Jan 29, 2014; New York, NY, USA; NFL former quarterback Rich Gannon speaks on Sirius XM on radio row in preparation for Super Bowl XLVIII at the Sheraton Times Square. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft: Rich Gannon calls Johnny Manziel “bad fit” for Oakland

The Oakland Raiders reportedly don’t have a starting quarterback on their roster dating back to Dennis Allen’s final comments at the end of their disappointing 2013 season. With undrafted free agent Matt McGloin getting little love and Terrelle Pryor getting even less from the Raiders organization heading into free agency and the 2014 NFL Draft many have thrown out the possibility of the Silver and Black selecting one of the top quarterbacks with Texas A&M superstar Johnny Manziel being one of those names.

Former MVP and Raiders legendary QB Rich Gannon doesn’t think that Manziel would be a good fit for Oakland. In fact Gannon doesn’t appear to believe that the Raiders are ready to bring in a franchise QB through the draft at all, citing the Raiders many holes as a concern.

“Bad fit,” Gannon said, when asked by NFL.com’s Chase Goodbread if Manziel would be right for the organization, which picks No. 5 overall in the May 8-10 NFL draft and would likely have to trade for a higher pick if it wants the former Texas A&M star. “Only from the standpoint that I think a team has to be ready for a young quarterback. I don’t think that team is quite ready yet.”

Despite feeling that Oakland doesn’t have enough pieces on their roster to allow Manziel to develop properly, Gannon says that he still is high on Johnny Football as a prospect even if it isn’t a good move for Oakland in his opinion.

“I really like him. I know people make a big deal about some of the off-the-field issues and some of the maturity things. To me, he’s a young guy who’s had a lot of success and we all handle it differently,” Gannon said. “I think my biggest concern is the discipline from a quarterback standpoint. Footwork, sitting in the pocket, going through reads and progressions. I think he has to go somewhere where they have a very disciplined coordinator and quarterback coach. Somebody who is really going to grind on him and stay on him for those first couple years as he learns the system. He’s a guy who likes to ad lib a lot, and you can’t always do that in the NFL.”

Gannon has a point, but he also needs to recognize that the Raiders have to find a franchise QB for the future eventually as Gannon himself was the last passer to guide Oakland to the playoffs with consistent success. Avoiding committing to bring one in is only procrastinating the process and even if Manziel isn’t your cup of tea there is no denying that if he or Teddy Bridgewater fall to #5 Reggie McKenzie will have to take a long look at selecting a passer in the first round, ready for it or not.


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  • Demarkus Tramail Swan


    DA hates Black QB’s but he detests DUAL THEEAT QB’s as well as a snotty rich boy like JF. This inept organization already has a stud QB in TP yet has no IDEA HOW TALENTED HE REALLY IS. DA will be fired no later than midseason & this nightmare will be over.

  • Stanley Carr

    I agree 100%!!!

  • Troy Evans


  • Rees Britton

    Here we go again with your race card… didn’t DA say the franchise QB wasn’t on the roster, so doesn’t that include MM?
    Its not time to give up on either QB, but seriously guys…. ENOUGH WITH THE RACE CARD!!!!
    Troy you mention Mike Shanahan… was their a black QB on the 88 or 89 raiders teams… no there wasn’t, so what exactly do you even mean?
    So once again youre just throwing mud to see what sticks… childish at best and totally unfounded ! Come up with an argument that shows actual proof instead of posting the same thing over and over in caps. It doesn’t prove anything other then you are foolish.
    and yes fire DA midseason so we can hire…. yeah Im out of canidates that would be worth scraping everything to start over for. Why would you wish that on your supposed favorite team? This is the exact reason we are where we are… we kept firing coaches every year and had no continuity from year to year.
    Who would we hire if we fire DA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • disqus_ImYfV88m8Y

    Stud QB in TP?

