Dec 29, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) runs with the ball against the Denver Broncos during the first quarter at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders 2013 Player Evaluations: Terrelle Pryor

We continue with our 2013 season player evaluations with one of the most polarizing player on the roster: Terrelle Pryor.

Knock him all you want, but one of the main reason the Raiders jumped to a 3-4 start to the season is because of this guy. He took the league by storm nearly upsetting the Colts in a week 1 loss that was pinned solely on Seabass and his ineptitude at making field goals this season and by beating a playoff team in the Chargers.

The problem is that this new Raiders team and organization is not one Pryor is going to flourish in, as Dennis Allen wants a prototypical pocket passer at the helm of his offense. Coach also said he thought about pulling Pryor during Sunday’s season-ending loss to the Broncos.

This speaks volumes about Allen’s thoughts on Pryor, because not only did he stunt his growth early on in the season, but to pull him out of a meaningless game early when the sole reason you started him was to see if he could still be the player he was early in the season tells everyone that you have no confidence in him.

But if Dennis Allen wants a pocket passer as his QB, you can’t be mad at him, it is his team after all, he deserves to build it the way he wants to.

While we know that Terrelle Pryor is not the quarterback of the future for our team, there is no argument that he improved leaps and bounds from last year, at least until he injured himself and was benched the rest of the season.

Early on in the season, TP2 as we knew him by, was proving to be a very capable passer in this league while adding the threat of his legs to make for an explosive combo. Pryor in his first four games completed 68% of his passes, threw for twice as many touchdowns as interceptions and also ran for 229 yards.

Pryor just dumped it off many of the times for short yardage and easy completions you say? Actually, in that span, his average pass went for 8.1 yards. Not throwing as often per game? Well actually he was averaging 28 pass attempts per game, which is right around the average of similar dual-threat quarterbacks, Russel Wilson and Colin Kaepernick.

One of the most underrated aspects of his game was the opening up of the run game, which not only helped bolster the rushing yards, but more importantly, which made offensive drives take longer and kept the defense off the field. When a defense with depth issues like ours, keeping them rested for as long as possible is huge, and after Pryor was benched, the defense started to regress a lot, with Matt McGloin’s quick drive being a factor.

His ability to escape the rush and elude defenders in the backfield was second to none, which was a big part of why Allen chose to start him week 1, with the offensive line banged up and all.

This proved to be Pryor’s downfall, as he was hesitant to use his legs as often as he could have, preferring to try and make plays with his arm to prove to the coaches, and maybe the entire league, that he isn’t a running back who can throw, but a quarterback who can rip up defenses with his legs as well as his arms.

Terrelle Pryor has all the talent talent in the world, and I think it would be unwise for the Raiders to give up on someone with as much potential as him. It would be a complete waste to cut him this year or have him sit third string again without a real chance of starting. He has the best work ethic a team could ask for, the team has his back and he is as determined as any player in the league.

While we know that he wants to be a quarterback in this league, if he would stay on the Raiders and change his position to say, tight end, then we could utilize his talent even more, although that is highly unlikely.

It’s sad to see his promising start to the season come to halt because of injuries and I’d like to see what he could do with a healthy OL, but I guess we are just gonna have to see what happens come the offseason.

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  • Ricky Bobby

    You hit it ON THE HEAD SEB…

  • razkaz187

    It’s not gonna happen as long as Dennis Allen is coach

  • Ricky Bobby

    For the most part…

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  • PJ

    Great write up there! Thats it in a nut shell. DA would rather have a 1dimensional QB then the dual threat QB that the NFL is turning into.TP has all of that except a worthy HC who has no idea how to develop him or he would not have let him go outside the staff to Tom Couch (Brady!s) coach for tutoring. I think the only person keeping TP on the team is MD. He wants to see his dads last pic take the league by storm and he will if they would just trust him and support him. Oherwise Tom Coughlin wants him badly and so does Chip Kelly! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when MD was asking DA WTF are you doing? If they give up on TP it would be a HUGE HUGE mistake!


    he has all the talent in the world, but he is a college QB, not a NFL QB… he can’t read a defence and he admitted he is just now learning how to throw.. if he is just learning now, it’s too late…

  • Cetswayo Dawson

    Dennis Allen needs to go!!

