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  • chucka1122

    There is no pride left on this team. I don’t care what any of them say, they have absolutely given up on the season. They are playing not to get hurt, so they can go and collect another paycheck next year. This coaching staff is horrible!!! This Raiders team is the worst I have seen in years. How do you go from an 8-8 team who would have won the division with a win at home against the Chargers to now this? It is on the management and on the coaching staff!!! Continuity is the name of the game in the NFL. It is about being in the same system year after year. Here is my advice to all Raider fans the rest of the year, do not waste your Sundays watching this crap they try and call football. Go and enjoy time with your family and friends. There are so many things wrong with this team, it could be a while before they sniff the playoffs again.

  • chucka1122

    I would say this, D. Allen should get one more year, but he does need a new OC and DC. This is on the coaching staff. How you go from an 8-8 team to a 3-8 team I don’t know. The real problem is that the Raiders are not getting better, they are getting worse. These teams should improve from game to game, the execution should continue to get better. It has not. This team has given up for sure. My prediction is they will lose to the Browns and it will be Richardson the RB who makes the most of the day. He could run for 200 yards against this team. It will be ugly after the Raiders fall to the Browns, but the coaching staff should be on notice. They will have to shake things up. Getting rid of the coach from last year is proving to be a big mistake and I think Mckenzie is to blame for that. Don’t waste your time on Sunday watching this crap!!!

  • Hangtownie

    I think the team is just as bad as last year. Coach Jackson was just better at smoke and mirrors