Aug 16, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn (15) is sacked by New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan (94) in the first half at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders Vs. New Orleans Saints: A Total First String Debacle

Holy cow, we need a left tackle and a left guard desperately.  With the exception of the last three minutes of the first half, the Oakland Raiders Offense looked horrible.  This was due mainly to the fact that the offensive line could not block to save their lives.  Alex Barron is not the answer folks, and we desperately need to find somebody in the free agent market before next week.  Flynn was sacked 5 times, 5 times!  Not acceptable, not by a long-shot.

To say it lightly, the first team defense got man-handled.  Drew Brees looked like he was playing against a High School team at an exhibition game.  It was absolutely embarrassing to watch.  There aren’t too many positives that I can take away from the first team defense, and I won’t waste anybody’s time with a bunch of bunk about them.  So let’s move onto the second team defense.  Absolutely impressive performance, and the whole reason that the game was kept close.

David Bass, Jack Crawford, and Ryan Robinson were on fire tonight.  They were definitely making a play for the 53-man roster, let alone the starting roster.  With so many of our defensive linemen out due to injury, it was nice to see some pass rush.  These players were getting after the ball, and they were making the big plays.  Unfortunately, the offense could not capitalize on the progress the second team defense was making.

Not to mention the fact that the Referee’s were calling a bogus game.  The hit that Safety Reggie Smith made on New Orleans’ wide receiver was perfectly legit, but, as usual, the Ref’s took exception to the rule.  Then, the fact that they didn’t call the new penalty on Saints Running Back Robinson for lowering the crown of his head was wrong.  I would like to say a bunch of expletives here, but I will refrain from them due to our sites policies and procedures.

Aug 16, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn (15) passes the ball in the second quarter against the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

So here is what I will take away from this game.  When Matt Flynn ran the hurry up offense, he looked like an NFL quarterback.  He made decisive and accurate throws, and I will admit that I am happy with his progress.  I wanted to see a touchdown from the first squad, and the 18 yard touchdown pass to Denarius Moore was one heck of a throw.  Even Pryor fans have to admit that Flynn ran a very good offense.  Now if we could just find him some blockers.

Aug 16, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Oakland Raiders wide receiver Denarius Moore (17) catches a pass for a touchdown in font of New Orleans Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis (28) in the second quarter at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Terrelle Pryor had a rough outing, but once again, it was due to the lack of offensive blocking.  Although, it was apparent that the Saints defense had prepared for a pistol style offense.  Pryor moved well left and right on roll-outs, but he didn’t do too well in the pocket.  Of course when the pocket breaks down on top of you, there really is nowhere to go.  When he scored the touchdown, minus the bogus holding penalty that was non-existent, he showed maturity in the ability to make a quick decision to run with it instead of throwing it away.

Matt McGloin looked like a true rookie tonight with a lot of growth ahead of him.  I like the kid, but he didn’t have his outing that he had against the Dallas Cowboys.  There is a lot of work ahead of him, and hopefully he can move past this performance.

Aug 16, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Oakland Raiders defensive end Jack Crawford (91) recovers a fumble against the New Orleans Saints during the second half of a preseason game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Saints defeated the Raiders 28-20. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The second team defense gets my vote for the best performance of the night.  They shut-down the Saints quarterback Seneca Wallace, and they did a decent job against the run.  I am high on David Bass as an edge rusher, and I think he has earned his shot to run with the first team defense.  He looked good against the Cowboys and even better against the Saints.  Put him in Coach!

Aug 16, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Oakland Raiders wide receiver Brice Butler (19) is pushed out of bounds by New Orleans Saints free safety Malcolm Jenkins (27) in the first half at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. New Orleans defeated Oakland 28-20. Mandatory Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

In my opinion, Brice Butler earned his spot on the first team offense as a slot receiver.  He may have had the one false start, but I’ll give him a pass for making a rookie mistake.  He had good hands and got open.  He’s somebody that could be trusted in just about every passing situation.  I hope they keep him running with the ones.

The Raiders need to find some help for the offensive line.  There is no doubt in my mind that we need to go hunting for a couple free agents that are serviceable and hungry to play.  Alex Barron is not going to be the answer, and it was very hard to watch his non-performance.  Please Reggie, go find a free agent left tackle, please!

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  • Johnny Contreras

    Fack the NFL channel. They didn’t show one good play the Raiders made. Yeah they lost but they made some badass plays too. FackiN PuToS!

