Kansas City Chiefs 24 Oakland Raiders 7: Homefield advantage, offensive line woes too much to overcome for Raiders

Oct 13, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Husain Abdullah (39) is congratulated by safety Bradley McDougald (48) after Abdullah scores during the second half of the game against the Oakland Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs won 24-7. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

For six seasons the Raiders have owned Arrowhead Stadium, but a newly reloaded Kansas City Chiefs team proved to be just too deep for the Oakland Raiders on Sunday as a defensive battle between the two AFC West rivals ended with the hosts ending their losing streak at home with a 24-7 victory.

If Raider fans felt that they owned Arrowhead Stadium before Sunday it was clear that the Chiefs picked up their mortgage when they added Alex Smith and Andy Reid this offseason. Gone were the terrible errors of the past from quarterbacks like Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel and were replaced by a boringly conservative, yet winning gameplan that proved too much for the weakened Raiders to match.

It didn’t look that way for the majority of the first half as for a third straight week the Raiders defense came out to play. Stopping the Chiefs to a series of three and outs, the Raiders eventually took a 7-0 lead off of a Denarius Moore touchdown catch. The touchdown came after the Raiders were in scoring position on a previous drive that was ended with a 51 yard miss from Sebastian Janikowski.

Kansas City would answer back with a touchdown drive of their own before the half, a pass interference penalty on D.J. Hayden while shadowing Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe would set up a Jamaal Charles touchdown plunge to send the game into halftime tied 7-7.

In the second half the crowd noise at Arrowhead combined with a ravaged offensive line began to show. After Pryor had a stellar first half, he began to hit the dirt far more often in the second half as the undefeated Chiefs showed why they were 5-0 coming into Sunday by closing out the Raiders.

Andre Gurode left in the first half with a knee injury and right tackle Tony Pashos was pulled in the third quarter after re-aggravating a groin injury that kept him out last week against San Diego.

Matt McCants stepped in at right tackle, and Mike Brisiel moved from right guard to center and Lamar Mady came in Brisiel’s place. With so many on the fly changes for the Raiders on the line it was no surprise that the Silver and Black gave up ten sacks, Kansas City’s top ranked pass rush spent the second half overpowering the line on every Oakland drive.

Still the game was within reach for a long period of the second half despite the mismatch in talent thanks to the Raiders defense, but in the end Alex Smith did what he has done all season in getting a timely second half TD drive out of a huge third down heave to Dwayne Bowe before Charles finished with his second rushing TD from within five yards on the day to put the Chiefs up 14-7. The Raiders would never get close to tying the game from that point.

Pryor threw two costly fourth quarter interceptions, including one that was returned  with under 2 minutes remaining by Chiefs cornerback Husain Abdullah, who returned it 44 yards for a touchdown. That touchdown made it 24-7 Chiefs.

In a game that would define the Raiders start to the season heading into the bye week it confirmed what we already knew heading into the game. That this Raiders team despite having raw talent, is decimated with injuries that have exposed what wasn’t a deep football team. Any football team would likely lose after having an entire first string unit of offensive linemen reshuffled, but a team that was projected to be among the worst in the league from a talent standpoint going into the preseason really had no chance to go out of Arrowhead with a win after the injuries to Gurode and Pashos made a poor offensive line abysmal.

Going into the bye week it is once again clear that the Oakland Raiders are a work in progress, geared towards a 2014 push with unlimited cap room coming to the hands of Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen. With rookies Sio Moore and D.J. Hayden making big plays and Pryor still showing that he can make big plays even in tough situations at times, you could still see the steps in the right direction that we saw in the win over the Chargers. Kansas City proved that you can rebuild quickly in the NFL on Sunday and moved to a 6-0 start, but the Raiders with nearly $60 million in 2014 cap space and a roster sprinkled with diamonds found in the rough of a rebuild and blue chip draft picks making plays are the next in line in the AFC West to make a push at the playoffs.

Pryor shines in first half, but second half struggles shows he is work in progress 

Terrelle Pryor will be spending the bye week with throwing coach Tom House, for Raider fans that is a very good thing because Pryor still needs to take out some of the flaws in his game. Including his decision making and habit to throw off his back foot.

Throwing off the back foot led to Pryor’s first interception and it triggered a second half’s worth of struggles for the Raiders offense that was hampered by the Chiefs pass rush and their injuries.

Pryor hadn’t committed a turnover since Week 1 at Indianapolis before throwing a careless pass over the middle on a third down with no open receivers in sight. Chiefs safety Quentin Demps intercepted it and set up an tide-turning touchdown drive. Pryor also threw the aforementioned Pick 6 to pour some more salt in the wounds with under two minutes remaining.

