Sep 23, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Members of the Oakland Raiders line up agains the Denver Broncos at the line of scrimmage during the second half at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The Broncos won 37-21. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders Can’t Stop Broncos Stampede, Fall 37-21



While many things are improving for the Raiders this year, winning against playoff caliber teams is not one of them. Tonight, under the national spotlight of Monday Night Football, the Raiders were unable to keep up with Peyton Manning and the Broncos easily rolled to a 37-21 victory at Sports Authority Field.  Many things went wrong for the Silver and Black but if you paid close enough attention, the Raiders showed some things that haven’t been on the field in a while.

Now, don’t think that I am going to sugar coat this loss and say this is a moral victory, it’s not. The Raiders were unable to get the run game going, looked lost on defense at times and didn’t execute when they had the ball. McFadden was not able to get going and finished with a dismal nine yards on twelve carries. The defense came out early and tried to play Three Card Monty early on to try to confuse Peyton Manning. Though this worked in spurts, it didn’t work all night. The end result was the Raiders getting throttled early on and picking up two TD’s in what essentially became garbage time in the fourth quarter.

Call me a naïve optimist but despite this beat down, I still saw some positives from the Raiders. For one, despite Terrelle Pryor’s lack of starts, he managed to not turn the ball over again for a second straight week and didn’t look flustered under the spotlight and hostile environment. He actually managed to look poised and cool under the Bronco pass rush and did finish the night going 19 for 28 with 281 respectable yards. Even Jon Gruden praised the play of Pryor. Another positive I was able to glean was the way the defense did not give up. Late in the game, I still saw the whole unit swarming to the ball  and that actually contributed to their  first two turnovers of the season. On both turnovers, the offense was able to turn those opportunities into two touchdowns.  In previous years, these same turnovers would have more than likely ended up with three and outs or Janikowski field goals. This tells me that the offense is learning to finish. I can’t recall the last time I saw that. Lastly, I liked that Greg Olson and the coaching staff  is finally recognizing the talent on the team and is playing to their strengths. The McFadden to Reece touchdown was a nice wrinkle as a play call. The coaching staff still needs to find a way to get DMC to the outside and stop  trying to get him inside. Maybe it’s not the coaching staff but McFadden himself? We’ll see as the season progresses.

Let’s be honest Raider Nation, the Broncos are playing solid football on both sides of the ball and are looking like a tough team for anyone to beat. We honestly didn’t have a chance but there were some good things that lead me to believe the team is moving in the right direction. Next up, the Raiders face the struggling Redskins at home.  Lets see if these few bright spots can lead to another W against a floundering defense and a sputtering offense.

I am not looking for the Raiders to make the playoffs but I am looking for them to make progress and show the fans a fighting spirit and a determination to win. After three games, I can say that the mindset is changing in Oakland. Do you agree with me?

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  • Silvia Arredondo

    I agree! Rome wasn’t built overnight but I see life in the Raiders. I am really proud of their progress. Let’s not forget that the Broncos have been beating on Playoff contender teams ( including the super bowl champs) with more than 20 points but they only won by 16 points against the Raiders. Progress is progress!

  • Travis Myers

    That was a solid assessment. The game went exactly as I thought it would with the Broncos dominating but the score not really reflecting that dominance. The score was a lot more lopsided than 37-21. However, last year they gave up and lost 37-6 (I believe). I think this team is starting to buy in that they are at least going in the right direction. We’ll see what happens when the losses start piling up if that attitude is still there. I did think the playcalling was a little too predictable. If it looked like a running formation it was a run, ditto with the pass. The only inventive play was the halfback pass. And what happened to the J.Ford end around? The Raiders needed everything to go there way to even make this a close game and that obviously didn’t happen but Pryor is showing progress. Not that I’m hoping we’ll be bad enough for the first overall but a tandem of Clowney and Houston might something special. Houston is by far the best defensive player on the team and maybe the best player on the team period.

  • PunjabiPete

    This is going to disgust me to say, because I’m a die hard Chiefs fan, but I was rooting for you guys last night. Not even to give us the lead in the AFC, but because I’m so sick of the Broncos smugness… I honestly wouldn’t be ashamed of being able to lay 3 TDs on them, it was a valiant effort…. So is the consensus there that Terrelle Pryor is your QBoTF? He’s no Rich Gannon (which STILL hurts, mind you) but you could do a lot worse (Tyler Palko, Duane Huard, Matt Cassel… Brady Quinn… ugh I’m getting depressed).

    Fair warning before you think I am a classy guy: I WILL be talking shit when we play you, but that’s more tradition than animosity!


    Thanks for reading my post Pete.
    I can’t say for certain that TP is our future QB but he is probably the best we have on the roster right now and definitely better than what we have had in the past. Jamarcus Russell anyone? He gives us the best opportunity to win and he does energize our fan base. I think if he had started last years final four games he would be more polished today. He’ll only get better with experience but he’s already showing a good foundation in just four games that he has started.
    You stay classy until our teams go head to head. I wouldn’t want it any other way given our great rivalry.


