Sep 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders safety Usama Young (94) and linebacker Kevin Burnett (94) celebrate after a tackle against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Coliseum. The Raiders defeated the Jaguars 19-9. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders climb up to 21 in ProFootballTalk Power Rankings

In just two weeks, the Oakland Raiders have proven that they won’t be the worst team in football this year and the change in attitude from the mainstream experts reflects that.

After being written off in the preseason power rankings, ProFootballTalk had Oakland at No.26 in their Week One power rankings after their near upset against the Indianapolis Colts. Now after beating the Jacksonville Jaguars 19-9 in their home opener, the PFT team has Oakland at the cusp of the top 20 with the Raiders holding down the No. 21 spot.

Obviously having Terrelle Pryor come out and prove what a large majority of Raider fans knew all along, that he could go out there and make something happen, has helped skyrocket the Raiders success. Oakland also are currently leading the league in rushing after two weeks thanks to the 100 yard performances of Darren McFadden and Pryor on their side.

Here is the complete PFT list:

1.  Broncos (2-0; last week No. 1):  They’ve outscored the last two Super Bowl champs 90-50 to start the season.

2.  Seahawks (2-0; No. 4):  They’ve outscored the 49ers 71-16 in their last two meetings.

3.  Texans (2-0; No. 3):  DeAndre Hopkins thinks he can be better a better receiver than Andre Johnson.  Ultimately, they need a better quarterback than Matt Schaub.

4.  49ers (1-1; No. 2):  Maybe Colin Kaepernick will simply tattoo an eyebrow where that eyebrow was.

5.  Packers (1-1; No. 6):  If the Redskins had given the Packers a better game,Aaron Rodgers may have set the single-game passing yardage record.

6.  Ravens (1-1; No. 7):  So far, watching the Ravens play this year has been only slightly less painful than the childbirth quarterback Joe Flacco missed on Sunday.

7.  Saints (2-0; No. 8):  This year, the Saints already are one miracle closer to making their nickname legitimate.

8.  Patriots (2-0; No. 9):  “I took a huge pay cut and all I got was this crappy T-shirt.  And a bunch of crappy receivers.”

9.  Falcons (1-1; No. 10):  Even Chip Kelly says, “Wow, they have a hard time holding a lead.”

10.  Bears (2-0; No. 12):  Ugly, come-from-behind wins are better than ugly, come-from-behind losses.

11.  Bengals (1-1; No. 13):  The Bengals have the young running back the Steelers need.  Plus a lot more.

12.  Dolphins (2-0; No. 22):  Maybe the ’72 Dolphins eventually will have to worry about the ’13 Dolphins.

13.  Chiefs (2-0; No. 19):  Two wins all of last year.  Two wins so far this year, with 14 chances to get more.

14.  Chargers (1-1; No. 24):  Eddie Royal quickly has become what Robert Meachem was supposed to be.

15.  Eagles (1-1; No. 5):  So when do all the people in Philly who wanted Andy Reid to be fired start complaining about the fact that he was?

16.  Cowboys (1-1; No. 14):  In Week Two, Tony Romo performed exactly likePeyton Manning.  In the playoffs.

17.  Cardinals (1-1; No. 21):  What a difference a real quarterback makes.

18.  Lions (1-1; No. 11):  What a difference a little discipline would make.

19.  Colts (1-1; No. 15):  Jim Irsay demands more points.  And a pony.

20.  Rams (1-1; No. 17):  For the Rams to become a great team, they can’t fall behind by 21 on the road.

21.  Raiders (1-1; No. 26):  If the Raiders had trusted Pryor earlier, they wouldn’t have had to give up all those draft picks for a quarterback who currently plays in Arizona.

22.  Giants (0-2; No. 16):  The last time the Giants started 0-2, they won the Super Bowl.  That’s where the similarities between recent 0-2 Giants teams ends.

23.  Titans (1-1; No. 23):  Mike Munchak would have secured lifetime job security if the Titans had beaten the Texans in Houston.  At least for Bud Adams’ lifetime.

