ESPN paints Tom Cable in an unflattering light

With his accusations of assault put to rest, it would appear that Tom Cable could finally get back to business at hand.

As ESPN college football analyst Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast.”

The Disney Sports Channel unveiled a report on Outside the Lines in which Cable was said to have a history of violence against women. Citing police reports and two different accusers, the story paints Cable as a batterer with anger management issues.

Cable has since responded to the report, telling ESPN that there was one incident in which he reacted violently to a situation with a woman.

All this coming on the heels of the assault investigation and mere hours before the Raiders and Chargers take the field in San Diego.

While the report could indeed be factual and perhaps is also filled with some inaccuracies, one can only wonder what the impetus was for ESPN to investigate the matter.

Those who frequent JBB know where I stand on the journalistic integrity of the four letter empire when it comes to anything Raider related. This is not to say that the network is intentionally trying to create a less than flattering image of Cable and the Raider organization. If any of what has been reported is true then there is no defense for Cable. Acts of this nature are cowardice. No human being should ever have to endure an abusive relationship and unfortunately, violence against women is an unspoken evil that occurs far too often in our country.

A similar repot surfaced months ago when OTL investigated Denver Bronco wide receiver Brandon Marshall. The difference in the Marshall story was that he had a significant history that was well known. In the case of Cable, this was a clear exposé that was given wings by the assault charges in Napa.

Cable cannot be forgiven for any acts of violence committed against women. That is his lot to bear and all the fallout that comes from it is his own fault.

However, at what point do we begin to question the merit of journalistic reporting on a network that is driven by ad sales and ratings. Are the same lengths being taken to delve into the past of all NFL head coaches?

The headlines will read that this is business as usual in Oakland. The Raiders are widely viewed as the NFL refuge for the criminal element therefore this report keeps right in step with the marching orders of national media.

In the end, this is about Cable and his past. Even if he had this team at the pinnacle of success, it would not super cede his character. Were it not for Randy Hanson’s broken jaw, there is a good chance none of this would have ever been made public.

You made this bed, Tom Cable. Time to sleep in it.

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