Nov 6, 2011; Oakland, CA, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (15) is tackled by Oakland Raiders defensive end Lamarr Houston (99) during the second quarter at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders: Behind Enemy Lines; 5 Questions With Predominantly Orange’s Kim Constantinesco

Dec 6, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden (20) carries the ball against Denver Broncos defensive tackle Justin Bannan (97) during the fourth quarter at Coliseum. The Denver Broncos defeated the Oakland Raiders 26-13. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Dec 6, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden (20) carries the ball against Denver Broncos defensive tackle Justin Bannan (97) during the fourth quarter at Coliseum. The Denver Broncos defeated the Oakland Raiders 26-13. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

As the season rolls on into the third week, so does our weekly post, “Behind Enemy Lines.”  This week, the Oakland Raiders travel to Denver, Colorado, to take on the Denver Broncos.  Kim Constantinesco of Predominantly Orange reached out and asked me five questions.  Kim is the Senior Editor of Predominantly Orange, and her articles have been featured on other sites such as, CBS Sports, FOX Sports, and the New York times.  I was honored to be interviewed by her.  I also had the pleasure to ask her a few questions about her team, the Denver Broncos.  The questions are as follows:

JBB- What is the biggest worry facing the Denver Broncos in 2013?  Is it an injured offensive line or the possibility of letting all the hype get to them? 

PO- I think the biggest worry is the consistency of the run game at this point.  The Broncos had just 65 rushing yards in week one, but then put up 107 yards and two touchdowns in week two.  We have Knowshon Moreno starting, but our two young backs, Montee Ball and Ronnie Hillman, have had trouble holding onto the ball throughout preseason and into the early part of the regular season.

While the big news of the week for the Broncos was the loss of starting tackle Ryan Clady, I’m not too concerned with that at this point.  Chris Clark replaces him, and has backed him up for the past two seasons.  Clark saw a lot of action in camp and in preseason as Clady was recovering from his shoulder surgery, so Clark clearly knows the program.  Also, Manning does a lot to protect himself in the pocket.  He gets the ball out quickly and keeps defenses guessing, which slows even the best of pass rushers.  Finally, Denver doesn’t play against any significant pass rushers with the exception of DeMarcus Ware in Dallas and twice against the Chiefs’ Tamba Hali.  The offensive line shouldn’t be an issue assuming everyone else stays healthy.

JBB- Through two games, Peyton Manning looks unstoppable, and he could very well break some long-standing records.  Do you think teams will catch on to what he is doing, or will we watch the Broncos waltz into the playoffs? 

Sep 5, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) prepares to throw in the first quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Sep 5, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) prepares to throw in the first quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

PO- If any other quarterback was to have a two-game streak like this (9 touchdowns, 0 interceptions), I would tell you that defenses would catch on.  However, Manning is like Einstein in a room full of preschoolers.  His brain, not his arm, is his greatest asset.  He’s also got some incredible targets in Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Eric Decker, and Julius Thomas.  At times, it looks like they’re playing 13 on 11.  With that, I believe the Broncos take the AFC West.

JBB- What will the Broncos have to do in order to keep Manning upright against one of the 2013 top ranked pass rushes? 

PO- Like I said before, with his quick decision-making and release, Manning protects himself in the pocket to a certain extent.  I think the Broncos will have to get their rush game going early like they did against the Giants.  That just opens things up later in the game.  Additionally, the Broncos will have to go to a two-tight end set quite a bit more to take extra rushers.  Expect them to use Moreno as a blocking back more than they have in other games.

JBB- Do you believe in Knowshon Moreno as the running back moving forward, or is he going to fizzle out again like the last couple of years? 

PO- This is a make or break year for Moreno.  He has the tools, he just needs to execute and play mistake-free football.  He shows glimpses of brilliance, but he’s been hammered by the injury bug a few times.  With the Broncos’ deep receiving threats, the game should really open up for Moreno this year.

JBB- What is your game prediction for Monday night? 

PO- The Raiders get McFadden going but their offense can’t keep pace with the Broncos.  Broncos – 36 Raiders – 17.

