Jun 11, 2013; Alameda, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin (14) throws a pass under the supervision of offensive coordinator Greg Olson at minicamp at the Raiders Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback Position Still Undecided?

Jul 29, 2013; Napa, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterbacks Terrelle Pryor (6) and Matt Flynn (15) throw passes at training camp at the Napa Valley Marriott. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With two preseason games done and two more to go, the quarterback battle for opening day has been heating up in Oakland. If you ask the fan base and read any number of comments on Raiders blogs, you know that there is a great divide between supporters of Matt Flynn (the presumed starter) and Terrelle Pryor (the presumed back up). In two games both have managed to show flashes of QB smarts but both have also managed to show why they should be replaced.

Neither has played extensively before this season and neither has been able to take the time that they’ve been given and put a definitive stamp on the position. In the first preseason against the Cowboys, Flynn went 4-5 for 39 yds and played sparingly. In contrast, Pryor played longer and went 6-8 for 88yds.  In Fridays game against the Saints, it was Flynn who played longer and ended the half with a sweet throw to Denarius Moore for an 18 yd touchdown. In the second half Pryor came out and ended up 9 yards total. Of course this doesn’t tell the whole story about how each played and it didn’t help that the offensive line was just that…offensive.

Looking back, I would have liked to see Pryor take over last year in the last four games and see how he would’ve done then. Maybe with that, Pryor might have been able to build his resume more and Flynn wouldn’t even be on the team. But no use crying over spilled milk. As fans, we are dealing with the here and now. After watching each game twice, I can say that based on athleticism, Pryor has the upper hand. He also seems to energize  the fans when he’s on the field. Maybe it’s that athleticism that he posseses that keeps some fans in his corner. But just as the Saints showed, if you prepare for the read option, you can minimize the effectiveness of it. Flynn on the other hand has shown the ability to piece together long drives and eat up the clock and wear down defenses with short to medium throws.  Watching Flynn might not bring the same level of excitement but he doesn’t seem to put the team in bad situations either. Dare I say that Flynn is a ‘game manager’? So what, that isn’t a bad thing to be is it?

Throw in the fact that Matt McGloin has taken over the number three spot with a possible outside chance for the number two and we could see a three man race to the first game kickoff on September 8th. There is still plenty of training camp left and that leaves plenty of room for one or all three of the quarterbacks to step up and stake their claim as the starter. Right now I don’t see the great separation that gives me an indication of who the winner will be.

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Raider Nation, who is your favorite to be the starting quarterback on Sept. 8th against the Colts?

  • Terelle Pryor (61%, 857 Votes)
  • Matt Flynn (30%, 427 Votes)
  • Matt McGloin (9%, 123 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,407

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  • Silvia Arredondo

    I feel safe with Flynn at quarterback but I feel excited with T.P and with McGloin I feel like I am watching a potential elite quarterback. It is a hard decision…

  • raider

    Pryor gives us best chance of winning flynn gives us best chance of first pick in draft he staresbdown his recievers no audibles and how different is he really than palmer cuz palmer is a solid QB and look where we got we need a QB that has chance of being elite and thats pryor

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    I support Pryor but with that weak front line I don’t want to see Pryor get hurt he will be a Qb to build on.

  • Scoobz

    Russell Wilson didn’t beat out Flynn because he was bigger stronger or the better QB. He won the job because he knew how to extend the play. It’s the wide receivers job to make sure he gets open. With our O line Flynn just doesn’t have a fighting chance. We need to keep our raiders in oakland and a safe QB is not going to do it. We need to put in all our chips and go with the more exciting QB that doesn’t wait for things to happen but make things happen bring some excitement back and fill the seats just to have a chance to keep our team in oakland. If DA has a pair and I’m talking Pete Carroll size pair Pryor will be our starting QB. Just look at the above picture and you tell me who looks like and should be the QB of my raiders

  • Raider Grant

    Flynn needs protection to be conducive for the team. Pryor’s stock keeps rising each week , especially due to the unfortunate injuries we have sustained this preseason. Even if Flynn is the starter opening day, there’s no way he can hold up to the punishment coming his way if McKenzie can’t orchestrate a move for additional linemen!

