Jul 30, 2013; Napa, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver supervises defensive backs Brandian Ross (29) , Taiwan Jones (22) , Mitchell White (39) and Charles Woodson (24) during drills at training camp at Napa Valley Marriott. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL can force Raiders, seven others, to appear on "Hard Knocks"

As you may recall the NFL agreed on a new rule that would allow them to force a team to participate on HBO’s show Hard Knocks.

The reality show goes through the in’s and out’s of an NFL training camp but teams have been reluctant to appear citing it as a distraction. That will no longer be possible as there are eight teams the league can force to participate for the 2014 season of the show.

Teams who have the following criteria are omitted from being forced to appear:

  • A new head coach
  • Made the playoffs in the past two season
  • Have appeared on the show in the past decade

That leaves eight teams, including the Raiders per the fine folks over on Deadspin:


This rule ensures that the NFL can’t have a situation where every team in the league refuses to appear on the show, and it leaves the opportunity for any team to willingly volunteer. Although it is highly unlikely any NFL franchise would go on the show if they did not have to, which gives the Raiders a 1/8 chance of being the team on HBO’s Hard Knocks. If they were to go on the show, they would be one of the more intriguing teams with a large batch of new faces as part of the team’s rebuild. Because of that transition, don’t expect the Raiders to be forced to appear on the show as the NFL is unlikely to force a Raiders team with so many new faces on the roster to appear on Hard Knocks. Even if you never know what can happen.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Pridenpoise

    Let’s hope it’s not the Raiders, this BS has distraction written all over it, and I think it’s lame that a team can be forced to appear on the show. If no teams want to be subjected to 24/7 scrutiny tell HBO to kick rocks.

  • Angel

    Do it Raiders. Get it over with. We play the NFC west next season anyways. If you get what I’m saying.. I’d like to watch the show for the first time too.

  • pjmokate

    this is all about Roger Goodhell and his deep pockets getting deeper. He chooses what rules the game follows, who plays in London, who is ” FORCED” to do hard knock and if DirectV will give him enough money for them to have the NFL Ticket after 14′ year. What next? Each owner pays him a % for allowing them to exist? What is this? The Furor in Germany all over again? I bet him and Obama are in bed together! What a joke!

  • Werner Lewis

    They use the back seat.