  • Jetlife510

    Enough said! That boy has talent but needs a great HC to unleash the beast!

  • JoeSchmoo

    I was a Pryor fan for a long time. This year, I realized that he is not an NFL quarterback, just as RAIDERFANXXX says. His pre-snap protections and reads, his check downs, and his delivery which I believe is the slowest in the NFL, are all terrible. To say DA stunted his growth is ridiculous. He had 3 years of folks sitting with him and guiding him, including Palmer, and he still did not catch on. The league caught up with the read offense (see Kaep and Wilson), forcing quick, accurate throws, which TP is unable to make in tight spaces under pressure. He had 5 weeks to study, learn and perfect his craft, and flopped in the Denver game. TP was sacked way more than MM, even the immediate weeks after replacing TP because he understands how to help the OL pass protect. Apparently you didn’t pick up the frustrations the OL had with protecting TP as he would run into sacks. The Raider running game did very well under MM because Jennings is a stud and doesn’t need QB help. I suggest you look at the tapes.

  • mccall316

    Thank you! This was perfectly said. Well done man.

  • LA

    Chip Kelly? Tom Coughlin? They want him as a backup I guess. Is that what your saying? Because certainly you did not mean as a starter.

  • Phil Mokate

    Yes I did. Not to many HC covet a back up QB unless they plan to make him a starter. Big Ben is winding down and Fowles has a good arm but like Ben are not very mobile. TP needs consistency which is what has hurt his growth here. Every year for 3 years TP has had either a new HC, O HC, playbook or all 3 and they brought in an experienced QB hoping to win immediately under Al to keep their jobs. He has never had the chance to be named the starter and supported win, lose or draw so he can develop. Coughlin a 2 time world champ coach knows talent over DA who is 8-24 in 2 years? Big message there! Kelly loves mobile QBs by the way, but Vic is fading out as well.

  • LA

    Ok I think you may be a little bit above arguing with, with statements like those. As great as Nick Foles is -have you seen his stats this year?; he was up there with Brady Peyton and Brees – and even on a down year Eli Manning is a lot better than TP. I do not know how big ben entered this conversation but even on a seemingly down year for him his stats are still alot better than TP’s. So I’m sorry I do not understand your point.

  • Diego David Simons

    You have made some very good points but, if you are going to evaluate a player you should not only mention the good but you have to bring up the bad also. If you don’t then you come across as bias. And it sounds like to you TP was treated unfairly.
    TP gave the team a spark you were right about that. He is exciting to watch when he is extending the plays no doubt. I also think the kid has heart and works hard. But lets be honest he wasn’t all good.
    TP is a running QB and like such, they get hurt. This year he had a concussion that he got while he was running with the ball. And a knee injury again while he was scrambling with the ball. Injuries are just part of running QBs. He missed time due to injuries, not good if you are the starting QB. See Vick and RG3 for reference.
    TP is not an accurate passer. He came out and actually admitted he never learn how to throw the ball the right way. He learn that last year? How about all those years in college and the 2 he spend on the bench. Not good if you are the starting QB.
    TP is very predictable. Teams started shutting down his running and forced him to throw. 7 TDs and 11 Ints! Teams figured out he likes to roll to his right. So they pressured him and got sacked for huge yard losses. I recall 4th and 45 in one occation. He doesn’t know how to manage the clock. He had multiple Delay of game penalties.
    But the biggest problem TP had was getting the rest of the team involved. Moore was the only one getting targeted. Rivera and Streater were ghosts.
    Unfortunately TP never truly learn how to play QB the right way. They used his athleticism and never developed his passing skills. In college he never needed to. In the NFL it will kill your chances. TP is not a good QB period.