24.  Bills (1-1; No. 25):  After years of toiling, the Bills could quickly benefit from some Manuel labor.  (Does acknowledging that one is a little cheesy make it any better?  I didn’t think so.)

25.  Vikings (0-2; No. 18):  With 54 points scored in two losses, maybe the passing game isn’t the problem.

26.  Redskins (0-2; No. 20):  Robert Griffin III should be benched only if he’s playing defense.

27.  Panthers (0-2; No. 27):  Cam Newton in in the process of trading that supposedly fake smile for a real frown.

28.  Jets (1-1; No. 28):  An opportunity lost is still a loss, Dog.

29.  Steelers (0-2; No. 29):  The Steelers are becoming irrelevant for the first time since the Pirates weren’t.

30.  Browns (0-2; No. 30):  The Factory of Sadness already is working overtime.

31.  Buccaneers (0-2; No. 31):  Josh Freeman missed this year’s team photo.  Greg Schiano could miss next year’s.

32.  Jaguars (0-2; No. 32):  The Jaguars shouldn’t reconsider their position on Tim Tebow.  He has already made it clear that he only wants to play for an NFL team.

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  • RdrFusion

    Feeling pretty good about my Raiders!

  • Phil Mokate

    They look better on D but the O looks pathetic and Seabass struggling and King shanking punts and F’N up the holds. 1-2 after Monday night and back down the depth chart to 25+…

  • Jay Haskins

    Raiders (1-1; No. 26): If the Raiders had trusted Pryor earlier, they wouldn’t have had to give up all those draft picks for a quarterback who currently plays in Arizona.

    Now I see why no one comments on your posts. Unless you have vegetables for brains, you know Pryor was nowhere near ready when he was a rookie (when they traded for Palmer). He was however ready to compete last year. But with the change in coaching staff, coupled with changing to the ZBS, they had to concentrate on implementation. They didn’t have time to really evaluate and/or develop Pryor. Although he did make the most noise at QB during the preseason last year. He moved the team the best, and had the best stats. Haters like you will have to start moonwalking very fast from comments like ‘the Raiders will go 2-14 with Pryor at QB etc’. There are so many like you who just can’t evaluate talent. Not even a FREAK talent like TP. Like I argued since before OTAs this year, Pryor is the QB of the Raiders future. There will be no first overall pick. And there will be no Bridgewaters or Clowneys in Oakland. Our first pick will be a WR for TP. Now, when the Raiders move up the rankings again, save the little bull#@$% comments. Do YOURSELF a favor and just post it. Crow___eat_______

  • Bob

    I think the Colts are not very good this year and the Raiders should have beat them.

  • Lawrence Jahn

    Last time I checked, rushing the ball and sacking the QB are 2 great indicators of “Power” and we lead the league in both. Run D is probably one of the better int he league right now too. Nuf said.

  • Phil Mokate

    Finally! someone else, Jay Haskins and I get it…..what about the rest of you who are still on the Al Davis ship in and out boat? TP is the franchise Qb and our future. He has never gotten his chance. He will be one of the best the game has ever seen with his freaky althleticism and size! TP is the guy and is the real deal, JAY AND i KEEP SAYING IT!!!!

  • Jay Haskins

    Don’t have to talk so much now. TP got his chance, and his play will speak for itself. But his haters will bash him as he develops this season for every little mistake. I friggin hate folks who do this, then have the nerve to call themselves Raider fans. I’m just glad TP is obviously not listening to a lot of the that noise, and is keeping his down and going to work. For TP, just keep doin what you’ve been doin

  • bob saget

    i’ve always had faith in TP developing into a solid QB for oakland but watching him against jacksonville was rough to say the least, though i have a stong feeling DA wanted to keep TP from running to much and play barebone basic offence so denver had less film( playing the jaguars is a easy win for any team). there were a handful of times in each half were he could’ve ran the ball for huge chunks but stood in the pocket and the receiver would either drop the ball or someone would swat it out the WR hand