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Oakland Raiders' Terrelle Pryor Problem

To say Terrelle Pryor’s football career has been a roller coaster thus far is an understatement. Entering into the final year of his contract the only certain thing for Pryor is that his future is uncertain. With his pro career on the ropes, we look at Terrelle’s career so far and how he can still make an impact in Oakland.

Pryor burst onto the scene as a freshman at Ohio State University winning Big Ten Conference Freshman of the Year in 2008. He followed up his spectacular Freshman season by making back to back All-Big Ten teams and even winning the Conference MVP after his Junior year in 2010.

Initially Pryor was going to go back to OSU and finish his senior year but then he was suspended along with 4 other Buckeyes for the first five games of the year. With that in mind he decided to declare for the NFL supplemental draft.

At Pryor’s pro day in 2011 he was measured at 6’6″ and weighed in at 240 lbs. He posted an incredible 4.38 forty yard dash time. Although he showed he had exceptional athleticism for an athlete his size he struggled with his throwing accuracy. Questions remained whether or not he could be an NFL quarterback.

Despite all the questions, Al Davis took a chance and drafted him in the third round of the 2011 supplemental draft thanks to his tremendous speed. When drafted, analysts speculated on whether or not Oakland would try to develop him as a quarterback or force him to change positions. Going into the 2011 season Head Coach Hue Jackson decided to keep him at the quarterback position.

After sitting for the better part of two seasons, Pryor finally got his chance to be the Week One starting quarterback this season, after having a great preseason. While the starter he showed some promise, culminating in a great performance in a Week 5 win over the San Diego Chargers where he threw for 221 yards and 2 tds and no turnovers. Pryor performed well again in a Week 8 win versus the Pittsburgh Steelers and even set an Oakland record for longest run in history, with a 93 yd td run in the first quarter. However after this game his season started to go downhill and eventually ended up with him injuring his knee in a Week 10 loss to the New York Giants.

After the knee injury he did not start again until Week 17, with everyone assuming it would be an evaluation game. Dennis Allen stated after the game he didn’t know if the franchise quarterback was on the roster. With that statement it is assumed the Raiders would be looking for a quarterback this offseason  to start, with McGloin as the backup, leaving Pryor as the odd man out. The question remains what does Pryor need to do to keep his job in the NFL.

I think we have seen the end of the Terrelle Pryor era behind center but that does not mean he can’t be an impact player elsewhere on the field. If I were the Raiders or Terrelle Pryor I would seriously consider a move to wide receiver. Pryor has the size and speed to be an impact receiver in the NFL.

Moving to wide receiver has saved more than a few careers, most notably; Brad Smith, Antwaan Randle El, Julian Edelman and Hines Ward. All of these listed players made the transition to receiver either in college or coming out of college. The difference being they had more time to become developed route runners and pass catchers than Pryor would have making the jump in just one offseason. An advantage Pryor has over them is his unique size and athleticism.

Moving Pryor to wide receiver would give the Raiders a big, explosive, threat on the outside. Something they have missed since Randy Moss was traded to New England. I’m not saying Pryor is going to be the next Randy Moss, but he fills a need if he is able to make the switch seamlessly. It would also keep the front office from having to spend on a free agent wide-out.

At this moment in time I have not heard of any rumors of Pryor attempting to switch. However it would be in the best interest of both parties for him to transition to wide-out. There should always be a place in the NFL for a 6′ 6″ athlete who runs sub 4.4 in the 40 and receiver is Pryor’s best bet. Transitioning won’t be easy but if he dedicates this offseason to the move, it will help him keep his spot with Raiders. Pryor might not have dreamed of being a receiver as a kid, but that position might just save his NFL career.

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  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    Why don’t you guys write an article about how BIASED DA is & how he has HOSED TP SINCE RM FOOLISHLY CHOSE HIM AS HC & HOW HE HAS SET Pryor UP to FAIL? Now thst would be LEGIT JOURNALISM…

  • Francisco Parada

    i like TP behing center and i believe he is the QB for the raiders in years to come, the players in the lockeroom believe in him and thats big, you could see how all the raiders played their hearts out when TP was the QB

  • TribalX

    Because these writers only want to see us debate each other on Pryor over and over again. They don’t care about new and informative stories. They just like to see the Raider fans argue with each other about the same crap and call each other names in the process. They haven’t and never will write about DA’s lack of professionalism or ability to coach an NFL team. Why? Because that wouldn’t get them as many comments. It’s all about how many comments they can get from a story and Pryor stories generate more comments than any.