  • Sterling Archer

    and the love affair with a below average QB continues… as our coach said, “the QB of the future may not be on our roster” prior was a failed experiment like Vince Young… the difference between this type and cap and Wilson is the fact that Pryor is a running QB who can “somewhat” throw while Kap, Wilson are throwing QB’s who can run when they need to kinda like Steve Young was (there not on his level et, but potential with time)

  • dwayne

    It’s obvious to me, and probably everyone else, you know nothing about football! Terrelle Pryor did’nt call protections. WIZ called the protections, as does most centers in the league. When WIZ went down, the whole OL was shot to shit. Gurode did his best, but when he went down against KC, that was Pryor’s downfall. Pre-snap reads is something a QB gains through experience. How can a basically rookie QB read defenses he’s never seen before? If you recall, DA annointed M.Flynn the starter over Pryor during OTA’S. As we all know, or should know, 2nd string QB’S don’t get many reps as is. Couple that with the fact that DA basically labeled Pryor a ” gimic QB ,” and the fact that this was Pryor’s 3rd playbook in as many years, and you can see exactly where you’re wrong. A.Smith was considered a bum/bust, until he was shown some stability, and consistancy. Now, not so much, right? All the good QB’s in the league have been in the same system for years, that’s how they known the playbook like the back of their hands. You claim Pryor frequently ran into sacks, which is about 1/10 truth. Look at the ratio of sacks Pryor was facing, compared to MM. Teams sat back in zone coverage, waiting on MM to make mistakes, and he did all the time. He was throwing the ball straight to the LB’s, and DB’s of KC. He threw 5 int’s to the CHIEFS, AND YOU’RE TALKING HIM UP? No one perfects their craft in 5 weeks, you must be retarded. The run game took off under MM because DMC got hurt, and Jennings stepped in. MM had nothing to do with that. As for throws in tight spaces, his mos accurate throws were in tight spaces, the slant pass. D.Moore played his best ball under Pryor. but, our defense went from a top 5 defense, to a bottom of the barrel defense when MM stepped in. We went from a positive in T.O.P., to a huge minus with MM at the helm. A persons throwing motion has nothing to do with anything. Shit, Big Ben, P.Rivers, M.Vick all have funny throwing motions, but were all effective/efficient QB’s, The league did catch up with the read option offensive scheme, bacause it’s exactly that, a scheme, not a traditional PRO style offense. Had the OC called a lot more play actions, it would’ve opened up the run game, and maximized DMC’s talent and potential. Instead, they chose to run a scheme. An offense that is mostly a zone blocking concept, so they X’d out their most effective weapon. Had DA and RM not prematurely picked Flynn as the starter, Olsen could’ve taught Pryor the main playbook, and not a scheme, and would’nt have been calling the same damn plays, game after game. I don’t know what you were seeking on them tapes you were watching!

  • RN808

    TP threw 272 passes with a 57.4 completion rate MM threw 211 passes with a 55.9 completion rate. Neither were very accurate, but TP has way more upside. Young quarterbacks need experience to get better, they won’t be thinking of replacing luck after his 3 interceptions against the patriots. Now I will not compare the two, thats like apples and oranges, but luck only completed 60.2% of his passes this year, and does make mistakes at times that cost his team the game, but is always given the chance to continue to play and get better, which he will, and he plays with way more talent around him, as does almost every QB in the NFL. I think with the right pieces around him TP could be a starter in this league, but nobody will ever know if he is not given the chance. Nine games was not enough with all the injuries and changes going on around him to really judge how good he is. After how terrible the raiders have been the last decade it would be stupid to get rid of any player who shows talent with upside. Name 10 back up QBs in the league. TP has more upside than any of them. DA needs to find his balls and coach with them. Defense wins championships but your offense sets the tone, field position and time of possession play a key part in how well the defense will play. I think the whole team regressed with MM the starter. And it gave opposing teams too much confidence.

