Parking Lot Shootings Put Black Eye on Battle of the Bay

Some things are just too incredibly tragic and ignorant to believe. How two men can be shot in the Candlestick parking lot after a meaningless game of preseason football is inconceivable but that’s exactly what happened. Certainly passions run high anytime the Raiders and 49ers get together but this is just ridiculous.

According to reports one of the shooting victims was wearing a “F— the 49ers” t-shirt while one of the suspects detained was donning Raiders attire. We already know where this one is heading. More of the same stereotypes perpetuated by some unsavory fan or group of fans.

But that hardly matter right now. Not when one victim’s condition is critical.

As of now there is no known connection between the two incidents. One very unfortunate connection is between last night’s violence and a similar incident occurring earlier this year during another hotly contested California rivalry. I’m speaking, of course, of the now infamous Brian Stow beating that took place after the Dodgers and Giants game in Los Angeles.

A sporting event should never be an excuse for violence but far too often it is. Hopefully the victims will recover and the individual responsible will be brought to justice. This whole situation is just sad and senseless.