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Gil Brandt pegs Oakland Raiders as likely trade down candidate

After trading down to select DJ Hayden in the 2013 NFL Draft, much has been made about Reggie McKenzie’s potential strategy as he heads into the NFL Draft in what is a pivotal year for an Oakland Raiders team looking to bring in players of the future to learn from a strong cast of new veterans in 2014.

Now with the NFL Draft nearing next week the rumors and debates are heating up. Will McKenzie opt to trade down from #5? Which players will be available? Who will potentially want to be a trade partner with the Raiders?’s Gil Brandt suggests that Reggie McKenzie may wish to make 2014 a repeat of last year and trade down, especially considering the likelihood of a Godfather offer from a contender wishing to move up to #5 (say like the Lions or Niners like everyone is suggesting these days).

There will be elite talent available by the time the Raiders turn to pick rolls around even if standouts Jadeveon Clowney and Sammy Watkins are selected there will be a decent list of prospects who may be too good for McKenzie to pass up on with a trade down. If any trade is to happen, expect the Raiders to stay in the Top 15 making deals with teams in the late picks like the Niners unlikely trade candidates unless they will offer a package that McKenzie simply could not refuse.

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  • Shane Schilperoort

    Two #2s and a 3 or 4, or a 2, two 3s, and a 4 would be very enticing offer

  • Bob

    Based upon last year I would expect only getting two extra picks at the most. So, possibly a 2 and a 4 or 5.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    I hear what you’re saying, but going from 30th to 5th can be pricey. Especially when SF has so many picks to use. There’s a possibility to get 3 picks as opposed to just two.

  • Chris Schroeder

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There’s no way, no how the Raiders are going to trade with the 49ers. Reggie McKenzie knows that he needs to make a splash with an impact player in this years draft being the first year of the rebuilding phase. He will stay probably within the first 10 pics would be my guess. A trade with the Buccaneers would probably be the most likely scenario. The Raiders would only be trading down two spots and they will still most likely end up with their guy as well as get another late round pick. McKenzie seems to find good luck in the late rounds, but still this draft is too important to forgo a top 10 talent if you are the Raiders.

  • Bob

    You see where these yahoos playing fantasy football and using the point method project five picks?

  • Bob


  • Pridenpoise

    If Reggie trades down with the Whiners, he deserves to be fired, that’s a bonehead move, and I don’t want to hear about how many 2nd and 3rd round picks they will get, it’s stupid.

  • KloverJane

    Sounds like you’re ordering hot wings. Lol. We need the face of the franchise. Someone who embodies the proverbial cornerstones. Sells jerseys, puts up fantasy numbers, and has heart for a change. Raider Nation Rises again….

  • Bob

    Impact players = pro bowl players = wins. The Raiders may not be able to do this by constantly trading down, With a week left, I say stay where you are and draft a QB next year.

  • KloverJane

    Ya i agree. Bob. Maybe we do more with less. In other words….

  • George McHugh

    DEFENSE is the Raiders’ #1 priority. The Raiders will not be competitive in the AFC West without major changes to the D. Improving the Offense from a 20 ppg group (Ranked 11th in 2013 and top 10 with McGloin) to one capable of 25-30 ppg with a Defense that gives up 30+ ppg (Ranked 29th in NFL in 2013) to Manning, Rivers and Smith does nothing except deliver misery to Raider Nation in 2014. We need to address the pass rush first.


    Do not draft a QB before round 3. QB is not as bad as some are making out. McGloin has shown tremendous potential and is better than anyone in this draft. He is cool in the pocket, goes through his reads and is accurate. He is a rookie who has never been through a proper camp. As a fourth string walk-on I am sure he did not receive much attention. He was probably viewed as nothing more than a camp arm which is understandable. His decision making will improve with good coaching and made easier with an improved defense. I have to assume that his play would have been noticeably better had he had the attention of a probable starter in the off season, at camp and through the pre-season. Play calling and late defense collapses put him in risky situations, especially deep at our own end. A stable, upgraded OL will also help. He is ACCURATE which is essential. Even on deep throws he is better than “+ or – 10 yards” Pryor. He has completed more third-and-longs than any QB since Gannon. If fact, many of those conversions remind me of Stabler. Exciting. He led the NFL in plays >25 yards. With McGloin you have a reasonable expectation of first downs and moving the chains. The D will appreciate this.

