Nov 3, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) runs from the pocket during the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Coliseum. The Eagles won 49-20. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Fan opinions: Why Terrelle Pryor should be given another season to develop

The past month, Terrelle Pryor’s poor played have turned many Raider fans to question his ability to be the future of this team. In this segment I am going to post some of the opinions of optimistic Raiders fans about the controversial subject of Terrelle Pryor and his ability to be a franchise QB. All these comments were written to endorse Pryor as our future QB.

Kaelen Jones:

Without a question we should. I’m younger, but in my lifetime the Oakland Raiders have never had such a dynamic quarterback under center. He adds a whole new dimension to this offense that clearly wasn’t present with Flynn, and considering this is pretty much his rookie season, in conjunction with the fact that the offensive line has been decimated by injury and he hasn’t necessarily had a consistent No.1 receiver to bail him out, the miscues and struggles are expected, to be honest. I say there’s no reason for the Raiders not to pin TP2 as our franchise qb, and for all of the older Raiders fans, when is the last time we’ve seen such positive signs of growth in our guy under center?! It’s refreshing just to see him out there, and to be quite honest, the mistakes he’s making now are no different from the one’s we’ve had veterans make during their time here. Give Pryor a chance. Like many have said before, give him a healthy offensive line, a legitimate No.1 receiver to throw to, and even a decent running game, and the sky is the limit for him. If you don’t think so, take a look at all of his post-game interviews and stories about his work-ethic and character. This guy wants to be good, and he has talent; talent that he is actually aware needs much improvement. This is the exact type of leadership we need out of a budding franchise qb, and his electric play is a great bonus. He’s the only qb in the entire division this versatile, and I personally figure that once the offensive line is healthy and some pieces are added in the passing game that this offense will be a terror for opposing defenses to face. He’s only what, 23/24? So long as he continues to show that he is capable of being a starting qb I’m full-fledged onto the TP2 bandwagon. As for the struggles, I don’t mind them. They were expected, were they not? If anything, at least in his worst moments he’s not a turnover machine like Mark Sanchez, while his ceiling is what we saw in the Chargers game earlier this year–maybe even higher. Either way, Pryor should be and deservedly is our guy. His upside is just too much to pass on and if Reggie Mac is wise and places some solid pieces around him, Pryor is going to flourish in Oakland.

It feels good to be confident in the growth of a quarterback for once, doesn’t it RaiderNation?! Committed to Excellence.

Just Win, Baby!

Michael C:

I rewash all the gametime game rewind and broke down what I thought I saw from Pryor. When watching the game as a fan I couldn’t help but be upset with the way he has regressed. When you go back and watch the film on the all 22 camera, you realize it’s hardly his fault.
1. He gets pressured right up the LG and LT on 2 of every three plays. We literally have no consistent playmaker on offense. I feel like there is hardly any talent on that offense besides Moore, and he just is not an every down #1 recievers. Imagine how good he would be if he wasn’t the target every single throw. I love mcfadden, but I think he is completely done. Call me what you want, I think Jeremy Steweart is more effective than most watch last year vs CINCY.
2. Pryors completion percentage is a little skewed because he throws a lot of balls away bc of pressure, and there Are too many drops.

As a fan it kills me to watch all these games see them perform like the way they do. When you go back and look at the film you realize we just don’t have the talent on offense. I know the Bradys the Rodgers the Peyton Manning’s will make a lot of lesser talent look good but they would have trouble behind our offense of line too. So my suggestion is you go back and watch the game and take the fan perspective out of it and you realize that this team was probably overachieving the first half of the season. I think the coaching staff has done a pretty solid job overall which is why I would like them to come back next year with another draft and more free agency to see what this team would look like

Derek Lee:

