Nov 11, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers hall of famer Warren Sapp talks as he is inducted into the Ring of Honor at halftime against the Miami Dolphins at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Warren Sapp refuses to tip on $69 bill at bar for USMNT game

Raider Nation is already aware that Warren Sapp is for a lack of a better word, a bit of a jerk. (You can imagine the words that I restrained from using)

So it is no shock that Darren Rovell found out that Sapp refused to tip after the USMNT’s 2-1 loss to Belgium at the World Cup, leaving a note that says “Boys don’t tip” allegedly because the waitress was referring to their table as “boys” throughout the match in which Sapp had a $69 tab.

Of course Sapp had to shoot back at Rovell to defend himself.

Sapp has been broke before, so that may play into his lack of tip, however to rudely stick someone on the tip to prove a point is classless for a grown man. Once again Sapp shows his lack of class with his behavior, only months after fighting fellow Hall of Famer Michael Strahan through the media and saying he would punch him out, Sapp once again shows that even though he is retired he is the still the immature adult he was as a player.

PSA to all the servers of the world: When Warren Sapp is at your establishment, don’t give him good service. It likely won’t matter.

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  • 757Raiderfan

    Lol what a douche

  • ohioraider

    Not shocked but a azz clown he is

  • raider_nation

    Why it aint our money , its none of our business whether he tips or not.

  • trinity

    Warren Sapp is a stupid asshole. I used to have a lot of respect for him. But ever since he traded in football for a microphone, he’s been acting smaller and smaller. I can’t stand him now.

  • p.rob.

    Warren being a Black man from the Deep South, I can see how that the word Boy is offensive , but if u felt offended speak up n let the Waitress know not to address you in that manner….Now if she still did it after that then dont leave a Tip, but how would she know if you dont Speak Up.We all know you like to talk Warren….maybe were not getting the FULL story.

  • KloverJane

    Im surprised he sprung for the bill but I guess his bankruptcy filing helped him out of a jam so he can spring for wings again.

  • Pridenpoise

    The Waitress addressed the table as boys, she didn’t single out Warren or anyone else at the table and call them “Boy”, big difference. It’s just adds to Sapps legacy of being a douche bag.

  • p.rob.

    Does not matter if she was talking to Warren or all of them, if your sitting there and you feel offended Speak Up and let her know.Once again how can she know if u don’t tell her.

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    She should have referred to them as men or guys, BOY IS A WHITE RACIST WORD#GOOD TIMES

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    YOU SHOULD KNOW NOT TO ADDRESS BLACKS AS BOYS & you also Zdont post SOMEONE’S BILL ONLINE, Zbitch lucky if she retains HER JOB!!

  • Rees Britton

    You would take this stance!

  • J Haskins

    She should already know! I bet you know better than to call a table full black dudes, Boys. You better know

  • Patricia Williams

    Jerk should probably learn to cook. Eating out may not be a good idea. He may get the special Tyler Durden soup.

  • Raider Grant

    Warren Sapp sucks a donk! Diversity is a bliss & not all situation call for the race card to be played. Go Raiders, to whom Sapp bad mouths all the time!

  • Angel Becerra

    How’s that racists? She did not single out anybody and refer to them as “boy”. It was a group of guys in a sports evironment enjoying a game. I hear it at almost every sports bar I go and it’s not just towards black. Maybe I should have been offended all those times they referred to myself and my friends as boys also? Please.

  • Angel Becerra

    Haha I just practically said the same thing.

  • AnthonyMills

    Cheap mf

  • CognizantImpiety

    When someone like Sapp runs his mouth as much as he has in the last several years, he becomes a target.

    Besides, he’s an asshole and deserves everything negative he gets. Fucking thief stole Raiders’ money for NOT playing worth a damn. QBKiller my ass.

  • CognizantImpiety

    Sapp is as Sapp does. Or is that Stupid is as Stupid does. I always get those two confused.

  • raider_nation

    Great point. F#@k him .still if a waitress doesnt keep my coffee coming she wont get a tip either.. “Reservoir Dogs” lol.

  • ghetto_scum

    I guess the “BOY” lost all it’s feetsbawl millions becuz “BOYS” can’t handle money properly, they are just like children!…So there “BOY!”

  • John S

    If I was offended that badly by something a waiter/waitress did or said, I would ask to speak to the manager on duty. The fact that Sapp didn’t do this makes me believe the waitress’s side of the story.

  • Getta Lyfe

    You can find plenty of stories of treating the little guy like shit. If you are not famous, he could care less about you. Sapp is a first class jerk!

  • Bob

    I am old enough that it does not bother me anymore to be called “sir” or “gentleman”. Even if I get called “bud” or “boss” I still tip.