  • Tony Wall

    I’d rather have Reggie playing LT.

  • bill kush

    I was hoping they’d be better. I know it’s only the 2nd preseason game but I’m nervous for the regular season. I thought they were supposed to run the ball ? Haven’t seen much of McFragile doing anything.

  • Silvia Arredondo

    Thank you! So it wasn’t just me and my cousin sitting wondering if we were the only ones that noticed those ridiculous calls on that amazing T.P touchdown. Just horrible calls by the refs– I hope that lady ref is that main refs replacement because for some reason we always have bad luck when he refs our games.

  • Silvia Arredondo

    P.S our 1st string offense and defense was just awful. We need to protect Flynn; if we don’t find help the poor guy isn’t making it out alive next week. Reggie you need to do something!

  • Jay Haskins

    Terrelle Pryor had a rough outing, but once again, it was due to the lack of offensive blocking. Although, it was apparent that the Saints defense had prepared for a pistol style offense.

    Message to OC Greg Olsen. The Saints were obviously looking for TP to ‘run’ out of the Pistol. So Greg, did you know you can also ‘pass’ or play action pass out of the Pistol too? When you call plays Greg you want to outsmart the other guys. Why didn’t you try to keep the D off balance by calling any first down play action passes out of the Pistol for TP? Watch the game again. TP could have burned them on play action. It’s bad enough we lost Veldheer, we at least have to have better play calling. That was a nice TD pass by Flynn to Moore to end the half

  • G Clem

    Reggie, keep Lovie Smith’s phone number in your rollerdex. Right now I don’t care if he is a retread.

  • Angel

    We looked pathetic. So damn pathetic. Dennis Allen needs to fix this. It’s one thing to lose but to get your ass handed to you like that….. I know it’s just pre season, but it wasn’t even close to showing we can be competitive in any way. If we had an electric fence as an offensive line to protect Flynn, we would’ve still got beat down. We need more than an O-line. A lot more. C’mon defense, wtf

  • Mark Shafer

    While trying to find something positive is difficult. The fact that both Flynn and Pryor didn’t lose their pose under the immense pressure would be good.

  • phil s

    why can’t somebody please complain to the NFL about the refers. Oakland Raiders it’s been happening for way too many years its disgusting that fans of Oakland have to sit pay good money to watch these refs through bogus flags on our players constantly, constantly. I agree Matt Flynn did not get protected horrible embarrassing to watch but held his composure looks good with had the opportunity. prior wish you had done more. Tracy Porter was getting burnt all night long and it was no surprise that he went down after being burnt for like the 7th time, come on Raiders you guys gotta step it up man! a city is depending on you

  • Jimmy Conway

    Can we get Art Shell back to play? We had him coach twice. let him play again. I wish Gene was still around. that was the best tandem ever.

  • Scoobz

    “A total first string debacle”
    Yeah by the f**king refs!

  • Raider Grant

    Even though we played a team some will argue is a sleeper team to go to the superbowl, we looked like chumps worthy of a #32 ranking! We looked slow around the entire board. Preseason or not its the same garbage we see every year; play good division ball & at home, but go on road against non division opponent & get spanked.

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  • Shane Schilperoort

    No kidding, ridiculous game coverage. Basically, they show what they want to and not the whole game. Where were the David Bass and Robinson highlights? How about the Flynn touchdown pass to Moore. No, they only showed what Drew Brees did.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Maybe I should have titled it “A total first string debacle and Referee snow job”

  • Shane Schilperoort

    The NFL doesn’t care, they’re the ones who order the ref’s to do it. LOL

  • Shane Schilperoort

    That’s funny right there…

  • Shane Schilperoort

    You’d think that the Coordinator would evolve during the game, but it is only pre-season. We can only hope that this is not something we’ll have to watch in the regular season.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Are you kidding, even the announcers said, “I didn’t see it (the hold).”

  • Shane Schilperoort

    At least somebody that will block like Shell.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    I liked the composure as well.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    No kidding, the defense was just horrid.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Let’s hope they improve against the bears

  • Shane Schilperoort

    You’re not the only one who is nervous

  • Shane Schilperoort

    He’s big enough to play it. How about we put him at LT and his brother at RG, LOL

  • Jimmy Conway

    Can he come back to coach the o line.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    No kidding, but have no fear, Sparano will whip them into shape. They might be playing musical chairs right now, but once the combo is figured out, the Raiders won’t need Shell.