Jul 30, 2013; Napa, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (6) and Matt Flynn (15) throw passes at training camp at Napa Valley Marriott. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders Quarterback Battle




Well folks, if you believe everything you hear on television, then you would think the quarterback battle for the Oakland Raiders is over.  According to ESPN Analyst Adam Schefter, nobody has challenged Matt Flynn for the starting quarterback position, and Schefter stated in his report this morning that Flynn is a lock for week one.  Maybe I saw things differently on Friday night?

I thought Matt Flynn did a nice job of recovering after the sack-fumble.  He moved the team down the field, and he showed command and poise in the pocket.  However, I saw Terrelle Pryor do much of the same thing when he had his shot.  I know Pryor threw an ugly interception in the end-zone, but it was a mistake that he can learn from.  Even Head Coach Dennis Allen took the time to pull Pryor aside after the interception to give him some advice on how to avoid that mistake in the future.

Furthermore, I thought that Matt McGloin shined in his pre-season debut.  Granted, McGloin played longer than Pryor or Flynn, but he ran the offense quite well.  So what if it was against second and third stringers.  Isn’t this what we, the fans, want to see from a rookie?  Poise, control, command of the offensive plays, and he led the offense down the field and finished with a touchdown pass to Brice Butler.  If anything, it gives us confidence in the fact that there is an element in the back-up role that could save us, should Flynn get injured in the regular season.

I guess Schefter may have some inside information that the rest of Raider Nation doesn’t have.  I’m not doubting Flynn’s ability, but I think the coaching staff should evaluate Flynn and Pryor on an even level.  I think that Pryor has earned his opportunity to get a chance to at least start in the pre-season.  He needs his chance to run with the starters.

Our questions will more than likely be answered on Friday night against the New Orleans Saints.  If Flynn starts in this game and shows growth from the game against the Dallas Cowboys, I can see him being a lock for the starting position.  However, if Pryor has a better game, the quarterback battle may get a bit more interesting.

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  • Chris Pierro Jr

    i hope Mark pulls an Al on this one.

  • bill kush

    As I see it Flynn had a fumble & Pryor had the int. They both did ok. I think Pryor was able to move it more I guess that’s the advantage of being able to run. I’m not ready to just hand over the starting job to Flynn like a lot of other people. I’m willing to wait before the season. I think Pryor should have a legit shot at winning it. I think his potential is better cause he can run.

  • Tim Martindale

    Pryor should b given a true opportunity to start when they traded for Flynn that was a good thing, but it Allen does not believe in Pryor and its not a secret he makes it obvious. They should have been playing him after they were eliminated from the playoffs but he kept turnover machine when your in the red zone Palmer. About 75 percent of Raider fans don’t believe in Allen either and if he does what he did last year with the quarterbacks he will regret it.

  • Phyllis Lynn

    I saw Pryor have difficulty with clock management as well. The sack-fumble was the result of a blind side hit, while the interception was just a poor decision and poorer throw. Pryor had the opportunity to possible run that particular play and instead made the wrong decision. In camp, i saw him pouting after an int after either a 7 on 7 11 on 11 drill. his maturity is a BIG question mark.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    I think Allen will make the smarter choice this year, as opposed to the debacle of last year. As we all know, coaches have to learn and grow as well. Hopefully Allen has learned from his mistakes…

  • Shane Schilperoort

    A legit shot would be letting him take the first string reigns in a pre-season game, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see?

  • Shane Schilperoort

    As we all know, maturity is a big deal in the NFL. He’s still young and has some growing to do. However, I think he’s starting to show that he is learning from his mistakes. He may have to wait at least another year though.

  • DanfromVegas

    I like Pryor, but he is raw. He shows promise but a qb rating in the 50s is not going to get it done. Flynn looked to be the most prepared.

  • Mark Shafer

    It was apparent that Pryor could move down field faster and more easily than Flynn. Flynn on the other hand moved the ball well in a safer fashion. Unless we can develope a better pass rush we may need to abandon Flynn ball control for a faster paced offense to stay competitive.