  • Sebastian Cosentino

    Actually, we here at JBB praise Dennis Allen for his ability to maximize the talent on this team. I personally think he is a great coach, just wait till he has talent.

  • Angel

    Pryor can’t throw. Too many 3rd and short unconverted made me give up on him. He never throws a receiver open. When you see Pryor complete a pass, the receiver is always jumping up, making the catch and going down straight to the floor. Garbage…

  • Jacobyj15

    my only question is who wrote this article and how did they get a job, first of all they don’t know how to right an article. They must not have watched the pryor play this year. Pryor set NFl records and your saying his career is uncertain . Your career seems more uncertain, you need to get your information right before you start posting articles . Hope you lose your job.

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    Ok, here we go again, a TP hater. You said out of your own mouth how good he was in College. Then how he won starting position. How well he looked in the first 5 games. Until he hurt his leg behind a weak front line. He was improving and the front office nor the sorry coach want him as their Qb. But they do not know QB’s. Vince Young was a free agent cost nothing to get him. We go after Matt Flynn cost us money and draft pick. The undrafted Qb. outplayed the draft pick. This was a D grade on the offense coaches. They had not put a plan in place for him except 15 plays. You should realize that none of your Qb’s. had more than 8 starts in the league. All by Flynn. So how you suppose to critic either one of them with a poor front line. The absents of a strong run game. This year if we can have OLwegie, Reece, and Jennings and Murray, if we can draft Hyde. That would be a strong backfield for power running. Pryor or McGloin could grow with that and strong Defense.

  • J.R.

    I’m not a Tp hater i just know that the raiders will be getting a qb this offseason and tp has potential to be a playmaker on offense at wr

  • Jaime Olguin

    Some of the stuff people write , I think its fricken commical,

  • Don

    Did you also hear how the whole locker room was chanting, “mcLovin” after MM won is first start?

  • J.R.

    Maximizing a players skills to try and keep him in the league is comical?

  • Jacobyj15

    Dennis Allen is a bad coach and will not be the raiders coach after this year.

  • Jacobyj15

    Nope never heard the whole lockeroom chanting mclovin.

  • friendship220

    I’d rather read positive comments about Pryor like – you know, a running QB just won the Super Bowl. and Terrelle Pryor is much bigger and faster than Wilson. Pryor is the better runner. How about building a dominant running team, like the Seahawks. Pryor is the best runner of all NFL QBs, build a run heavy offense, like the Seahawks, who just won the Super Bowl. Aren’t the Raiders extremely lucky to have the best running QB, in an NFL where the Super Bowl was just won by a running QB? Why don’t we get Vick, to back him up, in case Pryor’s chase of Vick’s single season rushing record contains an injury. Or could Pryor and Vick on the field at the same time be an almost impossible headache for defenses? And it wouldn’t require a trade to accomplish.

    Under no circumstances should the Raiders ever get rid of Pryor, as long as he remains fast.

  • Sebastian Cosentino

    Your entire comment is not true. But that’s okay, you’re just a fan, you don’t understand why he was good coach.

  • Sebastian Cosentino

    I like TP, but I would like to defend my fellow staff writer and say that your basically saying let him run the ball and you’re forgetting that he has to pass the ball. Which is where he struggles. And Wilson only ran for like 35 yards in the super bowl, its not like he was running all over the place.

  • TribalX

    How ironic…the entire JBB staff has the same opinion. Go figure.

  • TribalX

    And I suppose you feel you are above fan status. That comment alone shows how classless you are. Please explain to me why I should respect your opinion and the 20 year old writer of this stupid article.

  • Sebastian Cosentino

    Well fans dont study tape and study in depth to how and why things happen on the team and put in hour of research to provide ignorant people like you with nice things for you to read. I can’t speak for the author of this article, he’s new to JBB, give him a break. And I sir, am not the classless one.