    I am not sold on Schaub. I do not see him magically remaking himself. I see McGloin replacing him by week 7 at the latest. But, if he falters, I see that as a positive development. I see McGloin as better and a winner. He is fun to watch and will perform better than any of the rookie QBs that will be picked in this draft. He has the discipline, intelligence, accuracy, vision, athletic ability and poise that is required to be successful at this level. Keep in mind that McGloin’s stats were as good if not slightly better than Peyton’s his first year.
    Remember that Peyton was groomed from the draft, through camp and the pre-season to be the starter. This kid has earned an opportunity to compete after a complete off-season. If Schaub performs like he did last year, please do not waste the season by hesitating to bench him and give McGloin a real chance. I predict that McGloin can win and with a better D to help avoid desperate situations he will. If the Matts do not perform then QB becomes a 2014 draft priority with the pick joining a team with a top D and competitive offense.

    A risky first round QB pick is not worth it. Injury history should be avoided. QBs are risky picks, just look at the draft history. The Raiders have drafted more QBs than any team since 1970 with that last keeper being Stabler. Take a DE (or pass rushing LB) instead. A value mid or late round QB pick perhaps. Give
    McGloin another year and use the draft to solidify a potent defense capable of stopping the QBs in the AFC West. To risk the pick and money on a QB and not upgrade around him would be a waste and mean another nauseating season.

    The DL must be able to pressure QBs without LB and DB help. I love the aggressive defense that showed some sparks last year including the myriad of blitz packages but the DL must not depend on it. With the QBs in the AFC West we need to get pressure on every play. At critical times we cannot expose our secondary to get pressure. Our D Coordinator needs more options that will come from a DL that can pressure QBs. Our FA moves are a nice start but we need to finish the rebuild in the draft.

    Corner Back is another position that needs upgrade to reach the next level. We need a starter and depth. I see Hayden is a probable bust. He looks lost, chases plays and is a horrible tackler. None of that is injury related. When he is on the field opposing QBs have a sure 3rd down conversion against him. He gave up a big play on a very high percentage of his targets. I don’t see him making it in the NFL. The FA moves helped but we need to draft the best available CB in the second round. If Hayden gets the job done, great. If he doesn’t, do not be stubborn and have him ride the pine.

    The FA WR moves have helped but draft help would be welcome at the position. In the deepest WR draft in decades it is a waste to draft a WR early. Quality talent will be available in later rounds while that is not the case for pass rushers who can start. Add a best available WR in the 3rd round (or second 2nd round
    pick if we can move back in the 1st round and still get Donald).

    Losing LT Veldheer was a huge mistake however the FA moves have done much to address the error. Later round depth on the OL is in order.

    Safety is another position that should be addressed in the mid or late rounds. We should keep an eye on FAs that become available going forward. This will be a need next year along with the OL and perhaps QB.


    Trade down if we can pick up a round 2 pick and still get our man in round 1.That man is DT Aaron Donald. This gives a window of perhaps BUF at 9 through STL at 13. CHI, PIT and DAL probably would not pass on Donald. With two 2nd round picks (one from the Round 1 trade) take best CB with the first and best WR with the second. If RM/DA insist on a QB look at Aaron Murray or other accurate passer in Round 3. Next, in Round 3 or 4, take the best Safety or OG. With remaining 3 picks take best available with priority on OL and DB.

    If we can’t trade back for a second Round 2 pick, the priority for the 5th pick overall should be Mack then Clowney. Do not use it on a WR or QB. If Mack and Clowney are not available still try to trade back a few spots for additional later round picks and still take Aaron Donald. Do not lose Donald. If the other are not available I would still target Donald at #5 if no trades can be made. The later rounds should follow the same strategy as outlined above.

    With a little bit of luck we would have a 25+ ppg Offense (which would most likely be top 10). Combined with this upgraded Defense we will have a shot at competing with the QBs in the AFC West and winning in the post-season. Without a focus on D (especially pressuring QBs) reaching the playoffs will not be possible. Defense will change everything.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Jamarcus Russell, Fabian Washington, Michael Huff, Robert Gallery, Rolando McClain, and I could go on and on about the Raiders 1st Round draft flops. Dropping back to #30 doesn’t bother me a bit. None of these players are a sure star, let alone pro- bowler. The more draft picks equal more opportunity to have sure fire talent in camp to pick from.

  • Trevor

    Trading down is SUCH a no brainer for us. We need more than one player and this draft has STAR quality talent well into the 3rd round. We need to get as many quality starters as we can. If we can get 1-2 extra picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds its a no brainer. The niners have the most picks in the “sweet spot” so they could put together a HUGE package to trade up. I’d love it. Our d needs more help at lb and safety plus DT . offensively we should target a qb in the later half of round 2 or early round 3 (mettenberger/garapollo/McCarren) because even if Shaub plays great he doesn’t have more than 2 years left and I’m not sold McCloin is an NFL starter. My dream scenario is trading down and getting Hageman/jerrigan/nix 3 in round 1 . round 2 kyle van noy and deone buchannon (extra 2nd pick from trade) and then qb in 3rd