Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin (14) fumbles the ball during the first quarter of the game against the Dallas Cowboys during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at AT

Terrelle Pryor or Matt McGloin, who is really more effective?

Raider nation has a tendency to overreact whenever anything good or bad happens. This is no exception to when it comes to trying to find a franchise quarterback. All throughout the year, fans have been calling for their favorite quarterback to start, without stepping back and analyzing how either of them are actually playing.

Here, we are going to examine some stats and how they reflect both Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin, because the statistics may be surprising.

Matt McGloin is completing just 56.9% of his passes, 2 percent lower than Terrelle Pryor’s 58.9%. Everyone is praising Matt for his “superior” ability to throw the ball more effectively, but this actually isn’t the case.

Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin (14) throws in the pocket against the Dallas Cowboys during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at AT

Matt is 62-109 on his pass attempts and Terrelle is 132-224. In first 104 pass attempts, which is roughly the same sample size as Matt’s first 109, Terrelle completed 68% of passes (71 completions). This is also before Terrelle was banged up from the Kansas city game, then later injured.

They both threw for 4 TD and two INTs in that span of time, but Terrelle Pryor also added 229 yards on the ground in that span and completed nearly ten percent more of his passes.

Terrelle Pryor just dumped it off many of the times for short yardage and easy completions you say? Actually, in that span, his average pass went for 8.1 yards compared to Matt McGloin’s 7.33 yards per pass. You also cannot say that Matt is throwing more in each game than Terrelle, because Matt averages 31 pass attempts per start, while Terrelle is averaging 28 attempts.

You could argue that Matt McGloin has better technique and is technically the more sound passer, which is true, but this is a production business and Terrelle has produced more than Matt even if you take into account the games where he was injured in a very important part of his body, his legs.

Matt had one very good game against the worst team in the league that lost to the Jaguars, twice. His previous two games have been nothing special, except costing the team with the very untimely red-zone turnovers. When healthy, Terrelle not only has shown he is more efficient throwing the ball, but also has the added wrinkle of scrambling. Matt could not capitalize on what is one of the worst secondaries in the league against the Cowboys when he failed to throw a touchdown pass and consistently move the chains in the second half.

Terrelle Pryor of late has been though, as he lost the ability to fully use his legs, that took away a vital part of the running game because while he was starter, McFadden was running the ball ineffectively for the most part. He has thrown 8 INTs to 1 TD in his past four starts, but he did go up against two very good defenses in two games, got stuck in a hole in the Philly game and was injured in the Giants game. Pryor out dueled a SD team that beat the chiefs and came with a few plays of beating the Colts, which could have been avoided if Janokowski made his field goals that game.

Nov 3, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) rushes for a 35-yard gain in the second quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I do believe that Terrelle is and has the ability to be a much better quarterback in this league compared to Matt McGloin, who looks to have a nice career has a good backup, which is not bad considering he was undrafted out of Penn State. Matt does not have the ability to win games for this team on his own, something that Terrelle has and come very close to doing.

As Terrelle did, Matt seems to be regressing as he starts to play better teams and at this rate, I believe it best to start Pryor, see what he can do in the next four games with all his potential and he is healthy. If he starts to play at the level he did earlier in the year, great, we are able to draft save our first round pick, and if he completely tanks, then we can draft Derek Carr in the first round and hopefully get some star playmakers for him with all the money we have in free-agency next season.

Imagine him throwing passes to Jimmy Graham and Eric Deck next season, while adding elite defensive prospects as well. We can all dream can’t we?

Comment below on what you think the Raiders should do in this situation.

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  • DanfromVegas

    How many of Pryor’s completed passes were for little or no gain? Which QB has had more success converting on third downs? How many times per pass attempt was each QB sacked. How many plays for loss of yardage for each of them? Who has been better at sustaining long drives? Completion percentage is but one metric.

  • jim

    How about the lousy receivers dropping balls left and right on McGloin??? What about his ability to get the ball out of his hands so quickly??/ That’s just for starters! McGloin is head and shoulders above Pryor! I’ve seen every game this year,and McGloin just makes this team play better(except for the shitty receivers dropping balls)

  • Dwayne T Redd

    Some people just can’t accept change, Matt can’t even come close to what Terrelle brings to the table PERIOD!!! What I see here is a young man with immense talent that no coach taught how to be a quarterback which includes how to pass a football which Terrelle admits to and went right out and got the best to train in throwing/passing techniques/motions!!! This is typical because young fast running quarterbacks are usually just sent out there and are allowed or told to make it happen and in divisions of football before the pros you can a lot of the times get away with. One thing that is evident in TP is LEADERSHIP and DETERMINATION. I believe TP if given another off season will develop into a first tier QB with Pro Bowl aspirations. Don’t get me wrong I watched Matt at Penn State and have liked what I’ve seen from him so far but I believe that he needs more time to develop because of size, he needs to learn throwing lanes and how they work for a guy his height. Maybe train with a guy like Drew Brees for a off-season and that’s both film study and on-field training.

  • Bob

    Right now Pryor is just a halfback that thows (poorly).

  • Mike Kramer

    how can you pick any qb like TP that continues to throw of his back foot for a 2 yd gain. Mcgloin at least shows some polish and can hit the open receiver when they arent dropping them.

  • RaiderFan

    Lol you just count the four games he played good….uh yeah he got benched for a reason. Also I personally hate it when people write the word ‘IF’ like 50 times…if TP can improve, if TP cab play like he did in the beginning, if he isn’t injured.

  • RaiderFan

    Lol do not bring McLovin’s size cuss Dree Breeeeeeze is smaller and last time I checked he is doing pretty good. As a qb, TP is missing the smarts needed PERIOD. Sorry bruh but TP can run, but right now I’m looking for a qb, not a running back

  • RaiderFan

    Lol I just read that the writer is 17 years old, now I understand the naive opinions and blind love for TP

  • Dwayne T Redd

    Yeah and Terry Bradshaw won 4 Super Bowls and we all know that story unless you’re to young to know. Anyway I’ll let you know about McLovin cause don’t get me wrong I do like McGloin I did watch him at Penn State. I’ll be @ the KC game today….

  • Dwayne T Redd

    AAAAA you were saying mike, so what was mc glovin doing? Same foot?

  • Dwayne T Redd

    A 48 dumb ass and what happened to mc glovin? he’s so smart and makes great quick decisions to the tune of 4 picks and a fumbled snap

  • Dwayne T Redd

    So what are you saying now nob mc glovin sure throws great 4 picks 1 for a pick 6

  • Bob

    My fear is that the Raiders don’t have the QB of the future on the team right now.