Oakland Raiders 2013 Player Evaluations: Matt McGloin

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Throughout the offseason, Just Blog Baby will be evaluating the performance of players on the 2013 Oakland Raiders roster.

One of the pleasant surprises of the 2013 season was the play of undrafted rookie free agent Matt McGloin. Undersized and underappreciated despite an excellent senior campaign for scandal-rocked Penn State, McGloin came to Raiders training camp as the fourth QB on the roster and many of us thought he would be nothing more than a camp arm. There were some reports that GM Reggie McKenzie was high on the rookie but I thought it was just him paying lip service to a guy he brought in just for the sake of doing so.

After playing well in preseason and beating out fourth round pick Tyler Wilson and relegating him to the practice squad, McGloin had the attention of Raider Nation. He was overshadowed by Terrelle Pryor’s electric rise to starting QB but McGloin was still impressing a lot of Raider insiders and beat writers. Pryor played well for a few weeks and the Raiders looked competitive until his injury problems began. Matt Flynn was cut shortly after that disastrous performance against the Redskins and the fourth QB in camp became one play away from being the starter. Pryor picked up a knee injury and before we knew it, Matt McGloin was the starting quarterback of the Oakland Raiders. McGloin started six games and here is how he performed:

Week 11 at Houston (W, 28-23):

McGloin was still very much an unknown commodity at this point but he burst on to the scene against what was still a very good defense with three touchdowns. He only passed for 197 yards but the major difference was that the offense had some rhythm and life to it. What made McGloin’s performance shine even more was the offensive ineptitude shown under Pryor who only managed one touchdown and eight interceptions in the four starts before this. McGloin’s play against the Texans created a genuine QB controversy in Oakland and some wondered if Pryor would get his job back when he became healthy.

Week 12 vs. Tennessee (L,19-23):

Against Tennessee, McGloin put up similar numbers compared to his first start as far as completion percentage but he threw his first interception and had several passes batted down. Passes being batted down is no big deal considering he is an undersized QB who was still adjusting to NFL defenses. The offense stalled in what was an ugly game for both teams and McGloin’s first half interception set up Tennessee’s second field goal of the game. The biggest takeaway from this performance was the fact that McGloin showed tremendous poise and put the Raiders in a position to win the game by throwing a 27 yard TD to fullback Marcel Reece with six minutes left in the game. The defense failed to stop the Titans and the losing streak began.

Week 13 @ Dallas (L,24-31):
There are few bigger stages in the NFL regular season than aThanksgiving game against the Cowboys. McGloin and the Raiders shone early,scoring a TD by forcing a turnover on the opening kickoff and evenutally going up 21-7 before giving up a touchdown late in the first half. It was hard to tell who was at fault for the fumble that brought Dallas back in to the game but as the year wore on, Center Stefen Wisniewski made the same mistake several times, which suggests McGloin was not at fault. Unfortunately this set the tone for the Raiders and they went on to lose the game with McGloin throwing a costly interception on an ill-advised fade route to Jacoby Ford in the end zone. Besides that interception, McGloin had a solid game overall and he actually converted five straight third downs with passes, something that needs to be done to succeed in the NFL. McGloin got no help from either of his running backs as they combined for 50 yards on 22 carries which made his job all the more difficult. The Raiders simply wore down in the second half against a more talented team.

Week 14 @ New York Jets (L,27-37):

On the team’s second visit to New York, Raider fans in the Tri-State Area were subjected to a bizzare QB by committee strategy employed by Dennis Allen. When in the game, McGloin was effective and had one of his better statistical days (18/31, 245yds, 2TDs, 1INT, 91.5 rating) but the offense was robbed of its rhythm by Allen bringing in Terrelle Pryor on several possessions. This was another game where the Raider defense failed to bring its A-game and the much maligned Geno Smith scored two touchdowns with 270 all purpose yards. The special teams also failed as they allowed the Jets to block a punt to take an early 20-3 lead. McGloin and the offense were clearly in rhythm but this game showed that to win in the NFL you must win in all three phases of the game.

Week 15 vs. Kansas City (L, 36-51):
This game against Kansas City featured one of the all-time great performances by a running back, unfortunately for the Raiders and Matt McGloin it was Jamaal Charles setting the records. Things started off bleak for McGloin with an early drive stalling followed by a pick-six on the next drive. In the second quarter, McGloin moved the offense on the drive following the pick-six which was capped off by a Jennings TD, fumbled on the next, intercepted on the following, and lead another touchdown drive to end the half for the Raider offense.

Down 35-17 at the half, the third quarter was when the magic began and the young QB almost authored one of the great Raider comebacks of all time. Scoring on two long touchdown drives, the Raiders and McGloin brought the Kansas City lead down to just four points but again the team wore down late in the game. Once the game was clearly out of hand for the Raiders, McGloin threw two more interceptions in an attempt to force the team back in to it but he fell short. This game was hugely indicative of the type of person and player Matt McGloin is. He will scrap and claw for the team and will do his best no matter the deficit. He was careless with the ball on this day but also made huge plays. This was a classic roller coaster game that we see from rookie QBs all the time.

