 seat stadium deal ironed out in the Bay Area.

Oakland remains in the worst stadium in the NFL and the City of Oakland appears to be firm in their stance that they aren’t going to be footing the bill for either the Raiders or the Athletics even as raw sewage comes pumping out of as it famously did earlier this summer. Playing potentially three months worth of home games with an ugly infield causing all sorts of problems is just part of what the Raiders and Mark Davis have to deal with playing in the NFL’s worst digs. Hopefully the situation gets resolved sooner than later as if the Raiders deserve a new stadium like their Bay Area rivals received in Santa Clara.

In the meantime the Raiders just have to tough it out. A new deal isn’t getting done anytime soon and playing at in the heart of Oakland is a million times better than sharing a stadium with the Niners in Santa Clara. So what if it has a butt ugly baseball diamond on it for two months of the Raiders home dates?

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  • phil s

    The city of Oakland doesn’t care about giving the Raiders a new stadium! it’s just time to leave and the million times better thing negative it would be better for our players and fans to play in a top of the line Stadium then it would be to continue to play on the worst field in the NFL or team deserves better then to play on a baseball diamond. i understand history and the fans feelings but be real both Oakland teams bring $$$ into the city and if the city isnt willing to help itself then what can you do. And thats from and Oakland fan

  • Raider Grant

    Oakland needs to step up! Both The A’s & Raiders franchises deserve better, along with their fans & fans who visit the stadium to see their favorite team or players play in Oakland. Oakland should help foot bill, then file BK if they don’t have the funds to invest in the cities future. If not for these franchises & musician’s (rancid/T-plants ect.), Oakland would be just another city on the map! DO NOT MOVE BACK TO LA MARK DAVIS! GO RAIDERRRRS!

  • Marcus Marsden

    the city of Oakland simply doesnt have the $$$ to keep a Pro Football team. It is simple economics. Time to return to LA. The heart of the Raiders will always be in Oakland, but its’ wallet is in LA – the sooner we all admit that, the better it will be for everyone concerned.

  • Samuel Adam