  • Scoobz

    And before you Flynnaddicts start bashing my boy Pryor and reminding us he’s playing with the second team D let’s just be honest and say Flynn looks like shit with our first team O line and receivers and from what I’m seeing our second team D line is outshining our so called first team D line anyways. Lets put Pryor in with our first team then lets really see what he can do. It ain’t about no f**k’n Pryor homorism you guys like to call it. Or any type of love for the kid it’s about my love for my Raiders. My OAKLAND Raiders

  • NitemareSleepy

    Don’t hold your breathe on those seats getting filled, can’t even sell out with Mt. Davis being tarped off…sooner than later(real soon) the Raiders will come back to L.A. with a bad ass stadium that will be packed…don’t worry you’ll still be able to buy tickets & make the trip if you’re a true Raider fan like myself…I’ll be up their opening game!

  • Johnny Contreras

    My vote is for PRYOR due to our terrible O line.
    If Valdeer wasn’t hurt Id go with Flynn.


    Thanks for reading my post Silvia. I agree with you there as far as Flynn and Pryor go. Sorta like eating your favorite ice cream and then finding the sugar cones and the sprinkles and the syrup. Good just got better and more fun to enjoy.

    As a fan I like to see exciting football but also I like to see the W’s too. I think Pryor offers that excitement because we also see it around the league with other QB’s and we want type of game for our team too.

  • DanfromVegas

    Hate to bust your bubble, but Pryor’s athleticism means nothing if he can’t manage the game. he’s exciting, but nowhere near ready to start. if he keeps working on his mecham


    Thanks for reading the post Scoobz. With our first team O-line, I don’t know if ANY QB can have a fighting chance. Pryor will fill the seats but ultimately the W’s is what will keep those seats filled. At the very least I hope for 5-7 wins..we’ll see.


    Thanks for reading the post Nitemare. I can’t see where the Raiders will end up after the lease is up this year. I know a lot of fans would like them back in LA but with the condition to give up a % of ownership for a new stadium, I don’t see Mark Davis going that route.

    Would you give up your cut on a business your family built just to get a new place to work out of? Plus from what I’ve read, the stadium deal is dead at this point no?

  • Jay Haskins

    Message to OC Greg Olsen. The Saints were obviously looking for TP to ‘run’ out of the Pistol. So Greg, did you know you can also ‘pass’ or play action pass out of the Pistol too? When you call plays Greg you want to outsmart the other guys. Why didn’t you try to keep the D off balance by calling some first down play action passes out of the Pistol for TP? I watched the game again (ouch). TP could have burned them on play action. It’s bad enough we lost Veldheer and the OL sucks, but we have to at least have better play calling. Bad as it was, we had a chance to win that game

  • Mike McCarthy

    With the team we have this tear it is going to be very important to extend time of possession. That is why I feel it is very important that Flynn is our Q.B.. While Pryor is more exciting our defense will get worn down and our only hope at this time is to win lower scring games.


    I agree with you Scoobz, I root for the team. The players come and go but the team will always be there..that’s who I will always root for. We all have our favorite players but sooner or later they won’t be here. The fans that support the team is whats ultimately important.


    whoops, sorry Raider..meant that last reply for Scoobz obviously.
    Thanks for reading my post. Honestly I think we are years away from calling any of our current QB’s elite. Not to say they can’t get there but neither has much on their resume’s at this point.

  • raider

    Not saying he is elite but has the most potential to be there and will deffinatly get us farther than flynn


    Honestly I see good and bad from both Flynn and Pryor. I think Pryor has the higher ceiling because of his age and the fact that you do see an increase in his abilities from last year. For this season we have to go with who gives us the best chance. With that O-line banged up and filled with less than stellar players, I’m not sure either one will be any good. This battle will continue and it will be a baptism by fire for the starter.

    Thinking ahead, I think we’ll actually see both players get the start at some point. Either through injury or ineffectiveness, I think the season will play out where who starts the season will not be who ends the season at QB

  • Kevin Genevro

    As a Raider fan I realize we will be behind more often than not this year……so what good is a “game manager” QB, we need excitement, big play ability!!!

  • Hangtownie

    If the O line don’t improve dramatically – We”ll need all four QB’s and OSHA might have to step in.