    Terrelle Pryor is a terrible, terrible quarterback.
    This is fact. Undeniable fact.
    I’m sorry it’s true, because I wish for the Raiders sake he was the real deal.
    But he is a terrible, terrible quarterback.

  • Maconslab

    I don’t understand how anyone can make a fair assessment on either QB with the piss poor overall talent collected by the people in charge in Oakland. Also three OC’s in three years really. And DA is a defensive guy yet and still the defense hasn’t played consistent ball under him for two years. But every does what… BLAME the QB!!!

  • Hayekian

    Gannon “needs to recognize?” What is wrong with you? No offense, but there is a very good reason why there are no “20 year old journalists from Saskatchewan” heading NFL personnel departments. Did you ever even play the game? Or coach it?
    I understand that you are just trying to get your “writing chops” going here with this column and I’m OK with that. What I don’t appreciate is your lack of respect for the REAL WORD knowledge of a guy like Rich Gannon. Rich Gannon doesn’t “need to recognize” anything, particularly your fantasy football” level of silliness. You should be more respectful of those who were “in the arena.”

  • ChuyJess26

    Last time I checked RM is Black. If TP was skilled enough to start he’d start. It’s not a race issue. Several media outlets report the only QB the Raiders would draft in the first round is Teddy B. Again it’s not a race issue.

  • Angel

    I respect the hell out of Gannon. But he also said Matt Flynn reminded him of himself in the way he was poised in the pocket and his lack of arm strength accuracy. Manziel can fit in Oakland. Do we want him?? I dunno..

  • chase ruttig

    Editor’s Note: Played defensive end in high school, sorry my opinion offended you so much. I think that Rich Gannon is an analyst like everybody else now former MVP or not……

  • Jaime Olguin

    DA is not a racesist it’s just that Terrel Pryor is as dum as a door knob, playin and simple. Why would Reggie
    hire Dennis if he was one, why would he put his job on the line for some one who don’t like color, that is the
    most childish stuff I have ever heard of. This regime is going to put us back at the top of the mountain where
    We belong…GO RAIDERS!!!!

  • Tony Tomasello

    Follow the Seattle model. Put all the pieces in place then go get the franchise guy and put him in an instant success position like Russell Wilson.

  • nomoreseasontix

    Dude… Get a grip. Open your eyes.
    Pryor is not, and will never be an NFL starting quarterback.
    No matter how much you want him to be, he’s not. It doesn’t matter how much you want him for the sake of his color, it ain’t happening.

    Go check out some other team with a QB that has the skin tone you’re looking for. Don’t try to turn a lack of QB talent into a race thing. It just makes you look silly.

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    How you going to call a player with MVP college Sugar bowl championship within his first two yrs. Dumb. See if he had a chance to stay in college and got 4 yrs. To Horne in on his craft. He might have won the Heisman himself. He been on a team that was not even trying to let him play. Matt Flynn over V. Young. Paid money and gave up draft pick. V. Young was a winner and showed his skills. Could have gotten him for 2 million a year. no draft picks. McKenzie and Allen are both rookies. Had great teachers but do that mean all come out as A students?

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    That’s because they are naive just as you are to DA’s BIAS. TB will never be drafted here if it was Allen’s choice, DA would go with his boi toi ONE HIT WONDER MM.b4 he subjects himself to another black QB. The only way a Black QB is drafted here would be a MD move & even then DA would make him a backup-3rd teamer as he did TP.

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    If your new anything about football u would be aware that not only has this regime NEVER BELIEVED IN TP, it has gone out of it’s way to make sure RN, the media or Pryor believes that as well. I will be more than happy to point out every fact on twitter, simply look up RickyReturnsLOL.

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    If DA is is biased , Micheal Sam is GAY, oh shit , HE IS….

    Put us BACK ON THE MAP?? LOL, if you believe these 3 STOOGES WILL GET THIS TEAM other than their normal 4-12 RECORD , then you are DELUSIONAL.