While I seriously respect Kim’s overview of the Broncos offensive line, I strongly disagree with her opinion about not facing a legitimate pass rusher other than Dallas’ DeMarcus Ware or KC’s Tamba Hali.  Oakland Raiders DE-Lamarr Houston and DE-Jason Hunter may not be given as much hype as the other two, but they are going to be getting to Peyton Manning.  With the middle of the Broncos offensive line dealing with DT-Vance Walker and NT-Pat Sims, Hunter and Houston will be one-on-one on the outside.  They will win their matchups.  Manning is very quick with his release, yes, and he is a professional who knows how to limit the impact in the pocket, but he won’t be able to avoid the Oakland Raiders defensive rush all night.

I would like to say thank you to Kim Constantinesco for allowing me to interview her about the upcoming game.  If Just Blog Baby fans would like to read the interview that Kim conducted with me, check it out at

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  • judge37

    I totally agree with u. She kinda sounded like another media “type” when it came to the RAIDERS and our pass rush. She will be suprised come Monday night….you can bet on it.

  • Chris Schroeder

    just to reiterate what I’ve been saying all week on several other post. I believe the Raiders have the ability to upset the Broncos this week. This is not a subpar defense like they have faced in the last two games. With his left tackle out he’ll be under enormous pressure and he
    will make mistakes. I think this is the game where the Raiders finally break the turnover bug. If the offense is capable of what I know they are capable of, I believe they can literally contend with the Broncos throughout the whole game, assuming that they stick to the reads and execute and don’t make mistakes.

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  • Bob

    It all comes down to mistakes (INT, Fumbles, Missed FGs). The Raiders just can’t make mistakes and win this game.

  • Mark from Section 122

    Awesome interview Shane! What I find most interesting is her response on the last question, mentioning Darren McFadden, but failing to mention the Raiders current most valuable offensive weapon, Terrell Pryor. It was kind of like, “maybe if I just ignore him, he’ll go away.” I know you were limited on questions, but I think an interesting question for her would have been something like…”Much as when the Broncos were beginning to flounder a couple of years ago and brought in Tim Tebow, who shocked the NFL in 2011 and revitalized their team by taking it from last place to first due to his athleticism and read/option play, (averaging 5.4 yards per carry with 6 rushing and 12 passing touchdowns), Terrell Pryor is starting to do the same for the Raiders and has a better passing game than Tebow did. How do you think the Broncos defense will deal with him?”

    She also seems to still be drinking the Orange Kool Aid and ignoring the fact that the Raiders have 9 sacks in the last two games, leading the NFL. Also Manning is great, no doubt, but he is older, slower, more fragile and has been stopped it the past. The Broncos will have no cakewalk dealing with the silver and black sack attack, and once you hurt Manning a few times he hears footsteps like anyone else. They are no longer poised to simply cruise to a win in the AFC West either, which at a combined record of 7-2, leads all eight divisions in the NFL. That Orange Kool Aid is starting to taste a little tart.

    Another fun fact is that Dennis Allen was the Defensive Coordinator for the Broncos when they had Tebow. I’m sure he may have still have some insight into their defense and the way the Broncos will try to utilize their personnel to stop Pryor…..perhaps a little reverse of fate for the Raisers reminiscent of a game where a former head coach had some advantage due to his knowledge of the team, hmmmmm, can you say Callahan versus Gruden?

    O.K. now I’m possibly drinking some of the Black Kool Aid, myself, wait a minute, there is no such thing as Black Kool Aid, Raiders would drink Black Rum (Preferably Captain Morgan). I’ll make it official, instead of using the term “drinking the Kool Aid” when Raiders fans are buying into our own hype, we will say “drinking the black rum.” All kidding aside, although I suspect the Broncos have changed things up a lot more than Callahan did when Gruden left, Allen may still have some very pertinent inside info on that team. With the loss of their starting left tackle on top of everything else, the Broncos may need a little something something in their Kool Aid to console themselves after this game…….mmmmm Black Rum, I like it, tasty. (I’m standing with one leg on a stool)

  • Gabe Garibay

    Hey @marksection122 how do you like those seats at section 122. How is the view. I got 3 game plan in section 122

  • Mark from Section 122

    Love them, front row Joe, but there really isn’t a bad seat in the whole stadium for a view, unless you are short and have a tall person standing in front of you.

  • Gabe Garibay

    I’ve been to a bunch of games but only in the 300 sections. I am section 122 row 26. Can’t wait

  • Mark from Section 122

    Look for Raider Sock Monkey in Row 21, he is our Rally Monkey for the section.

  • Gabe Garibay

    Hell yea I’m there Nov.3, Dec.15 and DEC.29