Defensive Coordinator Jason Tarver: "Charles Woodson Is Amazing"

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Aug 9, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson (24) during warm ups before the preseason game between the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports


Tarver’s answer was awesome.  He stated, “You know Charles, his burst surprises me everyday.  The guy just covers ground.  He had a couple more today, he had a couple of interceptions at practice today.  He’s an amazing athlete, and that’s why he’s a big piece of getting this defense to where we want it to go in our black jerseys.  Hopefully that cements his legacy, because he can still cover ground.  He has great ball skills.  He’s got the great feel for when the quarterback is going to release the ball, and that’s still there.  He’s practiced all camp, and he’s still explosive out of his stance.  That’s what makes the great DB’s great, is that ability to close the distance at the point of no return when the balls in the air.  He’s showing that.  Obviously we hope it continues, but he’s showing it.”

To all those who don’t think that “Sir Charles” has any gas left in the tank, just wait and see what he will bring on Sundays this season.  Raider Nation knew it was pivotal for our defense to have a player like Woodson.  That’s why we lined up outside the Alameda Facility to greet him.  We wanted him to know he was wanted here, in Oakland.  He’s a Raider through and through, and he will be one of the biggest reasons for the Raiders defensive resurgence in 2013.  Raider Nation knows it, the Raiders organization and coaches know it, and soon the world will see it.

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