Sep 29, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen watches from the sideline against the Washington Redskins during the fourth quarter at Coliseum. The Redskins defeated the Raiders 24-14. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins 24 Oakland Raiders 14: Nightmare afternoon for Matt Flynn costs Raiders winnable home game

Sep 29, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2, far right) sits on the bench with punter Marquette King (7) and defensive back Chimdi Chekwa (35) during the fourth quarter at Coliseum. The Redskins defeated the Raiders 24-14. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It was an afternoon that started off well before ending in an abysmal nightmare that has the Oakland Raiders wondering what is next.

A blocked punt for a touchdown followed by a Matt Flynn touchdown strike to Mychal Rivera had the Raiders up 14-0 early at the Coliseum. Against an 0-3 Washington Redskins team it appeared that the Raiders might be able to handle the loss of Terrelle Pryor and escape with a win under Flynn. It turned out to be the furthest thing from the end result.

Flynn threw an interception for a touchdown to Redskins rookie David Amerson, who returned it 45 yards to pull Washington within a touchdown. From then on there it would be a nightmare for Flynn, who reminded anyone watching the game why Terrelle Pryor was named the Raiders starter.

Flynn was ineffective at getting the Raiders anywhere near scoring distance despite getting some great field position thanks to an inspired effort from the Raiders defense led by offensive coordinator Jason Tarver. Flynn left the field at the end of the first half hearing boos after failing to get Sebastian Janikowski into field goal range to end the first half and those boos would only get louder in the second half.

Janikowski would register his own costly error on his lone field goal attempt, shanking a 52 yard field goal that would have put the Raiders ahead. Instead Pierre Garcon would score on a five yard touchdown catch to put the Redskins ahead 17-14.

With Darren McFadden and Marcel Reece in street clothes after first half injuries, Flynn was left exposed without the help of a Raiders rushing attack. Fumbling the ball after one of his many sacks on the day as Flynn was caught holding onto the football for far too long on many occasions on Sunday.

Flynn’s fumble set up RGII’s knockout punch that was capped with a Roy Helu Jr. 14 yard touchdown run to put Oakland down two scores. Flynn would fumble on a 4th and 1 sneak attempt inside the Washington red zone in the fourth quarter to seal Washington’s fate and a day that likely ended Flynn’s hopes of ever gaining a foothold in the NFL as a starter.

Sep 29, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn (15) kneels after being sacked by Washington Redskins outside linebacker Brian Orakpo (not pictured) in the first quarter at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Flynn’s Fault

Flynn was 21-for-32 passing for 227 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception, but his stat line was nowhere indicative of his poor play. Once up 14-0 Flynn did the complete opposite of what was needed and couldn’t keep the Raiders defense off of the field, at the end of the second half that was costly as the defense looked out of gas from the workload of going out on the field after so many Flynn three and outs.

Dennis Allen came under fire on Twitter for not getting the win today, but the team effort was more than enough to win this game and sadly it puts the blame solely on Flynn. From the beginning of OTA’s and training camp it looked clear that Flynn was behind Pryor at an ability and athletic standpoint and it showed today. Allen had no choice but to start Flynn with Pryor’s concussion symptoms flaring up on Saturday night making it unsafe to play their starting quarterback, at the end of the day you can’t fault Allen for doing the right thing and keeping his quarterback safe.

Flynn will be taking the blame after his loss and it is very likely that this will be his last stop where he is ever considered as more than just a back up. Against a poor Redskins defense that has been carved up to start the season Flynn looked hopeless on the majority of his drives, holding onto the ball and taking sacks due to an inability to read the defense. In the build up to the game we pointed out Flynn’s experience in coming into relief situations as a back up and his successes in those moments, that was not the case today. If Matt Flynn starts another game for the Oakland Raiders it will be because Pryor has yet to recover from his concussion, but it will be easy to write off Flynn after today.

