Aug 23, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie during the game against the Chicago Bears at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Examining the Oakland Raiders' free agency after Week One

With the first days of free agency for the Oakland Raiders behind us and in the bag, let’s examine the job that Reggie Mckenzie has done this far. While many fans in the Raider Nation of taken arms and criticized Mckenzie of the job he has done, mainly the departure of Lamaar Houston and Jared Veldheer. Well, the Raiders still have upwards of $57 million to spend and free agency is not even a week old yet.

First let’s talk about the departures- LT Veldheer, DE Houston and RB Jennings.

The main player that hurt the team by leaving was Jared Veldheer. While he was injured last year for 11 games and played terribly for the five games he was active, he has shown in the past that he can be a very solid left tackle in the NFL, if not an elite one. Obviously Reggie does not share this same sentiment as he thinks that he is not worth the $6 million price tag the Cardinals gave him.

His plan all along was most likely to move 2013 2nd round pick Menelik Watson from the right end to the left end, as Reggie has very high hopes very Watson, who spend most of the season injured. As fellow member of Raider Nation said here , lets just put the whole Saffold incident to rest. Reggie never had intentions of him playing left tackle, but in fact rather a guard position where he flashed pro-bowl potential last year.

I will put this bluntly Raider Nation, Houston is not an elite player. He is an undersized DE who looked good on a bad team last year. If he was in fact one of the best free agent linemen, there would have been hype on him before this year, but there wasn’t. He somehow convinced the NFL that his lukewarm 6 sacks made him one of the best linemen. Well for the price that the Bears signed him, we signed Woodley and Tuck who are far better pass rushers than Houston.

Justin Tuck came on at the end of the season recording 9.5 sacks in the last half of the season. How many did Lamaar have in those last 8 games? Two.  Houston’s main strength came against the run, but people don’t realize the Tuck is also very solid against the run aswell. We upgraded two spots for the price of one guy. Tuck (30) and Woodley (29) are not as old as the league makes them out to be and still have a lot of good football in the tank, especially when you consider Houston is turning 27 this summer.

Jennings is not worth the $4 million that the Giants paid him, at least not in the role he serves for this offense. The Raider’s re-signed DMC to a dirt cheap contract ($100,000) guaranteed,  and they have two backs that they are high one, UCF’s Lavatius Murray and Canadian football sensation Cory Sheets. He is a non-factor when it comes to the backfield, and with the money they saved, we were able to sign another pass-rusher in Antonio Smith (or Tarell Brown, whichever you prefer to see that money go to).

In a few, quick, cost effective moves, the Raiders were able to get rid of players who’s own value did not meet theres, and players who did not want to be here. They managed to severely upgrade the the D Line already (look for them to continue upgrading this) and sign nice stop gap veterans to mentor the young players they are going to draft in addition to contributing on the field. They shored up the secondary by signing CB Brown, who was a starter in San Francisco in the playoffs, to play opposite of the promising DJ Hayden, and resigned free safety Usama Young to play alongside Tyvon Branch.

They managed to do all this and still have $57 million to spend, just don’t expect McKenzie to be blowing all his money. He signs smart, cost effective players and builds through the draft, it has always been his plan. He is a shrewd businessman and refuses to pay anything but his value for a player. While Raider nation may seem infuriated by this, he learned from the best in Ted Thomson and the folks up there in Green Bay. He is adding quality players and depth right now and look for him to pick up a play maker with the #5 overall pick.

While he has two major flaws in the picking up of Tyler Wilson and Matt Flynn, he has an exceptional eye for talent, or do you not remember that we drafted Sio Moore and Mychal Rivera and signed UDFA Matt McGloin, Rod Streater, etc. Remember, none of us are NFL general managers and have the knowledge they do, so don’t act like he is a moron and not knowing how to do his job. He is the only reason we have hope for the future right now and we should respect him enough to let him carry out his plan without getting the pitchforks out less than a week into free-agency.