Still Pryor did show his potential at the start of the game, completing 7-of-11 passes for 100 yards and a touchdown before finishing  18-of-34 passing for 216 yards, a touchdown and three INT’s.

Pryor connected with Denarius Moore on a 37-yard touchdown pass that completed a six-play, 78-yard drive that was the lone highlight of a tough day at the office for the Raiders offensive unit as a whole.

Pryor is clearly still a work in progress and it has been clear in the past that Reggie McKenzie isn’t exactly sold on Pryor as the QB of the future with all of that cap space available to bring somebody in, with Pryor being cheap on the cap it would be wise for him to see his development through, working with House on his mechanics again during the bye is a positive sign that Pryor is going to continue to improve into a top level quarterback in the league. It is not a guarantee, and first he will have to improve on his decision making. Poor offensive line or not three interceptions on the road will almost always result in a loss in the NFL.

Chiefs on fast track to playoffs 

Sunday’s 24-7 win from the Chiefs moved Kansas City to 6-0 on the season, undefeated under coach Andy Reid and new starting quarterback Alex Smith. It also has Kansas City in prime positioning for securing a wild card berth should they lose out on the AFC West title to the Denver Broncos.

Already blessed with talented players on both offense and defense prior to this season, the acquisitions of head coach Andy Reid and Alex Smith give the Chiefs a cool presence in all situations. They don’t intimidate you with overwhelming offense or big plays over the course of an entire game, but they also don’t allow the opposition to get much ground. With Smith avoiding mistakes the Chiefs are almost a lock at this point to at least make the playoffs, a trip any farther than that is up for debate. It is however undeniable that Kansas City aren’t a very good football team, to go 6-0 to start a season with a new head coach and quarterback requires a ton of overall team talent, the next step is seeing how far that talent takes the Chiefs.

Moore, Hayden shine in first Raiders-Chiefs appearances 

Rookies Sio Moore and D.J. Hayden highlighted a Raiders defense that came out to play at Arrowhead on Sunday, showing their potential in first Chiefs-Raiders appearances.

Moore earned a sack on the first play of the game, for the third round draft pick out of Conneticut it was a play that has been a long time coming. Very vocal and energetic, Moore has been slowed down by injuries to start his rookie season including a concussion after getting into an accident driving to the team flight to Denver for Oakland’s Monday night game, to see Moore making a play after some unplanned adversity after impressing during training camp was a highlight of the game.

Oakland’s first round pick, cornerback D.J. Hayden out of Houston, may have been burned on a pass interference call while covering Dwayne Bowe that led to the Raiders allowing a Chiefs game tying touchdown to end the half, but his bone crunching tackle while covering a screen attempt led to a fumble recovery in the red zone that kept Oakland in the game.

Charles Woodson recovered the forced fumble from the rookie.

Hayden also returned a long punt 39 yards in an impressive show of his all around skills in both the special teams game and on defense, with both Moore and Hayden making plays Reggie McKenzie’s ability to evaluate talent looks a lot better after a week if second guessing following the release of Matt Flynn.

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  • RepOurChiefs

    You dont go 6-0 in this league without being a very good football team sir. The Chiefs arent elite..they are very good. The raiders are a ok team with good talent. Dont let your biased opinion get in the way of your journalism. #getouturfeelings

  • DTVTechGuy

    I think he was saying exactly that. That you can’t deny they aren’t a very good team, a bit of weird grammer but I’m sure from the tone he was giving the Chiefs credit. He already did once in an interview with AA so we knows he’s a good dude.

  • RepOurChiefs

    Tired of these writer/fans minimizing the Chiefs when their team is on the losing end. BEFORE today all i’ve read about is the raiders will beat the chiefs.. (based on what they did to the chargers)..and they leave KC with a loss. Cut all the cry baby excuses.Any given sunday, remember? AA tells it like it is regardless of their personal views.

  • chase ruttig

    They are very good. Very good = playoffs and a very good record. I am not being biased, I like Kansas City’s start to their season how am I minimizing the Chiefs by crediting their turnaround and consistent play?

  • RepOurChiefs

    My bad if I read it out of context…sounded like its saying we are “just lucking” into this.

  • redraider

    the chiefs have a good team. They are benefitting from the last place schedule. They will win 10 games and lose on the road in 1st playoff game

  • RepOurChiefs

    Gotcha DTV..just tired of the under handed complimentary insults. And I in no way compare our record to a denvers..lol Chiefs are finding ways to win while denver is cutting throats. My apologies to the “good guy”

  • redraider

    Next year 2nd place schedule will lead to around an 8-8 season. Parity in the NFL Gotta love it

  • RepOurChiefs

    Humbly eat my pie.

  • RepOurChiefs

    After the last year debacle. .I’ll take it. All I wanted was a competitive team. Who doesnt like a good rise from the ashes story. Just a playoff spot wld be a few notches above expectations.