    Thanks for reading my post Travis.
    I see the difference all over the field. Others that don’t follow as closely as our fans do will say that it’s the same old Raiders but I don’t see that. We knew this was a rebuild year but the team is not throwing in the towel like I have seen in the past. That could change if the losses start to pile up, but I honestly can’t see that happening this year. Many of the teams we play this year that were expected to be good are struggling. If we can catch them while they’re down…we’ll have a shot. Perfect example is Washington this week


    Thanks for reading my post Silvia. I appreciate your continued support of our blog and my posts!
    Glad to see that I am not the only one that sees the progress. The team just has to keep that hunger and keep it going. Against a lesser team, we probably would’ve looked better and maybe even pulled off the win. I’m liking how the season is coming along despite the losses.

  • Bob

    Good Post. I get tired of homer posts on this site. In Reality, the Raiders just don’t have the talent to win against Manning this year. If the line can’t open holes, DMC is going no where. I am pleased with Pryor’s progress.

  • Chris Schroeder

    If Jano kicks a 68 yarded before the half and Denarious Moore doesn’t drop a very makeable catch in the end zone, it’s a six-point game. The Raiders outscore the Broncos in the second half 14-10. and Terrel Pryor played excellent. The Raiders are good team and they’re well on their way but like any new system. These things will take time.


    Thanks for reading Bob.
    True the Raiders don’t have the talent, but outside of Seattle, I dont see anyone emerging as threat to Denver. Not to say they’re going undefeated but they look awfully good right now. I’m pleased with Pryor’s progress too. Hopefully he’ll be able to clear his concussion testing and start on Sunday.
    We try our best to write pertinent posts, sorry you feel we write homer one’s. I’d like to think they’re not all homeresque. Got any suggestions for improvement?


    Thanks for reading the post Chris.
    There’s always those ‘what if’ moments in any game. Theres no guarantee that Seabass makes that kick- though it would’ve been fun to watch him try. D Moore still has hand issues but its all a work in progress, like you said, these things take time.

  • Christopher Krier

    Pryor looked better than I thought he would. Hard to project the future with a young QB, but at the very least he’s given Raiders fans something to get excited about this season. Go Broncos!

  • Bob

    Use “contract” language. Too much of the Raiders WILL, DMC WILL. There are no certainties in football. Words such as may, should, can are more realistic and should be used.


    True about the uncertainty of the sport. As football fans we always hope for the best and try to remain as optimistc as possible. If the story is about a prediction about an upcoming game then those words have relevancy dont you think?
    Keep in mind that only one of us (writers/bloggers) has a background in journalism. We are always working to try to make the posts better. Thanks for your input and we hope you contiue to visit our site.


    Thanks for reading the post Christopher.
    Pryor surely has sparked life into the fanbase, just like Manning did for you guys last year. Do you ever wonder where your team would be if he had signed somewhere else? Me, I hated when he signed with Denver because I knew that this is exactly what would happen. Damn it!
    Oh well. I guess the only solace for now is that I know he can’t play forever, maybe two more years at the most. You gotta admit though- you were worried last night when he took that blind side sack

  • Steven Colo

    I agree with this article. Pryor is rough but looks to be a good QB in a year’s time or so. The Raiders never quit, even with a big deficit and sucking wind in a low-oxygen environment. Both Oakland and KC look much improved this year.


    Thanks for reading the post Steven, glad you agree with my perspective.
    In a few years, the whole AFCW will be a tough division once again and will do the league proud with all four teams competeing…well maybe not the Chargers. I think Rivers will be playing for the LA Galaxy by then. Sorry- I just couldn’t resist, that was embarrasing, right up there with last years butt fumble.

  • Christopher Krier

    Believe me, we give thanks every day he chose to sign with Denver! Allowed the Broncos to take a shortcut back to relevancy after the bleak 2010 season. And you’re right, gotta stay healthy, but if he does then Denver has a legitimate shot to make a run this year. The thing that worried me the most last night though was that Terrelle Pryor might actually be the real deal. Could be the salvation the Raiders have been waiting for. Time will tell.

  • Steven Colo

    Mariano, if you can figure out the Bolts, you’re a better man than I am. They’ve always been a good football team that plays like a bad one.


    I dont EVER want to figure the Chargers out. Above all other AFCW teams I revel and thoroughly enjoy their misery and dysfunction. Let’s see, from last year there was that 4th and 29 against Baltimore, the season opener against the Texans and that Music City Muff that was this weekend. There’s a reason they are called the Chokers and they live up to that moniker, time and time again. I love it.

  • Jimmy Conway

    I’m tired of the losing. I don’t care if we give up in a loss or fight it out in a loss. A loss is a loss.


    Thanks for reading the post Jimmy.
    I agree, losing is tough but I would rather lose in a valiant effort than in a miserable fashion like the previous years. I’m not sugar coating it at all, but I’m weighing this early season against last years horrid regression. If the team ends the same or worse than last year then all this hope and false progress will be another wasted. Given the state of the rebuild, we have to be able to pull positives out of these losses. Right now there seems to be more to root for and more to build on. The team is on the right path and those wins might come next year or the following.

  • DXW

    Yeah, and if grandma had balls she’d be grandpa.