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Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater to the Oakland Raiders?

According to reports on, Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will be entering the 2014 NFL Draft. Touted by many as a preseason Heisman contender, Bridgewater’s campaign, as well as any realistic shot at a BCS title, was derailed in a loss to UCF on October 18th. Despite that bump in the road, Bridgewater’s Cardinals ended the season with a 12-1 record, finished second in the newly-formed American Athletic Conference (AAC), and defeated the University of Miami 36-9 in the Russell Athletic Bowl.

In his nearly 3 years as a starter, Bridgewater’s average yearly QB rating was an impressive 156.1 with a 68% completion percentage. The more impressive fact being that he improved his completion percentage, QB rating, and touchdown to interception ratio every year. This highlights his ability to grow within a system and as the leader of an offense. He even had a big time performance in the 2013 Sugar Bowl against Florida, which featured one of the best defenses in the country.

Many pundits seem to believe he is the best QB in the draft and it’s hard for me to disagree. He is athletic enough to make plays with his feet but is not overly reliant on that aspect of his game. His 70% completion percentage and 32 attempts per game this year shows that he can be accurate enough to play in the NFL. The only knock on Bridgewater that comes to mind is the relatively low level of competition he faces week in and week out but he has stepped up in big games against big-time opponents like Florida. We have also seen small school or small conference QBs like Tony Romo or Ben Roethlisberger become Pro Bowlers so there is no reason to believe Bridgewater can’t do the same.

Three of the four teams drafting ahead of the Raiders (Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland) are in need of a quarterback, and the fourth, St.Louis, may also draft one depending on the staff’s opinion of Sam Bradford. Bridgewater could realistically end up on any of those four teams but if he falls to the Raiders at the 5th pick, I would be ecstatic at the idea of him being the franchise QB of the future.

How high do you rate Teddy Bridgewater? Would you like to see him in silver and black? If not, then which QB do you think the Raiders should take? Let us know!

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  • Silvia Arredondo

    Yes! I like him or Derek Carr if he isn’t available in the draft by our turn. I really hope he is available!

  • James Holtslander

    I want oakland to draft the a little fire that is manziel. All of the sparks we’ve tried since Gannon have not kindled into anything (Russell, Palmer, leinart, Edwards, gradkowski, brooks, Collins, Pryor, etc) have gotten us no where. I hated manziel when’s I started watching him, but I hated, aikman, Brady, elway, roethlesberger….. Gotta go with my gut!!!!!!

  • guido

    I don’t want a QB. I want clowney

  • Ricky Bobby

    We have TP , trade down to aquire more picks.

  • Keith Burris

    office is not the problem or defense is. we need clowney

  • PJ

    If we draft a QB then we basically have no experience on depth at QB. We need an experienced QB to develop TP who has never been given the chance like the other QBs that Holtslander brought up. We need linemen on both sides of the ball FIRST! If we cant keep our QB upright or get pressure on one?, then we are screwed. We need a strong foundation to build on and a fence to go around it in the skilled positions. I say look for a vet QB (Vince Young) to come in on the cheap and teach TP or bring in Couch if he would? Championships are won in the trenches first before any other positional player can solidify that position. Thems the facts!

  • Giovannoni

    I defiantly don’t want clowney. He is a great player but he is extremely lazy. He would not work out as a raider.

  • Bobby

    Bridgewater isn’t sliding d-line is what we need get clowney

  • Gregg Brennan

    If Bridgewater falls to number 5, it will be because of a poor performance during his pro day as I doubt he’ll run or throw at the Combine. Frankly I hope he has an off day during his pro day performance and puts doubts in the minds (or lack thereof) of the people that are running Houston, Cleveland and Jacksonville so he can slip to the Raiders at 5, where we should pounce all over him.

  • Terry Wakayama

    I would love to see Manziel in Silver & Black but Cleveland will probably get him with the 4th pick. If that happens then the Raiders would be better off picking Matthews or Clowney if they are still available. Then sign Freeman as a free agent to work with Olson again, he had his best years when he was his offensive coordinator.

  • a garcia

    anybody except David Carr II.

  • Mark Shafer

    We have about enough chance of getting Bridgewater as getting Gruden.

  • David Echard

    TP Will Never start again at QB for the Raiders. Period. In fact, unless he’s willing to paly a different position, he can consider a career in the Arena League. You win consistently in the NFL with a Franchise QB.
    That’s a Fact, not hyperbole. Whether it’s Bridgewater, Manziel, Bortles, or Carr. Raiders will be taking a QB with that #5 pick. TP does not have the Football IQ to be a starting QB. Period.

  • PJ

    But then again who knows how these guys evaluate talent? The last 2 years has been a joke. We passed on Cousins, Alfred Morris,Ansah, Austin, Fluker, Vaccaro, Patterson, Oglettee, Trufant, Long, Eifert, Bernard, Leveon Bell, Ball, Eddie Lacy,Keenan Allen, andMarcus Lattimore just to name a few. I have very little faith in how they justify missing on any of these pics. I mean Bergstrom is our 1st pick in 12′? And DJ this year? We could have had huge upgrades at these positions had they taken any of these guys and more. That they just passed on. Stupar? Really? What a joke!

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  • PJ

    I would have to offer you the same respect in how very little you know about football or evaluation of players ability in cohesion to the positions around them. So you probobly have resolved to the conclusion within that immense football archive of yours that you call IQ, that TP is the reason DA sits upside down on 8-24? Never mind. Dont even try to answer that. You will just insult the real fans knowledge of the game if you do!

