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Oakland Raiders Aim to Silence Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead

When the Raiders roll into Arrowhead stadium Sunday morning, the 5-0 Chiefs aren’t going to be the only ones awaiting them. There will be a sea of red, so to speak– a sold-out crowd of 79,451 Chiefs fans with a purpose. There is a target on the Guinness World Record for the loudest stadium, set at CenturyLink Field in Seattle by the Seahawks in Week 2; and with a divisional rivalry game of this magnitude, the Chiefs believe that they have that target in their crosshairs.

The Raiders could care less about the record; what counts to them is that they give the fans at Arrowhead nothing to cheer about.

I believe FB Marcel Reece said it best:


“Once you jump on a team at home, when they’re at home when you jump on them quickly and stay on them often, it takes the crowd out of the game. And then the advantage goes to us.”



A fast start for the Raiders this Sunday is absolutely critical, and the crowd noise is just the beginning of that. The Chiefs’ defense is fierce- they have 21 sacks and 7 interceptions in their first five games. Case in point: this is not the defense you want to be playing from behind against. The offense is unspectacular for the most part, but highly efficient. This team is built to maintain a lead. However, they are not built to dig themselves out of a hole. Chiefs QB Alex Smith’s deficiencies throwing the deep ball are well documented, and the defense has allowed an average of 115 rushing yards per game; the unit’s most glaring vulnerability.

Oakland showcased it’s ability to put up touchdowns in rapid succession last week vs. San Diego. If the Raiders can repeat that sort of effectiveness in the 1st quarter this Sunday, they should be able to call upon their run game to devour the clock and cruise to a victory in sweet, sweet silence.

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  • Chris Schroeder

    Let me ask you this. If you were a defense would you want to defend against all of the Raiders offensive weapons? Earlier this season people did not give the Raiders offense a lot of credit. And now you look at what the players like the Denerious Moore and Rod Streater and Brice Butler are doing. They have about 10 seconds to get open which is an incredible amount of time. In that amount of time I don’t care who your corners or safeties are, they cannot keep three extremely fast receivers from finding a vacancy in the backfield. Then just when they drop back into coverage and exposed lanes, The Raiders have two running backs at all times. One in McFadden or Rashad Jennings and the other in Terrel Pryor. I know the Chiefs have looked pretty good defensively against some real subpar teams this season but I sure would hate to be their defense going up against this offense. I have a feeling they will tire out from not being used to handling this type of an offense. If the Raiders are able to move the ball effectively and wear them down, expect the Raiders to slaughter the Chiefs because there is no way the Chiefs offense is moving the ball on the Raiders defense that easily. Hence, you saw what they did to the “reenergized” Philip Rivers this last Sunday. And here’s 10 times the quarterback Alex Smith will ever be but that has a lot to do with the fact that he throws the ball farther than 10 yards at a time They will get their points but I have a feeling most of them will come in garbage time as the fans start clear the arena and discussed.

  • Jacob Steele

    Well put. The Chiefs are a good team, but I think the matchup favors the Raiders. As long as the DBs play tight and aggressive, as the coaches have challenged them to do this week, I could see the result being rather lopsided. Thanks for reading!

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  • hipnetic

    The Raider *could* care less about the Chief’s record? Exactly how much less could they care?

  • Jacob Steele

    It’s a phrase. One that has always baffled me the same way, but it’s a phrase.

  • Phil Mokate

    Who lines up against flowers who looks to be out? Thats the match up to watch. We need to get Kasa in the red zone, 6’6 @ 260? He is a huge target. Like to see Ford with some more touches w/ Taiwan Jones. We have more weapons we need to use them!

  • Dylan Thomas

    Lopsided Raider victory? A bit cocky, don’t you think? A 2-3 team expected to cream a 5-0 team in NFL? How very fan biased. It seems as though you severely underestimate the Chiefs defense. It is absolutely stacked. It has experienced the likes of a high powered offense on the road in Philadelphia and took care of business. Did you see Tony Romo and Dallas run up and down the field vs. Denver’s “elite defense”? Yeah, this unit held them down rather easily. Those of us in Kansas City have heard your type of argument before and yet we’ve still witnessed greatness for the D again and again this season. Beating San Diego on your home terf is great and all….but don’t get carried away. Upsets and flukes happen all the time in football. It was ONE GAME! I suppose you’ve forgotten about your loss to the 1-3 Washington Redskins all of a sudden?
    I for one believe that this game will be closer than expected by the media. The Chiefs usually play it close and Oakland is better than they are given credit for. But really, people have been doubting this team for 5 straight weeks in a row….and look at the result.

  • Bob

    kasa has been a non factor. Is he even going to be active?