Bruised Backs 

Marcel Reece and Darren McFadden’s injuries were huge setbacks for the Raiders in the loss, but their recovery time will also be a huge factor in the future of Oakland’s backfield.

Reece is already signed to a multi year extension, but McFadden is an UFA this spring and his long list of injuries was added to as DMC left the game with a tight hamstring.

Once their rushing attack left the field things got even more difficult for Flynn, even though Rashad Jennings was serviceable in the backfield in addition to his clutch punt block to start the game, the absence of the blocking of Reece and McFadden’s threat of the run made it even easier for the Redskins defense to expose Flynn’s weaknesses.

With Pryor out and recovering from the concussion the next biggest injury concerns will now be McFadden and Reece as without them there will be even more pressure on Pryor to heal from his injury and carry the team without the support of two of Oakland’s most talented offensive weapons.

Don’t Blame Dennis 

The fumbled sneak attempt from Matt Flynn while in field goal range on 4th and 1 will be talked about over the next few days as a gaffe by Dennis Allen, but if you look at it from the perspective of the game situation it was the right call.

With Flynn showing zero ability to march the Raiders in a quick fashion to the Washington endzone, Dennis Allen knew that if they didn’t grab a touchdown down 24-14 with under five minutes left they weren’t going to win the game on a last minute drive needing a likely 60-80 yard touchdown drive to win with Flynn under center. So he took the risk of gaining a yard to continue the drive and the easier chance at a touchdown.

In the end he was burned by Flynn’s fumbled snap, but Raider Nation should exercise some patience and perspective for Allen who was stuck in a tough spot missing Pryor (then DMC/Reece) and being forced to play Flynn. Oakland had a gameplan set in place to win the game and got the execution out of their defense, but the errors of Flynn were their downfall. That isn’t the fault of the head coach.

Chargers Next

Oakland’s next meeting will be against the Chargers who are now .500 after a big home win over the Dallas Cowboys today.

The game will either be played as scheduled at around 1 p.m. or kickoff will be delayed until 8:30 p.m. due to an onflict with the Oakland Athletics and their MLB Playoff schedule

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  • Silvia Arredondo

    I strongly agree. Palmer Jr. Got sacked too many times because most of the time he looked confused and wasn’t able to make good decisions. On the fumbled he looked back and his hands to make sure the ball was in his hand when obviously it wasn’t and he looked embarrassing. Thank god for Pryor because if it wasn’t for him we would be looking at yet another Palmer offense.

  • Silvia Arredondo

    And Allen and Olsen are doing a great job. We can’t blame the coaches for having Palmer Jr. To work with. The coaching staff is there to help the players work with their talents but if the players can’t help themselves then there is nothing the coaches can do.

  • jaer

    i think pryor got the start because the offensive line was so bad in the beggining but had looked better
    in recent games o think he was happy to sit pryor and hand the keys to the cadillac he tought he had and that pryor was not taking adavtage of all the weapons on offense biy was he wrong he is the best we have makes the offensive line and evrybody around hm better look for the raiders to protect terel pryor down the strech no more smashing him into defenders un protected and not backing him up when he tought it was not a clean hit

  • phil s

    It is Allen’s fault he can’t coach to win when you have chances to tie you take the points, you need a TD no matter what take the points he has f**ked us out of multiple chances to win in the last 2 seasons chances to at least tie the game and go to overtime. Not to bag on you but Allen should not be our head coach we have enough rookies on this team we need vet that plays smart we as a city and as fans can’t afford to groom him as a head coach. I am all about consistency I believe we need a coach around for multi years but Allen will not make the cut mark my words.

  • Nick doucher


  • Phil Mokate

    I agree that flint is barely a back up,but DA did not run the 2 minute drill before half time to try for 3 nor did he last week with 5sec. before half to give seabass a shot. Both times we came away with 0 to show for it. Time and player management has been DA’s problem but fixable. Flint as i call him has to go!