  • Phil Mokate

    Thank you! Exactly and well said. Lucks numbers were just as good as TP and TP has nothing to work with. I bet MD laid down the law with DA and keeping his job about TP. MD likes him and he should!

  • Phil Mokate

    Those points are without merit. TP ran because he had to AND because he can. Most if not all right handed ABs are going to run to their right so they can throw it on the run. The ones who roll to their left have to stop,turn,plant and throw. By that time 300 pounds has already slammed him in the turf! O line was the beginning to all the problems that piled up.

  • Phil Mokate

    I thought this was a discussion not an argument! We all have our own opinions but ultimately want the same thing. Just Win, Baby!

  • DanfromVegas

    Sebastian, you have interesting takes on Pryor season and development. One thing I noticed about you though is that you take facts and use twist them to support your opinions.
    Case in point, you stated that Dennis Allen “stunted” Terrelle Pryor’s development. The fact is, TP got hurt, and his game was not getting any better. He had some exciting plays, but his throwing mechanics regressed as time went on. Countless passes were lobbed up as he scrambled, but TP was saved by great efforts from the receivers to get open and bail him out when he was in trouble. Instead of waiting in the pocket for receivers to get open, predictably, Pryor would roll right, and more often than not either barely got back to the line of scrimmage, got sacked, or ended up running out of bounds for big losses.
    The only person who “stunted” TP was TP.

  • DanfromVegas

    TP fans are die hard, but they get carried away. Pryor is a great athlete, and he is exciting, but he can’t move the offense. I would be surprised if another NFL team picked him up even as a second stringer if the Raiders released him, which they probably should.

  • DanfromVegas

    Joe, Raiders fans like you who use logic and evidence are nice for a change. I hope you keep posting.

  • DanfromVegas

    So MM was responsible for the decline of our defensive performance? Tell me how a QB can do that?

  • DanfromVegas

    That’s pretty much what I saw all season wtih TP.

  • DanfromVegas

    No, he ran because he does not have the patience to sit in the pocket.

  • Sebastian Cosentino

    His drives gave the defense no rest, and that exposed our lack of depth. Plus constantly put them in bad positions with turnovers.

  • JoeSchmoo

    You obviously never watched Manning call out his protections. The center is not in a position to see defensive shifts once in his stance. This is Pryor’s 3d year, with lot’s of off-season hand holding. MM threw 4 interceptions against the Chiefs, TP had 3 against the Chiefs earlier in the year. The Raiders dropped zone blocking when they canned Knapp. I did not mention anything about a throwing motion.So it is obvious to me that your sanctimonious pontifications indicates you know even less than I do about football. I suggest YOU look at the tapes.

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    I can’t believe DA is so blind to good talent. I see his Scouting is less valuable. Last year we too a chance on DJ Hayden. Who we was not even sure he could take a hit. With our first rd pick. There was Star Louleti or Sarif Floyd. Available. Hayden would have been around for the second rd. Jets was scared to take him cause of the injury. Now DA and McKenzie might give up our picks for Kurt Cousins. Without a solid front line we will be sacked 3-5 times a game.

  • Anthony Daniels

    Didn’t he move the offense yea it stalled from time to time it’s not like he had a running game like big Ben had when first started. But dude need to clean his technique up and he could be very good he has the Russell Westbrook inside he going to be good. Also the NFL is all about talent why you think RED went 2nd overall

  • Phil Mokate

    You sir are dillusional!

  • Phil Mokate

    you mean guys who agree with you because there ate 10 other guys out there. This isn’t golf!

  • Phil Mokate

    it really does not matter what he did or did not do. Had he stayed in the collapsing pocket and took sack after sack you would be saying he had no pocket awareness. The one thing he has that no other QB has on this squad is a little NFL speed experience now he just needs the organization to stand behind him. Or draft a rookie that will set us back another 3-4 year’s while he adjusts to the game or go get a vet like we did Palmer? Who is out there on FA to look at? That’s what I thought? TP is the answer so let’s get busy with building a team around him and start F’n winning again or Fire DA!