  • David Echard

    We all have the right to our opinion. I don’t believe Terelle Pryor is a franchise Qb. That’s a sentiment that is widespread from experts throughout the league, The mass majority of these prognosticators are NFL evaluators and former players. So no, I don’t believe I am on an island when I make the aforementioned statement. For the record, I don’t believe DA is a quality NFL Coach. If Mark Davis can bring in Ken Whisenhunt, I am all for it. I never made the claim to be the vast knowledge of NFL history. Sorry if I insulted you, and have a blessed New Year!

  • Chris Schroeder

    The Raiders pick 5th. Texas will take teddy, Jacksonville will take Johny. 3 of the first 4 will take a top QB most likely. I hope the Raiders get Clowney.

  • Papa bear

    Good Point.

  • Phil Mokate

    I have not heard the Tebow prognosticators on TP. I have heard these so called evaluators compare him to Cam Newton, but your right that our first amendment’s are being well exercised and I respect your reply. I also agree with your assessment of DA. Wisenhunt would love a QB like TP because he knows what skill is and the importance of developing the craft as he did in AZ. and with Rivers. I apologise myself. I grow weary of the arm chair Madden coaches voicing opinions with no substantiation of their claims. I myself feel TP with some time, weapons and coaching would be better then Cam. If we could place an O line in front of TP that could keep him clean he would have all the tools necessary to succeed. We agree, and then we differ in QB comparison, and that’s ok. Us fans have been well documented on the frustrations of losing and especially this last 2 year’s. I like a good debate with some intelligence which I give you credit for. Most are less then an avid fan as myself of 40 years. I know a enough about the organization to get myself in some heated discussions. Anyway, let us all as Raider Nation fans support each other and hope for a more prosperous outcome this year. Happy New Year fellow Nation Fan!

  • Bo Geddins

    How do you know if he has the IQ to play qb?

  • AnthonyMills

    Coach DA stagnated TP development yeah I hear guy’s at the water cooler saying this saying that yet all he does is stand up to the challenge what I don’t want to see is tp goes some where else and explode so for all you haters on tp eat grits li kty lik.

  • khaled74

    vince young couldnt beat out scott tolzien in green bay and he’s had his attitude problems, if hes still like that i wouldnt want him anywhere near our young QBs

  • Phil Mokate

    Those attitude problems were attributed to GB staff. They brought him in to back up Rodgers not to compete with Tolz and then they brought back Flynn because he knew the O scheme better. RM would lay down the Law with Young or he will be gone. He is looking for a chance to get back into the NFL and I think he would see it as his last stop. He has experienced and can still play and teach. RM is not going to allow a cancer into the locker room and he would come cheap. Unless there is another vet floating around that would back up TP as he developed? Who else is there? Gannon has been wanting to come back to coach and that would be a good move too.

  • khaled74

    i understand that VY might be a changed man and all that but i was just never convinced that he was a good QB. his career comp % and qb rating are really bad and he just used to make plays with his feet. it also helped that he played with chris johnson when he was still a great player. i dont like VY at all and if were going for a veteran qb to teach pryor, why not vick?

  • Phil Mokate

    The only reason I didn’t mention Vick is because he may not hit the wire and if so, would be more of a cost. I like Vick don’t get me wrong. If I were the GM I would be looking to upgrade with beneficial cost by filling skilled positions around TP, Reece, Murray and the O line. Without a solid O line? Peyton would never survive either. The whole D side needs depth and 1st team replacements. Unless we get a proven starting QB, I would not bring in another rookie QB. I would even consider Fitzpatrick who played well this year and showed mobility. He could become available with some negotiations.

  • RdrFusion

    Brady would have been a Godsend!

  • RdrFusion

    Tight End?…

  • Todd_the_Hunn

    I bet Manziel goes to Cleveland at 4 . I’m starting to think by the time our Raiders draft at 5 , 3qbs will all ready be drafted . I’m starting to think we will either trade down or take Mathews or Clowney . Then we draft our qb in the second . Lord knows we need a qb but reaching with the help we need in other positions does us no good .

  • Todd_the_Hunn

    We are on the same page . I am now thinking Broyles and Bridgewater will be gone as well so Mathews or Clowney will be there . If we could get could get either of those and then Murray or Mettenberger in the second that would be fine .

  • tsmoove

    I would have to agree but I do like that qb from ufc

  • Jaime Olguin

    I would love to pick up Blake Bortles but not in the first round. Or even the kid out of San Jose State

  • Dean Thomas

    Cam Newton can throw, accurately, on time. TP can’t.

  • Phil Mokate

    You obviously have not been watching your tape. Go back and look and then come back and tell me he is accurate. TP is more accurate
    faster and the downside is that Cam has weapons around him and TP is on an island. I’m out! that’s funny!

  • Hendry abalos

    Hahaha, I almost thought u were serious… Because neither tp or can throw a ball right, cam has some good throws but like TP most of his throws tend to float, that’s why the panthers sucked it up against 49ers last week, cam was carried by his d all year, silly kid, open your eyes

  • Hendry abalos

    Exactly lol this kid knows nothing, cam is in his what 3rd, 4th year and has shown nothing from the pocket… Like I said , his defense carried him all year