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  • Don

    Yup, Raider Nation ran out of patients like Mr. Davis but I for one want to see this up coming season played out before I make any judgment on RM and the front office. Go Raiders! Back to Pride and Poise, Commitment of Exellence, and Just Win Baby.

  • Stephen Spicker

    Nice, great to read something positive about the Raiders. The Raiders are on their way back to winning football.GO RAIDERS!

  • Travis Myers

    I have two major problems with your article. First, how is L.Houston undersized? He’s probably the biggest 4-3 DE in football at 6’3″ 300 lbs. Second, eye for talent? None of his draft picks have made a significant contribution. For the same reason you said Houston was overrated (looked good on a bad team), you could say the same about Moore and Rivera. Sure they showed potential but so did M.Burris two years ago and McKenzie was so impressed he signed 3 veteran LBs and drafted another. His draft picks have been awful IMO. Time will tell but I remain skeptical. 53 wins in 11 years will tend to that to a fan.

  • David Jones

    You must be part of the Raider PR blitz, or RM publicity manager. The Raiders have not signed any elite pro bowl players available when they have lots of cap space. To speak poorly of those who left is sour grapes as they all were good players–something the Raiders do not have much of these days. Face it. RM is good at signing cast offs, undrafted players but has yet to show thru 2 drafts or trying to get a good QB that he can build a quality team. He should be fired.

  • raider101

    You dont think he could of got DJ Hayden in the 3-4 round? I do. So if that is true that is a waste of a pick, its a wasted pick anyway if he dont step up this year. Tyler Wilson wasted pick, Matt Flynn wasted 8 mil, and a pick if Watson dont play this year wasted pick, for sumbody that wants to build through the draft, I dont see it, and if you think he has a exceptional eye for talent your as delusional as him.

  • Fernando Maestas

    I dont think the problems you speak of are major problems at all unless you’re begging to be more correct than the editor… which is opinion vs fact. Lamarr Houston is indeed an undersized DE for a 43 defense, because inches do matter. The one good things in Lamarr are his long arms and his ability to play DT as well; if it matters, if he did play DT,( because he didnt) he for sure is one of the smallest, height + weight all around at the DT position. For Lamarrs argument…”if” he did play DT, he would be one of the fastest! If you go 34 defense and factor in a pass rushing LB, if Lamarr played OLB, he would indeed be one of the biggest OLB pass rushers but not by a long stretch the biggest DE!! “Pun intended”! There is a difference. Now with RMs drafting; you put Houston and draft picks in the same sentence like there should even be an argument. any counter argument starts with Lamarr Houston is a FA “veteran” that we all have seen for a long time now! He got a shot starting, day 1 at LE at that, which is a less demanding job then RE. Really, I hate to say it but, those days were not so great. Last year, RM and Allen had him play RE; just one year. Perhaps since Houston was in a contract year, he played RE under Allen to prove his worth. Like I said last year, Houston and the Raiders should have never talked contract extension 4 games into the season. At that time, Houston was ballin but the numbers after that time frame flat lined. To