Dec 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders coach Dennis Allen reacts during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Coliseum. The Chiefs defeated the Raiders 56-31. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dennis Allen addresses Terrelle Pryor, Matt McGloin quarterback controversy

Editor’s Note: The following is Dennis Allen’s Christmas Eve Press Conference Transcript following Raiders practice on Tuesday. Due to the holidays we are posting the transcript from the Raiders official website on the 26th. 

With the recent developments inside the Raiders organization following the decision to start Terrelle Pryor for Week 17 (and agent Jerome Stanley’s “setting Pryor up to fail” comments) creating a set of talking points heading into the holidays Dennis Allen’s Christmas Eve presser was naturally filled with Pryor/McGloin questions. Before the Raiders took a day off or Christmas, Allen defended his decision and gave his reasoning for the move to the media.

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Q: With the move to start Terrelle [Pryor], was that totally your decision or did Reggie [McKenzie] or Mark [Davis] have some input? How’d that come about?

Coach Allen: “Coach’s decision all the way. Obviously, we talk. Reggie and I communicate about everything and that was a decision I made.”

Q: All season you’ve said you’re playing to win each game, giving you the best chance to win. Does this jive with that? Terrelle gives you a better chance to win the game?

Coach Allen: “Yeah. Listen, we had the opportunity to watch Matt McGloin for six games and now I want to get another opportunity to watch Terrelle go out there and play. Listen, three out of the four games we won have been with Terrelle in at quarterback. So I think we need something that’s going to spark the football team and I think this can be something that can spark our team.”

Q: So with the evaluation of McGloin and his 1-5 start, I know you said the fact that he has explosive passing was something that really you liked. Is there anything else you liked about that? Looking back now, is that something you think might have not been the case?

Coach Allen: “No, I like a lot of the things I saw Matt McGloin do in there. I thought his accuracy, I thought his decision making in the passing game wasn’t perfect, but I thought overall, I thought it was very solid. Terrelle’s been a guy that’s created a lot of explosive plays for us and I’m looking forward to watching him out there on Sunday and giving him an opportunity to go out there and create some more explosive plays.”

Q: Does it have anything to do with the match-up in terms of how the Broncos go about playing defense? Is there anything that you think an athletic quarterback can help you there?

Coach Allen: “No, the decision wasn’t based on that. The decision was based on giving Terrelle another opportunity to go in there and play and trying to create something for our football team and give us some excitement. I think Terrelle deserves the opportunity to go in and play again.”

Q: Are you aware of Terrelle’s agent’s comments that he is being setup to fail and did you talk to Terrelle about it? What’s your reaction?

Coach Allen: “First, I’d say that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever friggin’ heard. No coach in their right mind…this isn’t The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This isn’t made-for-TV drama. This is football. We make our football decisions based solely on that, nothing other than that. So I don’t really give it a lot of thought. I can’t control the ignorance that might come out of somebody else’s mouth, but I’ve talked to Terrelle about it. It’s in situations like that you have to separate the player from the agent. He doesn’t have control. I don’t have control over those things that get said. In my book, it’s really nothing. It’s one person’s opinion and I’ve moved on from it and ready to focus on the Broncos.”

Q: Did Terrelle seek you out?

Coach Allen: “I called Terrelle after I was made aware of the comments. Obviously, he was very apologetic of it and said, ‘In no way was that a reflection of his thoughts.’”

Q: Do you see this as any kind of distraction for him, something he doesn’t need going into this game?

Coach Allen: “I certainly would hope not. I think his focus, our focus, needs to be totally on the Denver Broncos and the things we can do to give us a chance to have success on Sunday.”

Q: After the Texas in which McGloin won that first game, was it your intention to kind of split the two quarterbacks in half the season to get your evaluation of them?