  • TribalX

    Perhaps if he had a decent quarterback coach instead of having to hire his own, he might do some things better. Good coaches coach up their players Just another example of DA not being the coach he should be.

  • TribalX

    You just proved how classless, immature and clueless you are. You and your staff don’t study anything. Now take your foot out of your mouth.

  • Jacobyj15

    Being a good coach is based on your coaching record, both of his years as the raiders head coach he has led the raiders to losing seasons. That my friend is why he is not a good coach. And you have no evidence to prove otherwise. I talk facts, you just give your opinion that no one cares to hear.

  • DF Rellom

    “first of all they don’t know how to right an article.” — if you’re going to critizise someones writing, at least spell “write” correctly. douche!!

  • chris long

    I have to agree with tribal on this assuming deticated raider fans dont know why the teams be shit this passed year and decade is pretty ignorant. Sure allens doing the best he can with a pretty shitty roster but he hasnt maxinmized the output of the teams potential.. 2 great examples are how the team had been flip floling with power and zone blocking in games and how reece was also how reeces none existance most of the year.. DMC is purely a down hill runner he hits the gap and thats it and reece is simply the teams best offensive player excepted for the hulk.. if he didnt utilize thoughs 2 players properly then it just outlines there lack of offensive knowledge.. also the team just sucked most of the season in the second half just poor adjustments around.
    This is allens and mackenzies make or break year so lets see what happens

  • Jacobyj15

    Instead of correcting someone’s spelling errors tranny, do something more productive in society

  • Jacobyj15

    And you know nothing about the raiders. Everything you say is false and is your opinion. You need to study the raiders a lot harder cause the things you write don’t make sence

  • TribalX

    Obviously your not that good at spelling either. It’s “criticize” not “critizise”.

  • Silvia Arredondo

    I have been saying that he should be a WR for so long! He could even do some fakes and throw the ball! We need to do something with him because he is so athletic and it would be a waste if we don’t!

  • Silvia Arredondo


  • Sebastian Cosentino

    First off, Allen is a defensive minded coach. He doesn’t run the offense. He had less than half the money to build a roster this year, that’s half the talent all the other teams have and he got the team to a pretty good start. But injuries and lack of depth killed the team not only in the second half of games because the starters played so many minutes, but also the second half of the season for the same reason. Your two “great examples” didn’t even apply to things DA does. And Reece is not the best offensive player. Subtract his long run and his stats are not that good. He had key drops in games and could not run the ball effectively. I’m leaving it there, I’m done talking to stupid commenters.

  • Mikej510

    Very bad article, not accurate with what pryor did this season. And this is dennis allens last year in oakland. 8 wins and 24 losses says it all. FIRE DENNIS ALLEN AND THE GM.. AND CONSIDER BRINGING BACK HUE JACKSON. PRYOR WILL START, AND TRADE MCBORIN FOR SOME LATE ROUND DRAFT PICKS.

  • Trevor

    Hahaha… Classic

  • Trevor

    First of all… You can’t “trade” a free agent… So, I don’t know how you expect to get “some late round draft picks” for him… Why don’t we try trading Adrian peterson for some high draft picks while we’re at it?
    Also, calling for the coach and general manager to be fired is just as ignorant … There is no reason for them to be fired as the team they inhereted was GROSSLY mismanged previously, had insanely bad contracts, absolutely NO talent , and not many draft picks. There is NO coach or GM that could have won with that mess… RM has done an INCREDIBLE job! The fact people seem to have forgotten just how terrible we should have been last year is a testimate to DA and RM… This is the year all their hard work begins to shine. You cant completely tear down and rebuild 10+ years of terrible descisions overnight. The absolute worst part of your wildly ignorant comment is to suggest hue Jackson as HC again… That is even more ridiculous than trying to trade a player you don’t have! He’s the guy who gave up a 1st round AND second round pick for Carson Palmer not too mention his terrible cap management and INSANE play calling … Its comments like yours that make everyone think raider fans are such idiots… When in reality there are those of us who aren’t crazy and still love the raiders… Its hard sometimes tho hahaha

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    The threat of Wilson running keeps D’s honest whereas QB’s like MM ARE UNLEASED UPON. Btw, TP can pass, he had a better comp % than MM BUT I DON’T HEAR ABOUT MOVING HIM TO ANOTHER POSITION & HE WON 1 GM vs a weak azz Texan team.

