Oakland Mayor Jean Quan says new sports stadium a possibility

On Friday, April 11, Oakland City Mayor Jean Quan told a sports radio show that the Crown Prince of Dubai has partnered on Coliseum City.  A multi-billion dollar development that could include new stadiums for both the Oakland Raiders and Oakland A’s at the Coliseum site.

This is great news for two franchises that are desperately in need of new facilities.  Especially since the O.co Coliseum continues to have sewage back-up problems.  Now, maybe Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis can truly keep the team in Oakland as he stated he wanted to do.  Especially since his father’s memorial is in Oakland, and it is a popular attraction for Raiders fans.

Not to mention the fact that it is time the Raiders and A’s no longer share the football stadium, which creates scheduling issues due to the preparation of the baseball infield and seating arrangement.  The biggest issue was the financial aspect of the deal, but with the emergence of a financial backer, this deal could get done a lot sooner than expected.  This also shows that the City of Oakland is still willing to entertain keeping the teams local.

I believe that keeping the Raiders in Oakland is the best thing for the franchise, its fans, and the City of Oakland.  This should take the thought of moving to either Sacramento, CA, or Los Angeles, CA, out of the equation.  I am hopeful that this deal can get done.

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