me, this was a no brainer if Houston thought he was going to get what the Bears signed him for at 27yo going on 28 with 0 NFL accolades. Now with RMs draft, these young players made just as much noise as Lamarr! The difference being, they are either in year 2 or rookies! So, you cant really “say the same for Moore and Rivera”… and lets keep it going, Streater, Holmes, Mcgee, Butler, Kasa, Nix, Watson, Burris, Kaelin Burnett, Hayden, Crawford, Casey and Lumpkin. Im sure you may not know of most of these guys and you shouldnt yet because they all just started their career. Now, add all their saleries up and compare them to Houston…. Yup, pretty close! How can you even ask to compare RMs decission when so many articles explain that he is a business man and a numbers dude to the fault!! Another thins, Dude, news flash! Al Davis passed away! didnt know if you knew that; you shouldnt rant on RM about years he wasnt here. I get it, you feel like you have an argument and want to point out flaws in someones writing but really, the writer did a good job and I couldn’t agree more with this post! Its about the future; and if having some bad ass proven Pro Bowl caliber players in here leading the Raiders and teaching our younglings how to play their respectable positions at the highest level through proven experience, im all for it. Hmmm…. hypothetically, would you rather learn to pass rush from Houston or Tuck, Smith or Woodley? Im sure you say Houston right? lol Miles Burris did impress RM and Allen and they are very high on Burris but if you dont remember, he had surprise surgery and sent RM into a LB signing frenzy. Yes, it was last year.. a long time ago but that’s what happened with the Burris situation. Burris is a very bright spot and he’s a Raiders so whats the problem! What else… Veldheer! He wanted top LT dollar. You would too if you were a heavy favorite going into last season with talks of being All Pro in 2013…. It Didnt happen however, but he still wanted that kind of money which is why he is so rich in contract AZ. Yes, he is awesome but after he fired his agent and hired his brother to be his agent, he was as good as gone. RM made the offer he felt was fare and Veldheer and his family got 1 way tickets booked for Phoenix. The dude never even cared to negotiate! RM did want Veldheer…. and they wanted Saffold as well as Howard! All at once!! The plan all along was to bring back Veldheer in for a multi year worth less then 6 million a year, apparently. If he wanted to be a Raider, he would have called and said, “AZ wants to give me 6 mil” and RM would have had a choice to out bid or not. Veldheer never called back though. The Saffold situation, if RM had his way, he would have had: LT. Veldheer, LG. Saffold, C. Wiz, RG. Watson or Barnes, RT. Howard. To me, this would have been the best Raiders OL in years… but we know how that story between “the Left side” went. I think the biggest thing to take from this post is that RM got the Raiders to $60 million in cap space and brought in 5 proven starters for the price of just a fraction of Houston and Veldheer. Is it easy to kick your dog for RM not spending top dollar in week one of Free Agency, yeah… but trends show that players are a lot cheaper the second week of FA for respected positions. If we can sign Penn for less than JV, Reggie wins because Penn is proven and durable compared to JV and his injury he sustained. Hey, it is what it is, if arguments need to be exersize! Again, Lamarr was a no brainer compared!