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    DIDNT I just inform you on twitter to take my advice? DA has more talent than Hue had, he simply has no idea on how to get players to play to their potential nor does he start players that give the team the best chance to win.

  • friendship220

    Where exactly was Pryor struggling? When he was healthy, before he was hurt in the Eagles game, he was 3-3. The losses were all to playoff teams. The wins were 1) against a Playoff team, the Chargers, and Pryor had a passer rating of 135.7 in that game, the best Raider since Gannon 2) against a 500 team, the Steelers, where Pryor set the TD record, and 3) against a losing team, the Jaguars, where the Raiders just ran and basically dominated the whole game. 226 yards rushing, Dmac had 129.

    Even including his not good performance against the Giants, Pryor started against 3 teams who didn’t make the playoffs. Pryor got 3 wins. Pryor started against 6 teams who did make the playoffs. Pryor got 6 losses.

    Now, if before the season started, someone was to say that Pryor’s wins would be the number of games played against non-playoff teams, and his losses would be the number of games played against playoff teams, everyone would’ve been happy with this before the season, which a lot of experts said might have no Raider wins, and that the Raiders would’ve been the worst team. Beating all but the playoff teams is good. Whether or not Pryor makes the right reads, or accuracy or whatever it is that people gripe about, he won. And a big part of why the Raiders won was because Pryor is such a great runner. Not just the 93 yard TD, but 8 20+ yard gains. In basically half a season, 9 games. The league leader in that stat had 10 20+ yard games. Passing is more important than running. But when you have the best running QB, that makes up for a lot of deficiencies in the passing.

    Look at the Seahawks. Russell Wilson is a running QB.

    Terrelle Pryor had 576 yards rushing, 2nd on the team. 83 rushing attempts. 9 attempts a game. 2nd leading rushing yards QB.
    Russell Wilson had 539 yards rushing, 2nd on the team. 96 rushing attempts. 6 attempts a game. 3rd leading rushing yards QB.
    Matt McGloin had 27 yards rushing, 5th on the team. 11 rushing attempts. 2 attempts a game.

    Seattle was 4th in the league in rushing yards with 2188. The Raiders had 2000. 3 of the top 4 rushing teams made the playoffs. The Raiders had more yards passing than the Seahawks did. The Raiders made 99 more pass attempts than the Seahawks. The 500+ yards for the Seahawks running QB were an important part of the offense that won the Super Bowl. Duplicate what they did. Run as often as they do. We have a better runner than the running QB of the Super Bowl champs. How do we change the Raider roster to make the best running of Pryor as effective as possible? All the Raiders need to do next year is do what they did this year. Start the season with Pryor, but this time surround him with more of the right players, with more plays that suit his ability to run. A run first offense with Pryor and other backs, and with run blocking specialists on the line, big and fast pulling guards, jumbo package with DEs as TEs. Chris Johnson might be cut, perhaps, due to cap reasons.

  • friendship220

    They don’t talk about moving McGloin to another position because he isn’t a good enough athlete to play any other position or special teams. Pryor is as big and fast as Megatron. The best QB athlete, and about the best WR athlete. He’s a little light for TE. He’d probably be a good pass rusher. I like the idea of excellent athletes playing more than one position. A pass rushing DE, could also be a pulling guard, or TE. Mike Vrabel caught TDs. The Raiders should take a note of these players. It is very possible that a Offensive Tackle or Guard might not be made a much better olineman if he is the fastest big olineman. Straight line speed might not be as important, typically, as technique, for a Guard. What that means to the Raiders is that there are big and fast olinemen available, as depth, who could be used in sweeps, or as TEs in jumbo packages, or even WRs or RBs, FBs.

