Sep 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) reacts in the first quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Terrelle Pryor angry about Ohio State treatment, but has moved on

Terrelle Pryor appears to be back on top of the football world these days. Earning rave reviews around the league and getting his potential talked up on a daily basis, Pryor also has earned the love of the Raider Nation who feel that the former Ohio State quarterback is the franchise QB they have been waiting for since Rich Gannon.

On Sunday the Coliseum was sold out and rocking for all four quarters, with the excitement around Pryor creating a buzz for a game that initially was dubbed the “Clowney Bowl” between the leagues two worst teams based on many experts preseason predictions. That wasn’t the case at all as the Black Hole gave Pryor, and the Raiders more than enough support.

It was how things used to be for Pryor before things came crashing down at Ohio State, a place for most of his career he helped continue the tradition of Buckeyes Big Ten dominance in the 00’s. The now infamous “tattoo’s for memorabilia” scandal saw the NCAA take away Pryor’s eligibility, OSU’s bowl eligibility and the love of the Buckeyes fanbase for Pryor in a flash.

To this day Pryor still doesn’t feel like he will ever be accepted in Columbus, but he has moved on.

Today, the Columbus Dispatch released a piece about Pryor, in which he shared his thoughts about the end of his days with the Buckeyes. Pryor was quoted in saying that he has moved on from what happened in Columbus and is focused on the NFL now. Fansided Ohio State Buckeyes blog Scarlet and Game were the first to point to the Dispatch article.

“That’s my school, but they don’t really accept me,” Pryor said. “I’ve moved on to what I have now, and that’s just football.”

The Buckeyes were playing Cal over the weekend prior to the Raiders home opener, but Pryor did not attend the game on Saturday. Even if he decided to go, Pryor would have had to pay his way, as accepting free tickets would violate his five-year ban from the university that started in 2011.

“Those guys kicked me out of school after all those things I did for them,” Pryor said. Pryor was so upset while talking that a Raiders official cut off a question from a Columbus Dispatch reporter.

Pryor is still obviously hurt by the way his collegiate career ended and how the NCAA essentially nearly killed his career. He has every right to be as do the handful of players each year that are ruled ineligible each year by the NCAA as they make billions of dollars in revenues across the country. Pryor broke the rules, but it doesn’t change the fact that he was the victim of a business that uses college players. He doesn’t appear to be over that fact and how the Buckeye fans and university scapegoated him after he did a lot for the program.

It is clear now that Pryor has been using that as motivation to get better and realize the potential that he started in Columbus. Now he is a fan favorite in the pros and a star on the rise, it might not have been the fairytale that he appeared to be headed for at one point, but he appears to be better for it.

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