Ok, here it goes… TP is absolutely our franchise QB. I say this because he has nothing but upside in the coming future- he is young, uniquely gifted, and has a hunger for excellence. He is Randall Cunningham Jr., and he will improve overtime I’m certain of it. What people are looking at is his over eagerness at times when it is most necessary to slow things down and take the safer option when delivering the ball. People see the hasty throws, the occasional escape of a clean pocket (which hardly), the expired time alloted to him to get a throw off in a clean pocket (which is rare) , the consistent rolling to the right when pressured, and even the persistent need to run backwards in an attempt to evade defenders in order to save a play- which lately has turned in to futile attempts in the form of frustrating “sacks”. I know where you’re at trust me- however, these are all rookie mistakes and all phases of a progressing young quarterback. What people don’t merit equally is the good things alongside of all that like the relentless will to win, the extended plays week end and week out, the abuse he endures from a pathetic O-Line (which he foots all blame with no complaints), and the earnest attempts at trying to prove to his team and fans that there truly is a pocket passer inside of that number 2 jersey… even it hurts his pride and his image he continually tries to prove to his inept coaches that he can be that pocket QB that everybody’s clamoring for. So be it then, so be it that he’s raw, and trigger happy, and even un-developed as a passer- with all those things being true Pryor is still the number 1 option at QB for this Black & Silver team that I support and have loved far over my childhood years. I’m not a Pryor fanboy, or any kind of fanboy for that matter; however, I am a fan (an extreme one at that) and I see and dissect everything that has to do with this team- and what I see is a franchise QB in the making… under the right leadership that is. Which brings me to this: most o the time, a QB is only as good as his O-Line, Receivers, and Coaches plain and simple- how good are our coaches? Are they franchise QB rearing coaches? Have they proven themselves? Do they put TP in the best position to succeed in every given situation? Because Tom House can’t do it all and neither can Terrelle. I think all of you as real tride and true Raider’s fans should truly give this young man a solid voice of support and be careful not to destroy him before he is able to bloom. He’ll become what you need if you just give him faith and support- what he needs is help on the field and Reggie McKenzie can get that for him (ASAP). He also needs Greg Olsen to stop being predictable and unleash the “Kraken” that is hidden within every player on this team… quickly… while we still have a little season left.


It’s hard to say if TP2 is really the long term answer for Oakland. He’s definitely the short term answer given the circumstances the team has had to endure this year so far. The Raiders must take a “wait n see” approach with Pryor because of the following reasons:

1. The 2013 Salary Cap Situation – The Raiders have so much dead money tied up to old terrible draft picks and overpriced Free Agent acquisitions of the past regime. If memory serves correct, Richard Seymour is costing Oakland more money this (year that he is NOT on the team) than all 9 of our new defensive starters combined salaries for 2013. So, it’s safe to say that salary- wise, TP2 is playing with half an offensive unit. If we weren’t so strapped for cash, he’d have more talent and weapons at his disposal. Receivers have been dropping balls left/right sure, but you don’t have to look any further than the offensive line’s depth woes in order to prove my point.

2. Training Camp – True, Pryor was not ready to be the starter in 2013. But the Team as a whole was poorly prepared to play as a cohesive offensive unit with Pryor at the helm. That falls on the backs of the coaches and evaluation personnel (Yes, Reggie). They should’ve been able to evaluate the quarterback situation a lot faster in training camp to install more of the offense early on instead of just days before the season opener in Indianapolis. That would’ve prepared the offensive line and RBs for the types of blocking and protection packages theyre gonna be using with a mobile QB and allowed the Receivers and Pryor and more time to build chemistry in the passing game. This team was prepared in the offseason to play with a pocket passer at the helm not a mobile QB. Waiting so long to settle on a quarterback severely handicapped the offensive playbook’s progression into the season.

3. Quarterback Depth – The depth at QB has a completely different skill set from that of Pryor’s. McGloin & Wilson look like they can become worthy backups from what I saw in preseason, but they have a completely different skill set than Pryor. That puts the team at a HUGE disadvantage from a playbook standpoint when Pryor is forced out of the starting lineup and a completely new offensive strategy is implemented to suit the strengths of the backups.

In conclusion, I believe that it is far too early for anyone to give Pryor a fair evaluation for his future in Oakland when he’s dealing with all this adversity placed upon him by forces out of his control. Yes, he’s making lots of rookie mistakes as of late, but he’s also learning on the fly and making way more exciting plays than than any Raider QB since Rich Gannon. Yeah, his stats don’t look like that of a typical quaterback, but that’s because Pryor is NOT your typical QB. He’s a freak of nature that deserves a fair assessment before he ends up as a developmental player on a better built team that can make use of his skill set such as the Niners of Seattle and flourishes for a different franchise later in his career. I say we give TP2 an extra year with a more well rounded & HEALTHY team to help him out in his sophomore year as a starter.

Jacob Crusinberry:

I don’t think it’s fair to judge just yet. The kid has no time to throw, no offensive line, no reliable running game, and no one getting open down field! Get him some weapons and some protection I think he could do it

I agree with all of the statements above, if you take a look at his situation, he was put into a terrible situation in what is essentially his rookie year. With no O-line, number 1 receiver, consistent running game (besides himself), or coaching that doesn’t make the entire offense predictable, the fact that he has been able to win any games this year is a miracle.

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