    You could get a guy like Larry Webster. Defensive End from Bloomsburg. 67 250 467. He was the starting Center on the Basketball team for 4 years, and a Defensive End on the Football team for 2. 26 sacks. Now, he can be used as depth, as a pass rushing DE or LB. A basketball center can catch a ball. He can likely block, catch, run and even throw. So, he’d probably be useful on offense. Projected 7th round. Nick Kasa was a DE at Colorado for 2 years. Similar size and speed. Perhaps Kasa could be useful on defense?

    Bruce Campbell is a free agent this year. The Raiders drafted him and traded him for Mike Goodson. 67 314 475. That’s amazing size and speed. He was hurt this year.

    Carolina – Bruce Campbell: There was a time when he was considered a possible future candidate to replace Jordan Gross at left tackle. A fourth-round pick by Oakland in 2010, like Dockery he may be worth another look for a team that could use depth on the line. At 6-6 and 320 pounds, he definitely has the size. And he has athletic ability. He’s not ready to replace Gross, but he may have value.

  • disqus_ImYfV88m8Y

    I honestly can’t believe anyone still thinks Pryor has a future in this league as a quarterback. I’m reading these comments, and I’m in shock. That was a fair and balanced article.
    Terrelle Pryor is a bad quarterback and a phenomenal athlete. We’ll have as much success with him under center as any other freak athlete who can sort of almost throw the ball (McFadden, Greg Jenkins, you name it). It’s nonsense.
    Personally I can’t wait till he is cut or traded (mark my words, he isn’t on the team next year), so I can stop hearing about him.

  • disqus_ImYfV88m8Y

    For th record, I agree with everything you said. The catch is that he obviously meant McGloin (not free agent) not McFadden (free agent) as trade bait. He’s an idiot, but I don’t think he’s quit that stupid.

  • Stanley Carr

    He’s a fucking qb. If d fucking dumb azz coaches knew how to develop talent it would help.. N Al the poeple who thinks Allen knows what a franchise qb is is crazy we fucking 8-24 under this bitch… N hue had less talent n we were 8-8!!!

  • MartyCalderon

    I know people are mad, but the reality is McKenzie and Allen don’t want a mobile QB. I personally think mobile QB’s are the future and the Raiders should develop Pryor to their future. But the reality is the people in charge don’t want him. But I look at that 93 yard run and wonder if there is another way to get that man the ball. I mean when Pryor has the ball, magic happens, and he’s the ONLY playmaker the Raiders have at this moment. So how can the Raiders use a playmaker of Pryor’s caliber within their system. There has to be someway to get that man the ball. Maybe a move to slot receiver/slot back, like a Percy Harvin.

  • Trevor

    Who can know with his nonsense… Either way… Mcgloin isn’t going to net much… Picks is quite a stretch… I see him as more getting us a 7th? MAYBE a 6th? But at this point even that could be unrealistic

  • PJ

    How about an article on a stupid idiot in MD,RM and DA? How about 9 different rotations on the O line who didnt know each other’s name. We had a chance at a playoff birth because of TP but DAs playtoy MM lost that 5 times. TP has it all except an O line and a biased moron in DA that wont give him a chance!

  • Rees Britton

    If by biased you mean starting him until he got hurt, I know exactly what you are talking about. Otherwise Im not sure you understand what the word biased mean…
    Isn’t like 95% of the team African American???

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    You show how naive you are dude. Even MORONS KNOW WHO THE LEADER IS OF THE TEAM (QB) & DA wants to make sure he is just like him, an Avg, non athletic WHITE GUY TO LIVE OUT HIS DREAM OF BEING AN NFL PLAYER. You obviously DIDNT play HS football or live in the South, where we see better Black QB’s get hosed for lesser white qb”s on a regular basis.

  • Pridenpoise

    You sure, looking at these comments, some of these people are that stupid.

  • J.R.

    I said nothing negative about Pryor I actually praised his athleticism and simply offered a suggestion as to how the raiders could maximize his abilities

  • J.R.

    Vince young also set records and his nfl career is over don’t want Pryor to have that same career path

  • J.R.

    Not a tp hater actually love he was drafted by al just think the team is moving in a different direction at qb and if he wants to keep his roster spot a move to wr would be his best chance

    Tp is a playmaker and we need to utilize his talents on the outside at wide out

  • Sebastian Cosentino

    Because that’s simply not true.