  • GUMP

    Slowly Put down the kool-aid and back away.

  • Bob

    DMC is not worth the $4 million the Raiders paid him either, so why did the Raiders re-sign a RB that can’t/won’t play injured?

  • holy roller

    I dunno………size notwithstanding, Houston wasn’t consistent enough. Veldeer? One, two good years and then hurt? Jennings….well, I’da signed him. Reggie makes moves all the time that evoke warm feelings of an overhead projector and “dr evil” making his case for executing uh, what was his name again?
    They gotta get one thing right, TP is the QB of the now and the future, hitch ur wagon and take a nice ride. The kid is going places one way or another.

  • Really?

    That 4 million is ONLY if he performs. His contract has 100k guaranteed money in it. Little commitment from the team (100k) and if healthy DMac has proven he can be a top tier running back. However if he doesnt perform. He gets his 100k we start a new back and move on.

  • Really?

    Fourth round wasted pick? That’s a bit much isnt it.

  • Really?

    Are you seriously saying that Justin Tuck isn’t pro bowl caliber?

  • James

    I will miss Houston and Veldheer, but nobody has thought that Veldheer wanted to leave? AZ has a chance at winning the best division in football. It seems as if he was a bit disgruntled that after coming off an injury that caused him to miss most of the season but still expected to be paid like a future HOFer. Love the guy, but I am sure he did not want to come back or RM could have gotten it done. RM has not done anything to make me doubt him. For everybody criticizing his draft picks, he had very few his first draft, and last year made some good picks. Nothing great, but we will get a better idea 2 or 3 years from now. I know, Al drafted guys like Asomogua… Oh wait, he sucked his first few years… Jamarcus Russell.. Oh wait.. He sucked too.. Every draft is hit and miss for every team. Name the Seahawks, Broncos, and Niners big hits from last years draft? Those who believe RM has made horrible draft picks are reading too much into the Anti Raider media bias that wants to call every move they make a failure. The NFL is in a better place when the Raiders are in the news so negative stories about them are more powerful than positive stories about the Chargers. He in fact HAS signed Pro Bowl defensive players. Is a guy who had 11 sacks last season washed up? He was drawing double teams and still dominated. Does anybody remember last season guys like Burnett and Roach? People were whining about that too and they played very well. The offense was one of the most productive in the NFL with McGloin at QB last year. (That is a statistical fact, not my opinion). They also won some tough games with Pryor at QB. Do I think the QB of the future is on the roster? Hell yes. At least the immediate future. Add some defensive depth so that the defense doesn’t fall off in the second half of every game and let the young QB’s develop and then judge RM. Does anybody remember how well Peyton played his rookie year? Or Drew Brees? Exactly. They were horrible. Interceptions happen with rookies. The Raiders are not in a win now situation so they have the luxury of building a team the right way. Also, what “big name” free agents have we missed out on? I don’t really recall any that I was thinking were the Peyton Manning of this years F/A class… I think RM brought in some talent. I am happy with the off season so far, and it is just getting started.

  • James

    DMC gets something like $180,000. If he plays, he EARNS more money. He likely will not earn that money. We all know this. His deal is a good risk. Kory Sheets is similar to Rashad Jennings in the fact that nobody wanted him.. RM made that signing last year and Sheets this year. I have faith he got this right.

  • David Jones

    Seriously. Do you think the Giants would have let him go if he was? Seriously. Do you actually think RM pins his hopes on Watson being the left tackle when he has played all of one year at the college level as a tackle? Seriously? Face it. RM is in over his head.


    No way… other teams we’re gonna grab him in first if we didn’t. People give RM too much shit for matt Flynn… he took a chance didn’t work out move on.. the way MF played for green bay looked like a good plan at the time…

  • Rob Banks

    Great read! My sentiments, exactly.

  • raider101

    We had 3 third pick in the forth round, they traded it to drop back like 15 spots, should have got the best guy on the board

  • raider101

    Dont remember anybody that said that they were going to take him, saw him in mock drafts in as high 3rd

  • Really?

    Yes, cap causalities happen ALL the time in this league. Look around the league and see how many pro bowler caliber players have been released due to cap issues. Tuck doesn’t have an issue playing it was all about the money. RM isnt pinning his hopes on Watson which is why he is busy rebuilding both lines. Veld was a overrated guy who played terrible so I’m not to sure what you think we should have done there.

  • David Jones

    Overrated? Tell that to the other 31NFL GM’s who wanted him. Plus, he signed for a modest amount of 7MM per year; oh, and, of course, let us not forget how RM signed the Rams’ player who was worse than our guy at a higher amount. Finally, there were several better options to sign for both sides of the line last week. Take either our offensive or defensive line and compare it to any of our AFC west rivals and ask who would you rather have?

  • Really?

    Yes, OVERRATED! Numbers don’t lie my friend. 31 other GMs didnt want him only the Cards did and only because he came so cheap. He spent 11 of the 16 games last year on IR from an injury in camp. So no he wasn’t highly sought after. We made him an offer he chose to decline and move on, that the way free agency works. We can’t blame Reggie for Veldheer not wanting to be in Oakland. Saffold would have been a damn good pickup because of his versatility and his upside. The contract was also front loaded meaning that if he didnt work out we could simply move on. Face it Veldheer was a bright spot on a terrible team. Not exactly a hard accomplishment wouldnt you say?

    Several better options such as? Name them, don’t put out vague generalities and expect it to stick. Put our defensive line compared to last years we have SIGNIFICANTLY improved on both sides of the ball. Sounds like you are just mad because he didnt do what you wanted him to do and put us RIGHT back into cap help as the Broncos will be facing in the next two years.