Week 16 @ San Diego (L, 13-26):
This game against San Diego was simply a case of an offense not getting it done when given the chance. The Raiders forced three turnovers but only managed to score 10 points in an ugly first half. McGloin had a decent game in terms of accuracy but failed to really get the offense moving all game. It was a game where a rookie QB with less than stellar talent around him struggled against an eventual playoff team. He was the victim of several drops on the day but also was inaccurate on key plays including a key third and one to Jamize Olawale and a screen pass to McFadden. In terms of overall performance this was likely McGloin’s worst game. He was benched for Terrelle Pryor in week 17 but Pryor was also largely ineffective with his two touchdowns coming late in the fourth quarter when the game was very much in hand for the Denver Broncos.


In his six starts, Matt McGloin passed for 1,460 yds (243 per game), completed 56% of his passes, had an 8-8 TD/INT ratio, but the worst stat of all for Raider Nation was his 1-5 win/loss record. Unfortunately for McGloin, his rise to QB1 was coupled with a rash of injuries on defense and the eventual fall of the unit from a middle of the pack defense to one of the worst in the league. The losses piling up were not on McGloin’s shoulders as the Raider offense was putting up points at a rate unseen with Pryor at the helm.

The following table shows the Raiders offensive improvement under McGloin, which was more than enough to win me over (source cbssports.com):

McGloin’s play has at the very least earned him a shot at competing for the QB job in camp with a backup spot likely for the Penn State grad depending on what McKenzie and Allen decide to do in the draft and free agency. He hasn’t shown enough yet to be a full time starter in this league but who knows what he can accomplish with a few minicamps and more reps with the first team in training camp.

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  • Ricky Bobby

    OMG!! Who WROTE THIS ARTICLE, DENNIS ALLEN? 1-5 DUDE, yet you are eager to point out TP’s flaws, Pryor WON GAMES, NOT A GAME#BIAS

  • Angel

    Who do you think Raiders should draft in the first round?

  • khaled74

    who cares what the win-loss record, under TP the raiders offense had no life! hes a great athlete but he just doesnt have the skills to be a QB

  • khaled74

    Id love if they drafted Manziel just because of how exciting he is but i think the smart move is to draft Jake Matthews and go for a QB in 2nd or 3rd round.

  • Silvia Arredondo

    I agree. He has a good arm but he needs to get better in the off season to determine his future. I like Pryor but I would go with McGloin because he ability to get rid of the ball fast avoided the sacks and third and longs Pryor made us suffer through. Pryor should be a receiver.

  • DanfromVegas

    Good post Khaled. I don’t understand why people can’t accept the reality. I appreciate you putting up the offensive stat comparison between the two QBs. There simply was no comparison between the two as passers. I agree that Pryor is exciting, and he made some explosive plays early on, but he just never showed that he was a skilled passer.

  • Oscar Gonzalez

    Great article! I saw the same thing with the passing game change from Pryor to mcgloin. The reason we lost so many games down the stretch was the defense playing horrible. The rushing yards didn’t really decrease either with mcgloin either. It actually opened it up because of the success with the passing game. He made rookie mistakes but if you compare him to some other high Draft pick rookies this year in his 6 starts he actually played pretty good. Idk if he’ll ever be a good starter but I believe he can be a very good backup.

  • aig-raiders

    Good article and fair too. Clearly he earned a chance to win the starting spot and I expect him to win it. He already has a head start on the playbook over any rookie or vet we bring in. Reg already said he’s not starting a rookie qb so we know he’s not going with a 1st or 2nd on a qb to sit that guy. They have to win immediately or get fired. Therefore, they will stack up the D and let McG compete with a vet for the starting gig. Mad Matt will win the starting gig.

  • Ricky Bobby

    What? Are you a moron or what playa? GM’s and HC’s better GAF about the win loss record if they want to keep their JOBS!!#statsr4LOSERS!!

  • Ricky Bobby

    MM just came out of a college program led by former New England Patriots OC Bill OBRIEN, who was just hired by the HOuston TExans so he already is accustomed to a pro style offense, while Pryor has NEVER BEEN IN A PRO STYLE OFFENSE, OSU JUST WANTED TO WIN GAMES AND THATS WHAT THEY DID.


  • Ricky Bobby

    Clowney or trade down for Addtl picks..

  • Ricky Bobby

    That will NEVER HAPPEN. We already have a dynamic QB in TP.

  • aig-raiders

    And what exactly is the offense you are referring to for TP? Can’t read, can’t throw, and can’t get in and out of the huddle quickly. The best case scenario is RG3 and his own coach specialized in an offense to fit his style. He got his coach fired this year. This is the NFL and you have to throw from the pocket. That’s why they call it pro-style offense. Not gonna even respond to your ridiculous comments on McGloin’s peak. 6 games for a rookie and you call it peaking already? lmao.

  • Ricky Bobby

    You really don’t have a clue do you? You will see in due time, don’t have time to educate the ignorant, find me on twitter.

  • aig-raiders

    uh, was that your response? or lack of? okie dokie. Nice.