  • Chris Schroeder

    Not cocky just a realist. The chiefs have had a real easy schedule to start the year off. The game the chiefs won against the Eagles in Philadelphia, the Eagles clearly beat themselves in that game by making several boneheaded plays, I think they turn the ball over something like six times. The Tennessee Titans, come on man the Chiefs played against their backup quarterback in a game that the titans should have won if it weren’t for bogus officiating I.e. the late hit call on Alex Smith when he was clearly inbounds. That might as well have sealed the deal for the Chiefs, and I was reading about some other bad calls that were made in that game. One guy commented and thought that the officials were on the Chiefs payroll. How funny is that? Then you have Tony Romo and the cowgirls. Tony Romo is a great quarterback but he is also a “choke” specialist. I think the Raiders will be bitch slapping him in the near future. Who else….. Oh! The jags, almost forgot they existed. Case in point. And then there is the Giants, who couldn’t win a game to save Tom Coughlin’s career.

    Well, I just did rollcall. Do you see any impressive teams in there because I sure don’t?

  • Phil Mokate

    Looked like Kasa had a TD in preseason up the seam and plowed his way in. He must not be coming along in practice.. he is on the roster..

  • Jacob Steele

    The Washington game doesn’t count in anyone’s eyes because the quarterback play made the Raiders’ backup unemployed. Denver’s defense is ranked towards the bottom in most statistical categories, not so ‘elite’ in any of the games with all of it’s star power injured, departed, or suspended. Nothing to diminish what the Chiefs have done, and it’s not even an argument of skill or talent level. I just think that the Raiders are built in a way that will perform well against the way the Chiefs are built.

  • KloverJane

    The caring conundrum. Those who care a lot could care less.

  • kccush

    You said the Washington game doesn’t count, well your record says it does. there are no do overs in the nfl regardless of injury so yeah it counts

  • Jacob Steele

    Correct, but not when analyzing a matchup. Pryor poses huge problems for teams like Kansas City who want to pin their ears back and go after him. They’ve struggled to keep contain all year long because of it, hence the subpar run defense.

  • Chris Schroeder

    Somewhere in Tennessee there is a Titans fan saying the game against the Kansas City Chiefs doesn’t count because the Titans were using the backup quarterback in a close game that was one do too bad officiating and that they got robbed and should be 4-1 and K.C. should be 4-1. You’re right, it does count but we both know had Jake locker been quarterbacking instead of Ryan Fitzpatrick Kansas City would have lost that game. The game against Washington was a joke. Matt Flynn cannot move and does not have good instincts and know when or where to through the ball hence he was sacked seven times. Win or lose, watch Pryor tomorrow and you we’ll see what we are all talking about. It’s not only night and day it’s more like heaven and hell. Pryor obviously being heaven.

  • njew84

    “Oakland showcased it’s ability to put up touchdowns in rapid succession last week vs. San Diego. If the Raiders can repeat that sort of effectiveness in the 1st quarter this Sunday, they should be able to call upon their run game to devour the clock and cruise to a victory in sweet, sweet silence.”

    HA HA HA HA!!!!! Good luck with that! Just in case you haven’t noticed, KC fields the BEST defense in the league while SD fields one of the worst. KC is going to be fired up and ready to smother the raiders hopes of an upset!

    Sorry Raider fans but you might get one big play but that’s all you’re going to get. Maybe a couple long field goals. 28-13 Chiefs. 13 is being nice!

  • Jacob Steele

    115 ypg run defense.

  • njew84

    11 ppg allowed, points win games not yards.

  • RepOurChiefs

    Chris..you can shut ur face now lmao

  • RepOurChiefs

    Your words are irrelevant as of….oooh just now! Lmao #tool

  • RepOurChiefs

    Ok “realist’ ..in reality your faiders got a real a$$whuppn! That just happened. .thats the reality ppl! 6-0..10sacs..pic6..noice record broke both noise and ur winning ways in OUR house!…No shut ur face! Lmao

  • RepOurChiefs

    10.5sacks Pryor was that only thing that got silenced today! Bang Bang! Lol

  • njew84

    I really underestimated that Raider defense… I wonder what the Raider fans are doing..

  • RepOurChiefs

    1.Making excuses 2.Choking themselves 3.Choking some1 else lol

  • RepOurChiefs

    Armschair qbs have no clue of how difficult it is to play when you cant hear anything. Might of been a diff outcome in thr house but….we were not in THEIR house.

  • RepOurChiefs

    And the faiders shld be 2-4..oh wait..they are! Lmao point you need to learn chris is (all shit talking aside) your stats..your feelings..your thoughts on what happened with your team the week b4 means nothing come any given sunday. Real talk

  • Chiefer


  • Nick doucher

    Total case of raider fandom!