  • phil s

    Allen can’t coach its his job to play smart and he does not for 2 Seasons now he has screwed us out of multiple chances to tie games or win games. I more then anyone want consistency believe we need it to be a winning franchise again but Allen is not the answer mark my words we need a veteran coach like the chiefs got not a rookie like we have. You take the point Allen get to within 7 points and let your D get the ball back then use All 4 downs to tie the game up dontdon’t go for it on 4th when points are starring you in the face play smart damn he makes me hate Sundays.

  • Tim Martindale

    Well they wanted to c Flynn they saw him. They should have gave Pryor a visor and let him play. Only cause Allen wanted his boy in there

  • Tyler

    I think you are completely wrong with this. Allen and McKenzie both came into one heck of a mess. The team has a decent amount of talent, and are playing disciplined and inspired football (remember the 10 penalty/105 penalty yard games a few years ago?). The team today played well enough to win the game. Matt Flynn simply f**ked us. He f**cked us hard and then f**cked us again. I have been a diehard raider fan and follower for a LONG time, and this game utterly disgusted me. McGloin would’ve given us a better chance to win the game. Flynn simply looked as if he had never played quarterback before. The only thing he proved he could do was dump the ball off. The defense played well and the o-line played well. Flynn had no sense of pressure and held the ball too long on many plays.

    It was an absolute abomination of a game at the qb position. Pryor may not be a great qb yet, but wow do I miss him.

  • Tyler

    He didn’t run the 2 minute drill because Flynn has a noodle for an arm. The only option are seam routes because he doesn’t have the arm strength to throw to the outside. All problems in this game point to Flynn. If he doesn’t throw the pick-6, the game doesn’t go the way it did. The defense played well enough that the skins would’ve have put up 2 tds to take the lead.

  • Tim Martindale

    Stop saying that it’s old now. The cat can’t coach he’s a dud he wanted to prove Flynn was better and failed just like when he started Palmer all year even when we were kncked out of the playoffs with 5wks to go. Mckenzie is good we talking about the coach it almost seems he dosent want the kid to succeed

  • Tim Martindale

    I agree u c what he’s doing in Arizona he throws a pick every time he gets in the redzone

  • Silvia Arredondo

    Maybe… but the reason DA didn’t take those field goal opportunities was because unfortunately Sea Bass cannot complete his points because King is not doing a great job, like Lechler, as a holder. I think he deserves another year because next year we are going to have the money to sign some good players.

  • Silvia Arredondo

    lol yeah we are clearly the winners in the Palmer (garbage-time man) trade.

  • Silvia Arredondo

    He’s been out since before the season even started. And DA made those calls because SeaBass hasn’t been able to make his field goals because King needs to pick up his holding game.

  • phil s

    Thx 4 the reply but all I can’t agree with is or 3rd string should have gone in when it was obvious Flynn was crap but again that falls on our coach

  • Bob

    Great wrote up Chase.

    I am so tired of excuses from the Raiders.

    I was there and it was BORING. I could not eve get a contact high from the guy smoking pot in the row in front of me. They arrested him in the fourth quarter. That was more entertaining than the game.

  • chase ruttig

    Thanks Bob. And I am not surprised to hear that haha

  • chase ruttig

    I think the NFLPA probe had something to do with it as well. If they sat Pryor they couldn’t be criticized for not taking the necessary precautions in handling his concussion.

  • Bob

    It is obvious Flynn will not be a Raider next year. The Raiders need to play McGloin and see what they have if Pryor gets injured. If DA continues this Flynn gives us the best chance to win BS, he gets closer to being fired before his contract expires.

  • nateaintgreat

    Hey Raider fans. I just moved up here and I’m a Chager fan I’ll be going to the game with my girl and her daughter. Me and my girl are SD fans but her daughter is a Raider fan. Anyway what can I expect at the stadium? I’m not a drunk who talks a lot of shit, but i don’t mind in some ribbing. Thanks for any answers and go Chargers!