Sep 8, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden (20) celebrates with quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) after catching a pass that was initially ruled a touchdown but call was reversed by instant replay in a game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Indianapolis defeats Oakland 21-17. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Simmons writes off Raiders in 2013 Preseason Power Rankings, hints at 0-16 season

Bill Simmons is the most popular sports media personality in the United States. I admittedly am a personal fan of “The Sports Guy” being a teenager during his rise to sports columnist dominance over at ESPN so on Monday I clicked over to Grantland to see what Simmons had to say about the Raiders this year.

I thought that Simmons, who is an avid gambler, would have something nice to say about Oakland due to Terrelle Pryor’s mobile attributes and an exodus of bad character players from the Silver and Black.

I was wrong.

In the NFL Power Rankings column which came out on Thursday/Friday of last week to be fair. Simmons ripped the always rippable Oakland Raiders fairly for their drafting mistakes of the past, but he took it one step further. Predicting that the Oakland Raiders might go 0-16 in 2013.

Yup 0-16. Goose egg. Detroit Lions.

This seems to be a prediction that many analysts will soon regret based on Week One, but there weren’t many writers who pinned the “0-16″ tab on the Raiders during the preseason. Things could change, but the Raiders managed to push a likely playoff team to the brink in the fourth quarter and looked far from the worst team in the NFL. I don’t expect them to be anywhere near the 32 spot when the season closes.

Here is the full Simmons excerpt.

32. Oakland Raiders

Their first-round picks since 2004: Robert Gallery (second overall), Fabian Washington (23rd), Michael Huff (seventh), JaMarcus Russell (first), Darren McFadden (fourth), Darrius Heyward-Bey (seventh), Rolando McClain (eighth), The Pick Traded For Richard Seymour (17th), The Pick Traded For Carson Palmer (17th), D.J. Hayden (12th). Five of them are out of football. Only McFadden and Hayden (a rookie) still play for the Raiders, and by default, McFadden has to be considered Oakland’s best first-round pick even though he’s rushed for more than 707 yards only once (and admitted publicly this summer that he’s “tired” of football).

It’s bad enough to blow a few high picks — it’s another thing to throw away your first round for an entire decade. That’s the no. 1 reason why the Raiders are your runaway favorites for Drowney for Clowney. Other reasons include the Terrelle Pryor era, the Matt Flynn error, a 2013 payroll made up of 38 percent “dead money,” an almost unprecedented lack of blue-chip talent, bad mojo from their expiring stadium lease, and the faint possibility that Zombie Al Davis is still running everything. Don’t sleep on the 2013 Raiders putting up an oh-fer.

Bill, I will bet you a job at Grantland that the Raiders won’t finish 0-16. In fact that number will be impossible on Sunday when the Raiders play Jacksonville at the I hear they are getting -6, I think they will cover.

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  • big ROC

    Bill Simmons is not the most popular sports personality. I guess being a big fan of his you think his words actually mean something.

    To say the Raiders are the worst team in football is just absurd. The Raiders aren’t even the worst team in their division. The Chargers aren’t better than the Raiders and the Raiders are going to show everybody how much better they are than the bottom dwellers this week against the Jaguars.

  • phil s

    Bill who? Let me tell you something about these so called experts or fortune tellers they claim to be… their a joke, their words mean crap 8 mths out of the year and the other 4 mths well if you actually listen to what they have to say you already know my answer. They know crap, and if they could tell the future they would be lotto winners. Bill (whatever his name is) will only get two predictions right this year 1 the sun will rise tomorrow and 2 that at the end off the season he will have to pay taxes like the rest of us, thats the ONLY thing i would believe come out of these fools mouths.

  • outlaw joe

    Bill Simmons is a whiny sniveling little weasel. His skills as a writer are as bad as our recent draft picks. I hope he bet the Colts and gave up 11.5. Big loser Bill. Pryor will take us to 6 maybe 7 wins and you’ll slurp Brady the whole year like always. Ill slap that smirk off your 12 year old face patriot pussy.

  • BigNinaRoss

    “This is funny, that’s what this is…” (Jack Nichoson voice)

  • Gregg Brennan

    Simmons is nothing more than a jock-sniffing Boston homer. Since gay marriage is legal in Massachusettes, if either Tom Brady or Larry Bird asked him to marry them, he’d dump the “Sports Gal” and his kids in a second. Hell, he’d probably do it even if it was Cedric Maxwell or Kenneth Sims. He’s a no-talent loser that lets his “readers” do his work for him by submitting e-mails for him to respond to.

  • Sports Comments

    Simmons is a tool…

    But appoximately one trillion people said things like this about the Raiders BEFORE the season started — and shouldn’t an article like this one be written way before any games are played??

    (i don’t care about your qualifier that his snyde comments were posted last week, it only proves you knew this shouldn’t ever have been written — why didn’t you also predict the score in last year’s Super Bowl?)

    Or, why don’t you just cherry pick ridiculous preseason predictions from 20 years ago — including your own.

    You could have a recurring column where you analyze the billions of inaccurate sports forecasts with your 20/20 hindsight, generating easy content for you, and wasted time for your readers.

    You could also post an article next week where we can all come back and make fun of you if the Raiders win but don’t cover, wait, your name in a title won’t get hits, will it?

    Other People’s Power Rankings + Analysis = Lazy way for young writers to have other people provide the content for their columns

    You’re better than this Chase, keep up the good work, ditch the lazy stuff.

    Now let’s get back to Raider news and analysis that’s not old news, shall we?

  • Pauly

    Bill Simmons and ESPN could suck my raider balls Enough said

  • Chris Schroeder

    If Bill Simmons didn’t have shit for brains I might think his opinion was relevant. But when you’re as dumb and as useless as Bill Simmons is people tend to feel more sorry for you than listen to you.

  • Rich Fajardin Suarez

    We need haters like this…..adds fuel to the fire baby…keep it coming suckas…..Raiders baby

  • Mike Mittleberger

    Come on just Embrace the Hate! I’ll bet anyone Raiders win more games then last yr.