  • RepOurChiefs

    To be honest..I was actually hoping the chiefs and raiders wld b the 2 teams whom rose to fight it out. Still early though…cld happen

  • Ron rogers

    KC is average, with a avg coach and Qb…

  • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

    Not true. Only two games are decided by the Chiefs’ last lace schedule. Their games against the Browns and Bills are the ones decided by their record last year and they haven’t played either of those teams yet. So the teams the Chiefs have played and beaten so far this season are all teams the Raiders will play as well.

  • chase ruttig

    This is indeed a fact.

  • Phil Mokate

    Good won Chiefs fans. It was more of a won then a win. We lost this game to ourselves more then you took it by domination. A lot of games left to play, but hey, 6-0 is still 6-0 and I would be happy about that to. We will be here waiting when you come to town. So lets both get healthy and get it on!

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  • Tom Sparks

    Yea, their D is so Average that the lead the league in many defensive categories! And saying Andy Reid is an Average Coach, must be a sign of being jealous? Typical, average commentary, from a (I’m sure) a typically average Raider’s fan…… Oh, I forgot, being 6-0 is also Average, right?

  • Fernando Maestas

    Can you say “third string OL”? Mady and McCants? Brisiel at C? Come on man! There is not one QB that could have survived behind the line Pryor had to play behind. Not one! This bye week needed to come 1 game earlier.. Mady and McCants would be on the practice squad if our second string was healthy! I’ve never, in my entire 36 years of life, have ever seen an entire 1st AND 2nd string OL out for a game. Not one of these guys could play through a little pain? Crazy! Not 1 player on the line today played in their natural position they are being paid for. I’m tired of this Frankenstien next man up excuse of an OL. Now Pryor is getting used and abused with press? Come on man!

    Not to take anything from the Chiefs win because they took advantage like any team should if the situation presented itself.

    By the way… The available money next year is $69 million, closer to $70. It’s a big difference from $60 million. Around $25-$30 mil will go to players on this team playing now that are currently looking long term, leaving around $40 mil to free agency. The Raiders will keep this defense in tact and will shop OL, RB and TE. Free agency will depend on the best player available.

    Good read Chase

  • Ron rogers

    Has either ever won a SB?????

  • Fernando Maestas

    Good win for you guys… Ried took advantage of our overwhelmed 3rd string, practice squad OL. IMO, it was the difference. We lost our last two starters in the first half as the Raiders were winning this game. That’s the way you win… You gotta take advantage when you can. I don’t think in this day and age, you can really talk smack and be taken serious. Just Blog Baby doesn’t talk smack like most the sites that are out there…. Raider Nation usually being on the receiving end of the shit talkers. Raider Nation only cares about our team and can care less about what other fans are saying. I think most fans that have to go on teams sites to talk shit usually can only name a few players on their so called teams so no one cares. So… Just wondering, what articles are you talking about in regards to your Chiefs getting the shit end of the stick when all the headlines say you won. This site is designed to give Raider Nation insight on everyday Raiders football,…. Not to give all the other 31 teams a virtual boner. If I was you, I would go and celebrate as your team won. Remember, it was just a few months ago when your team selected the #1 overall pick in the draft for winning 2 games. You’re not on the top yet… Enjoy it while it lasts and we will see you next time in Oakland.

  • Fernando Maestas

    Your defense will be key to a great season. Keep it up… The AFC west is on the rise…. Now can someone retire Manning already!

  • RepOurChiefs

    Look around..my case has been made..lol

  • RepOurChiefs

    Average beat less than average today then..lol

  • RepOurChiefs

    Get out the past and your feelings. you got beat..TODAY! TODAY! lol

  • RepOurChiefs

    Both teams are used and abused..still paid professionals..lol

  • RepOurChiefs

    Bout to pass out from all the average’ness (n my best Ron Burgundy voice) lol

  • RepOurChiefs

    Can I get a amen brotha!!!..AGREED!

  • Tom Sparks

    ROC…. LOL! Go Chiefs! Keep up the W’s, 7-0..oh soooo average! LOL!

  • redraider

    one and done. mark it down, bet on it and thank me later

  • redraider

    one and done chiefs. next year back to mediocrity, 2nd place schedule

  • RepOurChiefs

    Havent got to that bridge yet…game is over..you guys get another shot at home. Perk up! :)

  • RepOurChiefs

    Lol GO CHIEFS! ..

  • RepOurChiefs

    Well said… #rd2

  • redraider

    you have a lot of class and have showed it in your response. Football is better when we are both good. Good luck to you and the chiefs the rest of the way. Sorry for sour grapes

  • RepOurChiefs

    Understandable red…felt that sting all last year. Just friendly ribbing with no malice intended. Til we war again..best wishes.