Coach Allen: “The first thing was is to get Terrelle back to full health and until you got to that point, there really wasn’t a whole lot of decisions to be made. That was kind of the first thing and then I’ve said all along that I wanted to have an opportunity to continue to look at Terrelle and give him opportunities, some games more than others. And this will be a game where he gets a chance to go in there and play.”

Q: You had said though that McGloin would start the rest of the games this season – why change your mind?

Coach Allen: “First of all, somebody had asked the question, ‘Is McGloin going to be the starter?’ My answer was, ‘Yes.’ I never once said, ’For the rest of the season.’ But, it was always something that we were going to continue to look at on a game-to-game basis and we made the decision, I made the decision, to go with Terrelle for this game.”

Q: Is seeing Terrelle for this game enough heading into next season?

Coach Allen: “Well, it’ll be nine games, so I think that’s a pretty good body of work to figure out exactly what we’ve got.”

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  • Stanley Carr

    I’m a TP fan, even if DA is doing that, ( which I don’t believe) , just go out n kick fucking azz n take the fucking job, this is your audition tear it up!!!! GO RAIDERS!

  • TWing27

    TP is not a QB. He is a very talented football player just like Tim Tebow and very exciting to watch but by no means is he the future of the Raiders at QB. I hope he does kick azz and Raiders win but I hope and expect to see McGloin under center next year from start to finish, he is clearly the only choice.

  • James Holtslander

    I don’t think mcgloin will be the starter next year. He’s too short , So he gets too many ball batted or picked off. Mcgloin will be a journeyman back up. A good back up. If Pryor stuggles this game , I think we draft a QB.

  • holy roller

    Let’s see, TP is on an NFL team , getting paid to be an NFL quarterback. He has in fact won a couple of games when given a chance, thrown darts all over the place and yes, was on pace for a thousand yards rushing this year. But the twinger knows better. How many teams have u owned ,coached or played for in the NFL?
    TP is a very talented QUARTERBACK currently employed by the Oakland Raiders, end of story.
    “have a nice day”

  • PJ

    Nice! I think you just kicked the garbage to the curb? Well done!

  • PJ

    TP is the future of this organization and somebody better pull their head out and give him the start and standby him win, lose or draw. Stop playing QB carousel and keep TP in there to grow and prove it! The same shit was said about Breeze at SD. Brady drafted 179th, Manning and the Colts, Aikman at Dallas, Young after Montana, Plunkett, Stabler and Gannon? I believe Al made his last pick thee pick! Enough of stuck on stupid! Time to get busy winning and Commitment to Excellence! Just Win, Baby!!!!!!!

  • TWing27

    Lol TP is gonna get his ass handed to him like he did in KC. The offense has been more productive with McGloin and that is fact. I haven’t owned any teams but if I did I would hope the fans would be more realistic about the talent on that team and want there to actually be a real QB starting at that position. Wake up Nation!!!

  • TWing27

    Yeah that was a great argument, I think Jamarcus Russell used that same argument in his last interview.

  • holy roller

    Here’s hoping that the donks belive all that is being said and printed. Reminds me of just before the niner/falcon game monday when they were all yocking it up as though the dirty birds had no hope. If TP doesn’t make it here, he will (unlike t-but) get his cahnce elsewhere- you can not ignore the total package, T-but is an expensive vw…..TP is a top ‘o the line Hybryd. “more productive” ok, but what about wins and losses. Uh ya see? Either way I’m tired of arguing with fellow rabid Raider rooters so GO RAIDERS AND F THE REST!

  • holy roller

    RIGHT AND IN f&b PARLANCE “have a nice day” in quotes means entierly something else,of course!

  • TWing27

    True, Go Raiders!!!

  • Phil Mokate

    That’s exactly what DA is hoping for to prove his point that 5 straight losses is production? It makes no sense. He benched TP over MM so why make a change the last game? we have our 4th overall pick sealed up. So what’s one mote win or loss going to matter. Al I have to say is 8-24! Go DA, yo da man!

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  • holy roller

    Brutal. Come on MD pull the trigger.