Defensive Coordinator Jason Tarver: "Charles Woodson Is Amazing"

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Nov 11, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver during the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M

Finally, Oakland Raiders Defensive Coordinator Jason Tarver conducted an interview that aired on about the defense.  There’s something about Tarver that I really like.  He has that exuberance, that fire, and it’s exciting to listen to him.  I can only imagine how the players feel being coached by somebody that has command presence.  That’s what our defense needs, fire, excitement, drive, and watching Tarver’s interview shows me that he’s going to be bringing it this year.

Many of the same questions were asked about the defensive line, injuries, linebackers, etc…, and he answered them the way a coach should.  One question in the interview stood out, and it is easy to see which one it was by Tarver’s excitement.  The question; “So much has been talked about having Charles Woodson back here as a mentor and as an example, how much has he got left as a player?”

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