  • Scoobz

    There is no quarterback compition. Pryor is the Starter in my opinion and to many others. Hes just that much more exciting to watch and the guy can get the job done plain and simple. And at the very least if he fails we have the best backup quarterback in the history of the NFL to back him up!

  • Christopher T Eaton

    Shane .. if you are refering to Dennis Allen as the media . Then you would be correct . The Pryor homerism I have read is astounding . It is very hard to imagine that anyone with a ounce of football knowledge could say that Pryor is in anyway ready to be a starter. Comparing him to Flynn is just stupid. Flynn played against 1st team defense. Ran a very vanilla offense. 4/5 with a drop from Streater. This after being completley blindsided and stripped from Brisel letting his man go by. Pryor plays 2nd team defense . Has a offensive scheme designed for him ( not vanilla ) and still made some very basic mistakes. Like a pick in the endzone. Now Pryor played a lot better than previously. But in no way did he play like a starting QB. The idiotic idea that Pryor could beat out Flynn as our #1 QB at this point because he made a few good runs

  • Silvia Arredondo

    That McGloin really has me having second thoughts about Matt Flynn now… I think he has the potential to be a great quarterback! I say let Terrelle be the starter and see how things go and the worst thing that can happen is he fails and then McGloin can get a chance!

  • B a Raiderfan

    Wonder why we have coaches when we have fans deciding with all their talent and expertise in making that decision. I’m happy with 3 of the 4 so far and hope we have all 3 on the team as we have had QB’s go down and seasons crushed. The combination of the 3 (at this point only since we’ve only had one game) in what ever order they place them would be a relief to have throughout the season.

  • gkaighn

    Ha funny Pryor better than Flynn. By no means is Flynn our savior. However Pryor is worse, like it or not just because he is fast it does not make him RG3. He has poor decision making skills and improved throwing motion. In plain english that means he has the desire to do well but is prone to making poor decisions and turning the ball over. While he throws a better pass than he did last year. It does not mean that he has now developed Payton Mannings arm. So there Pryor sits not a starting QB. Flynn as far as I can tell is not a starter either but at least he can throw short to mid passes accurately with good judgement. If we wanted a RB I would use one, Pryors arm and decision making should be way more improtant than his 4.3 forty. So until he proves that he can make good decisions he is not the guy. Sorry Pryor guys but facts are facts no matter how tightly you squeeze your eyes and wish it to be true. I wish it also but it does not make it true.

  • gkaighn

    Pryor is poor decisions and lame passes with fast legs = lots of flashy mistakes
    Flynn is great decision maker with a noodle arm and is very timmid = checkdown king and lots of field goals
    My point is this for all of of Pryors greatness that his fans claim he also failed to throw a TD vs Dallas. So all he did was more of the same as Flynn except it was flashy and had a higher risk of complete failure.
    So to me this why Flynn is better than Pryor, if they are both going to produce alot of field goals at least go the safe route and actually not turn the ball over. I get it Pryor has a higher ceiling if he could reach it. Unfortunately there are alot of QBs that have had the same discription who no longer play in the NFL. Flynn on the other hand is what he is solid and unspectacular hold down the fort until Pryor is ready or we find someone better.

  • B Christopher

    In my opinion, it would be a smart coaching move to further motivate Prior by NOT naming him the starter. This is a kid that has a lot of heart, look what he has done since he has come here. He recognized he has some shortcomings, he sought out a great QB trainer in the off-season. We, Raider Nation, should hope and be happy if the decision that Allen has to make at the QB position is the most difficult one Allen ever has to make. Prior is explosive, but, you don’t name a kid the starter after he throws one of the worst INTs I’ve seen, Prior could have taken a Sunday stroll into the end zone last Friday night, instead, he makes a rookie mistake which results in a goal line INT. He should remain right where he is, and continue to work towards being an NFL QB. Allen is a smart guy, extremely smart, if he promotes Prior, he loses Flynn. The status quo, right now, is the best thing for the Raider Nation. I hope both of them excel, I hope they both play well, I hope that the decision keep Allen up at night. THAT CAN ONLY BE GOOD!