Raider Nation: Criticize Us All You Want, We Can Take It

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Jan 1, 2012, Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders fans in the Black Hole react during the game against the San Diego Chargers at the Coliseum. The Chargers defeated the Raiders 38-26. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

We, the Raider Nation, are a very strong and proud nation of Oakland Raiders followers and fans.  Our Nation stretches worldwide.  In just about every town in the United States is a Raiders fan.  Not many, if any, other teams can boast the same about their fans.  When the Raiders travel to other stadiums, there are always a large number of die-hard fans there to support them.  In some cases, like the stadium in San Diego, CA, or Phoenix, AZ, the Oakland Raiders fans outweigh the home team fans.

In a world where a team’s financial worth is the barometer for how strong a fan base is, the Raider Nation stands strong and true.  Bash us all you want to, because it shows us just how jealous you really are.  The Silver and Black curtain of pride is stronger than any verbal arrow, bullet, missile, or bomb that is thrown at it, but continue to try if you must.  We, the Raider Nation, will just trample on all your poetic dust.

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  • Mark Shafer

    What is funny about that study the Chargers band wagon fans actually think they are great fans. The ironic thing is all the smack they talk about Meachem it looks like they need them now!

  • Jon

    There is another fool that comes on this cite you probably know him as “ALTER EGO” it fits him perfectly. he is a choker fan and of course we raiders fan have witness these last 10yrs as a dark era in are history and I believe we are heading in the right direction. But for all chargers fans including alter ego that this will not last forever, we will be back with a vengeance. What makes me laugh is that when the raiders where winning in there day the won and I know it’s been a while we won superbowls (3) and playoff games, even the 1st part of the 2000′s and when the chargers where winning they choke in the playoff had winning season’s but couldn’t go the distance, this is what makes me laugh are history is more superior to there’s, we have fond memories to enjoy and we will add to them again. while the chargers continue to choke. we have pride, we believe in are team, real raiders fans don’t waste their time on any of are rivals log, we just want to talk about are team and hope a new dawn is rising ” Just Win Baby”

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Totally correct sir. The fact is, all the haters are going to continue to kick the Raiders while they’re down, because the Raiders embarrassed their teams in the past. The funny thing is, we will embarrass them again, and then what will they say?

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Imagine that, Chargers fans talking smack, but nothing to back it up with, and now they have to eat their words. Who would have thought?

  • Stanley Carr

    Fuck yeah!!! RAIDER4LIFE

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Everyday, RAIDER4LIFE!!!

  • Raider Grant

    Kick us while we’re down, because you won’t once the NFL is back in black baby! Black & Silver flowing in these vein with every beat of my heart! Go Raiderrrrs!

  • Bob Yost

    Another typically excellent article Shane!!! YOU get it!! This is EXACTLY what being a Raider fan is all about,… but I have found that one thing rings true when discussing or dealing with fans of pretty much ANY other team, & it’s the #1 reason why we are hated: it’s because they are almost all bandwagon jumpers!! I have heard from so many friends,… (fans of other teams) that if their team had a decade like ours they’d find another team to root for LOOOOOONG ago!!! They say this as a dig about The Raiders being a crappy team with ever crappier fans!!

    Admit it,… We have all heard this stupidity a thousand times,…

    What they don’t understand is LOYALTY,… but because loyalty is the core quality common to all true Raider fans,… & found in so few fans of any other team ANYWHERE else, it is the cause of all of the hatred, the ridicule, & the smak directed our way,… they are jealous of our Loyalty!!!

    Jealous because it’s right there for all the world to see: Raider Fans are every where & rooting for any other team isn’t even a remote possibility,… much less a probability depending on another crappy season, like it is with them,… & they hate us for it, because they know it makes ‘em look like lames by comparison.

    They are Jealous because tho it has been a while,…. we KNOW & remember what it’s like to root for TRUE CHAMPIONS,… the Raiders were so good for so long that even after DECADES of crappy play they STILL have an overall WINNING RECORD!!

    But the thing they are most jealous of, & the thing that is truly unique to The Raiders & hasn’t ever been seen anywhere else is what can NEVER be associated with any other team or erased by years of crappy play:

    The Raider Mystique!!!

    I don’t care what team you root for or for how long,… you & YOUR TEAM once FEARED the Raiders!! Feared them a LOT & for a LONG TIME!!! It is THIS fact that separates the Raiders from all others,… this fact that will ensure that the Raiders & their fans will ALWAYS be hated disproportionately to their current or most recent seasonal record.because no other team or fans have generated & thrived on the fear of their opponents!! & That my friends is the reason why the so called experts, the officials, fans of every other team takes such glee when the Raiders are struggling,… First,… time to get some “payback” & second ,… the only thing that they fear more than they once feared the Raiders,… is the possibility of The Raiders will return to their former glory & be feared once more…

    Watch out,… The Raiders are gonna rebuild your nightmares & our dreams,…
    The Nation waits…

    Win, Lose, or Tie,… We’re RAIDER FANS ’til we die!