Uglier Than Usual

Different coach, same result. New Orleans 34, Oakland 3.

The Tom Cable era began yesterday in uglier fashion than anyone could have predicted.  New Orleans not only won, but they embarrassed the Raiders in every facet of the game. The offense, both the passing and running games, were non-existent. Sebastian Janikowski missed a couple kicks, but they were from 50+. The defense was scorched. Some will argue that the time of possession was so one-sided that the defense was simply out of gas. But, Drew Brees completed 26 of his 30 attempts. That’s ridiculous. Couple that with an effective Saints running game and you’ve got yourself a rout.

I did find a positive though. Special teams were solid. Shane Lechler was his usual self, with a punting average a shade under 50-yards per kick. Johnnie Lee Higgins had a nice 35-yard punt return. Even better, the Raiders held Reggie Bush to a single 8-yard return. That’s something.

The Jets are up next. It’s hard to envision a win. Brett Favre and the Jets offense are on par with the Saints offense (the current version of the Saints offense that doesn’t have Marques Colston and Jeremy Shockey). Statistically speaking, the Jets’ defense is better than the Saints (giving up 23 less yards per game).

You can throw the stats out and just go with a gut feeling. The Raiders showed so little yesterday. The Jets struggled and still won by 12. Momentum is going the wrong direction at breakneck speed.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • http://justblogbaby nosmada49

    Hello Al Davis!
    I agree, new coach, same loser team. Coaches can only coach, but the team plays the game. WAKE UP!! They’re a wasted effort. LOSERS!
    I don’t think you have ever had the heart for football, just the greed for money, and a power hungry idiot.
    Your friend,

  • Brad

    I gotta tell ya… if the Jets continue to play this type of football, this is the exact type of game they will lose. They have put up some points yes, but they have also turned the ball over at an alarming rate and have put the defense in terrible positions. The Jets Defense has been stout this year and with Favre turning the ball over like it’s hot potato, they are lucky to be in this position.

    Don’t get me wrong, we’re rooting for Favre harder than anyone else, but we’re also being realistic that these turnovers especially in critical points in the game will ultimately be the Jets downfall. I hope their able to clean it up!

    Anyway, I have been trying to talk to each of the Jets opponents bloggers to talk some smack each week… but I think you guys have been through enough. As a long time Jets Fan, I feel ya!

  • The Crowe


    You’re right. If the Jets play the same way they did against Cincy, it could be a loss. They can’t play down to opponents and leave the door open for the upset. They’ve played an impressive schedule, so it’s about time to show how battle tested they are (Miami, NE, SD, and Arizona are all solid teams).

    Not much smack talk to be had as Raider Nation is expecting to lose each week. Wait until the game has ended and we’ll either start the smack talking then or we’ll hang our heads as usual.

  • thiizz88

    im tired of hanging my head. i want to talk smack but are raiders wont give us that satisfaticon