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    That is what I was screaming last season, sign VY OR TEBOW BEGORE YOU TRADE PICKS & a BRINK’S TRUCK OF CASH FOR FLYNN, but then as I’ve been saying all along DA DOESN’T WANT A BLACK QB BEING THE FACE OF THE FRANCHISE IN OAKLAND, he would rather LOSE WIRH HIS GUYS ( FLYNN, MM) than win with Pryor. How the TP hata’s have forgotten PRYOR WON 3 OF THE 4 games Oakland won, yet they want to look @ the passes MM COMPLETED downfield instead of his 1-5 RECORD & 5 GAME LOSING STREAK, would have been 6 had DA kept his WORD & started him vs Denver but DA is sinister & arrogant, not stupid & CHOSE TO THROW PRYOR TO THE WOLVES AFTER HE HAD BEEN ON THE BENCH FOR 2 MONTHS, citing PRYOR GAVE THE RAIDERS THE BEST CHANCE TO WIN?? #SETUP2FAIL

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    Exactly, go back & look at Shanny in the 80′s WOW. We saw how NIASED SHANNY WAS IN WASH. He never wanted RG3, was furious to be forced to give up those picks for him & responded by drafting his guy COUSINS. We saw the debacle there with Shanny leaving a one legged

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    Yes Rich said this, but Rich forgot he knew how to scramble. Also he had a O-line. I laugh at how all analyst say in the SB that Denver O-line did not give Payton time. They say this for most QB’s, But when it came to either Raider Qb especially Terelle it was their fault. Without the o-line there is no Run game either.

  • nomoreseasontix

    Most don’t believe in him as a quarterback. He’s not very good.
    Nothing else to know.
    If you’re going to Twitter to gather ammo, you don’t have a point or a clue.

    Thanks for playing.

    LOL… or whatever…

  • Angel

    Yeh, when Hue was fired I was hella bummed out. And I agree with “we don’t have the coaches to groom”.

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    No we do not want a Johnny Manziel, he not the type for Oakland. Oakland do not need a QB Rookie or young wise. If not a Veteran, AKA; Michael Vick or V. Young or Kirk Cousins. Then work with TP and MM and sure-up the O-line and run a power game. We have the backs, keep Jennings. Sure up the D-line. and CB’s. Then most of all coach!!!! We have too many crucial penalties. That kills our drive. Teach Discipline,

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    You are slow also, It not that DA is Racist to me at all. He just do not know QB. He said QB is the backbone of a football team. Yet Ravens won 2 super bowls with avg. QB’s. But a strong O-line and Defense. Jim Plunkett won 2 SB one MVP but he was a avg Qb. Eli Manning won 2 SB. Payton and Elway both considered to be 2 of the best top 10. Payton only has one SB and Elway 2 of 6. So TP and MM could be great enough when they build this year around them. I want to believe that this year with the baggage from over our heads. We can build a real contender team. We have the QB’s to work with. We have at least 2 good TE. We have 2 good LB. we have 1 DT. Let’s bring back Vandleer . We have 3 Good Running backs, if we bring Jennings back. We have Murray, Reece, he no longer a fullback to me. We picked up the guy from CFL. And we have J. Stewart. wide outs need to learn to get off blocks they are young it will be better this year. You give TP time in the pocket and let him build trust like all Rookies Qb need it will be awesome. But to keep getting rookie qb and not fix the o-line is a killer to any qb mental state. Ask David Carr or Sam Bradford. Look at what happened to Payton in the SB. The Great Al Davis had it best with the Great John Madden “Big up front, Big backs Run it down their throats and lean on them in the second half they will be too tired to fight. Second half pass over them.” Look at the winning teams front lines and what they have in the backfield and WR.. It is not rocket science. So lets see what they do this year. Oh one more thing Players need HEART. QB is the spark to light a fire. Even Tebow brought that to a team. He can’t Qb for crap. Right