  • Phil Mokate

    Manning? Are you serious? 16 years bro of experience and the same system for most of it! TP can’t get past all the new HAs and playbook let alone given a chance to find the field longer then small stints of 11 total games! The Organization’s dysfunction is the biggest problem. That’s why we suck!

  • Phil Mokate

    It takes a team to move the team. Dropped passes and broken O line with a fullback playing tailback is not a recipe for TDs. I think the Vegas heat is starting to get to you!

  • George Edwards

    Man, if you did your research you would know the offense’s scheme changed a few times over the last three years. You would also know that sometimes it takes a Full season to know presnap reads and defenses. Look at some of the greats in their first years, IDK like Payton, Drew…etc however they were given chances and had full support from their coaches. They lived and they learned. I strongly disagree with your comments JoeSchmoo. And I’m not even a Raider fan, just a fan of football.

  • DanfromVegas

    Really? I though it took an act of God to move the team. You must have been watching the alternate reality version of the games. Terrelle Pryor played good spurts in most games, but he didn’t have a single game where he demonstrated he is tier 1 NFL for an entire 60 minutes.

  • DanfromVegas

    Anthony, there were definitely some bright spots and some times that TP moved the offense. The problem is that he could not do it on a consistent basis. He pretty much dissapeared during the second half of games. I like many things about him, but I just don’t see him being the guy to bring the Silver and Black back to greatness.

  • DanfromVegas

    What are you, 11 year sold or something? Do you even know what logic is? Do you think that football is all fire and brimstone? It takes meticulous planning and execution to be successful in any sport be it golfing or MMA. I don’t care how many people agree with me. I simply appreciate it when people use reality to state their arguments and then provide evidence to back their case.

  • DanfromVegas

    How is it that TP was running for his life the entire season leading him to make some terrible decisions, but when McGoin played he very rarely got sacked? Do you think a coach who’s ability to make a living based on the decisions he makes is going to be petty enough to risk not being able to provide for his family because he simply wants to sabotage a player he doesn’t like?

  • DanfromVegas

    Calling me names doesn’t make your case any stronger. I point facts, you resort to insults. For the record, I’m a teacher and I’m going to give you a free spelling lesson. The correct spelling is delusional and is pronounced de·lu·sion·al. You’re welcome.

  • Phil Mokate

    Oh that makes sense then. Your a teacher. No wonder you think you think you think you know it all? Do your pre-school students know that you have finger paints down to a tech nickel science and they don’t stand a chance against u with stick figures?

  • Ricky Bobby

    Yes, look @ the Raiders time of posssession, along with the critical turnovers inside the RedZone & 3 & outs.MM played 1 good game when the Texans had already mailed it in & NO GAME TAPE. After that he threw at least 1 int every game, RIGHT @ THE DEFENDER.

  • Ricky Bobby

    & YOU CAN’T EVEN SPELL IT. TP was thrown to the wolves this season, Flynn was annointed the starter so this was HIS OFFENSE. Lets see TP in a OFFENSE DESIGNED FOR HIS STRENGTHS, THE SAME OL, RB’s & WR’s MM HAD & see what he does…

  • Ricky Bobby

    TP didn’t have the same OL mm had, or the RB’s or wr’s. mYes, DA threw TP out there knowing he hasn’t started in nearly 2 months just for Pryor to fail to justify him starting MM to Mark DAVIS, DA has UNCLE TOM RM wrapped around his finger so he wasn’t concerned about him

  • Ricky Bobby

    I agree with you about TP bunt not RM, he is a UNCLE TOM & sat by while DA sabatoged TP as a QB. BOTH NEED TO BE FIRED BY MIDSEASON.

  • Ricky Bobby

    He stunted his growth by ANNOINTING MF THE STARTING QB

  • pjmokate

    That’s more then fair! If they don’t let TP lead this team then they should be fired and not just for that either.