  • Ethelred

    The Colts were 3-13 in Peyton Manning’s rookie season, equaling the team’s record the prior year with Jim Harbaugh at the helm. Are you telling me that 1) Manning and Harbaugh are quarterbacks of the same caliber, and 2) the Colts should have moved on from Manning after the one season? Suffice it to say, there are quite a few ways to evaluate a quarterback’s individual performance. Khaled’s approach is one of them; win-loss record is not (you do know that a win-loss record is a statistic, right?) Using a team’s win-loss record to assess a quarterback is like determining your salary based upon the profitability of the entire company.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Ill make it simple. Watch SF -Sea. Sunday Night. Hopefully you can figure it out.

  • aig-raiders

    I bet you I know a whole lot more about those 2 qbs than you. No TP is not even close in the same realm as those 2 guys. Those guys can run but they pass first and run when necessary. TP is a run only QB. Fact. Unless you want an affirmative action offense for TP…which sounds like what you want.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Those two guys were drafted by the current regime & Have played since thei rookie yrs. Russell has started EVERY GAME & Kap has started 25. They both are supported totally by their HC. TP is like a RED HEADED STEPCHILD DA has went out of his way to SABATOGE HIS GROWTh and CAREER AS THE LEADER OF THIS TEAM.

  • Ricky Bobby

    If TP is better off as a WR, MM is better off as Rudi

  • Ricky Bobby

    W-L is a RECORD. Try again BOTTOM LINE. You continue to support a ONE HIT WONDER QB, I’ll go with the QB that WINS MORE GAMES.

  • Ricky Bobby


  • Ricky Bobby

    TP was 3-6 as a STARTER, MM WAS 1-5, 5 consecutive losses , would have been 6 HAD DA NOT SET UP TP TI FAIL, starting TP after 7 weeks VS DENVER?? Saying to gives team best chance TO WIN?#AGENTWASRIGHT

  • Chris Martin

    He was never given the chance to improve

  • Chris Martin

    Ditch mcgloin keep Pryor bring in jadeveon clowney and give Pryor somber time to develop as a passer

  • Chris Martin

    Thank you someone sees my points

  • Chris Martin

    There’s a reason he’s been a walk on hiswwhole career he was left behind in the draft for a reason he can’t be consistently progressive let him go

  • Chris Martin

    Pryor is CURRENTLY a run only qb give him time to develop as a passer we held him on a bench for three years with no play of course he looks like he is still at osu he needs to play to gain nfl passing experience the stats they didn’t show is the ints and sacks and mcgloin is going to turn into another Romo he can’t handle pressure Pryor can at least make some type of play under pressure I don’t see mcgloin being much Pryor with time and experience has great potential regardless of what is said Pryor is still my qb he knows how to build chemistry mcgloin doesn’t fit in

  • Chris Martin


  • Chris Martin

    Yes and its 1-6 under mcgloin

  • aig-raiders

    I wont even bother responding to the clueless dude Ricky Bobby but I will respond to you. I own a TP2 Jersey. That’s how much I liked the guy coming into this season and after a few games this year. However, it was obvious TP can’t throw, read or command the qb position. He even admitted he just barely learned the mechanics this year. Think about that. A 3 yr pro athlete just barely learned his fundamentals this year. WTH was he doing the last 3. Apparently, he was surrounded by a bunch of yes sirs like his agent and it put him back. The Raiders cannot afford 3 more yrs while TP learns his craft. He is supposed to learn these basic things already prior coming to the NFL. The difference between him and other young mobile guys like RG3 and Kaeper is that those guys can make the throws. They are just learning to make the reads. Whereas TP can’t even throw a good ball with any accuracy. Kaeper was deadly accurate going to his left yesterday but Kaeper can’t read from the pocket. As Montana stated, a 1 read and scramble guy. Think about that for a second and see how far back TP has to catch up. Maybe in NE, they can afford to wait for him but not in Oakland. The coaching staff will be fired if they start out 2-6 next season.

    As for McG, I point out to the Titans game. he had no problem answering the Titans TD late in the 4th. it was our D that gave it up. Against SD he put a perfect TD pass to Streater late in the game and not his fault Streater couldnt hang on to it. Who knows where he will end up but I am very confident he is our training camp 1st teamer next year.

  • Jaime Olguin

    When Pryor first joined the league he had every opportunity to help himself get better, but instead was the last one
    In the film room and the first one to go home, and these are his own words. Hey look I like the kid he’s awesome
    To watch , but he needs to continue to work with his mechanics and really learn the offence and the playbook ,
    Which Mcgloin already has the upper hand on him, What I like about Matt is he’s cool under pressure and I also like
    That even though he was brought in as a camp arm he just ran with it and work hard, but anyways this season is
    Going to be very interesting, I do want them to pick up a QB in the Draft and see what happens this year, I really have
    A lot of faith in this regime, it funny how some of our fans just love to bash on Reggie &Allen but hey man what can
    You really do with very little money in the cap, this year I think will be a make or break year. And I think they well prove it to the Nation….win lose or tie a Raider till I die…….Go…..Raiders!!!!!!