  • CenCal Raider

    Quit saying our dip shit your obviously not a raider fan these haters infiltrated these blogs all the time claiming to be raider fans there not though the real raider fans are not fooled though

  • David Jones

    We have had season tickets on the 40 year line for 30 years. Where are yours?

  • David Jones

    Veldheer was dying to come back to the Raiders. Saffold has not played a full season in 4 years and has injury issues. If you had 32 GMs in one room and asked who they would rather have, 31 are on one side and RM on the other. As far as being much better than last year, we have added a right tackle while losing a left tackle on offensive. How are we significantly better?

  • Really?

    No he was not, if he was he would be in Silver and Black. He choose to take higher dollars from another camp. So no he wasn’t dying to come back. 31 are on one side? No dude just simply no. If that where the case he would have fetched a MUCH higher dollar amount than he did. But he didnt. No one wants a so so lineman who thinks hes a stud that hasn’t played a full game in how long?

    Added a right tackle? That’s not all we have added. Each and every player that has been brought in has a better track record than the majority of Raiders on the Roster right now. Do you seriously want to compare Tuck vs Houston? Or Woodley come on dude just relax we’re getting better and being wise about money in the mean time.

    Bottom line, Reggie has it right. You simply cant build a successful franchise through FA alone. You bring in some stop gap guys who have proven records of being winners to mold and mentor your younger class. ANY one that knows anything about football can tell you that.

  • CenCal Raider

    Yeah where at candlestick park? Your a wolf in sheep clothes and you no it !

  • Ervin Barrentine

    Smiles for Raider Nation! Believe in the process Believe in Reggie

  • gdubb


  • Michael Klein

    Even though I can see some positive in the article I had the same sentiment that you did afterward. All this blind optimism & blind faith is not translating into wins. If we waste more money on a so called “upgrade QB” without addressing some of our other issues Reggie & Dennis Allen will both be fired next year. Here is a list of upgrade qb’s that were a giant waste of time and money since Rich Gannon2013Terrelle Pryor (9) / Matt McGloin (6) / Matt Flynn (1)2012Carson Palmer (15) / Terrelle Pryor (1)2011Carson Palmer (9) / Jason Campbell (6) / Kyle Boller (1)2010Jason Campbell (12) / Bruce Gradkowski (4)2009JaMarcus Russell (9) / Bruce Gradkowski (4) / Charlie Frye (3)2008JaMarcus Russell (15) / Andrew Walter (1)2007Josh McCown (9) / Daunte Culpepper (6) / JaMarcus Russell (1)2006Andrew Walter (8) / Aaron Brooks (8)2005Kerry Collins (15) / Marques Tuiasosopo (1)2004Kerry Collins (13) / Rich Gannon (3)2003Rick Mirer (8) / Rich Gannon (7) / Marques Tuiasosopo (1)Fix the problem with coaching development, scheme, and getting surrounding talent here is a good start get a QB coach that can actually …… Coach!!!!

    NFL DRAFT UPDATEBe sure to watch Coach George Whitfield Jr., conduct Logan Thomas and Johnny Manziel’s Pro Days March 20 and March 27

  • Kenny Oliver

    Tucks worst season was much better then Houstons best season, and RM was able to get Woodley and Tuck for the same amount the Bears paid Houston.

  • Jimmy Conway

    I’ve bagged him. Now I will step back and see what happens. We can’t really judge until this upcoming season is over as to how well he put the team together. If we go 4-12 again, all bets are off. We have to go at least 8-8. We do that 2 ways. win the close ones we lost last year and don’t get blown up like we did last year.
    Let’s get behind this organization completely. Players, coaches, upper management and owner, Like real Raiders fans. Give them a chance. When we give them what they need and they don’t succeed, then we have every right to blast them on here, and on-line everywhere.

  • David Jones

    …And, Woodley are Tuck are 30 years old; best seasons behind them. Put Houston on the Giants and see what his stats would have been. They should have signed Houston AND Tuck and Woodley. Houston is just 26 and will give the Bears several productive years while Woodley and Tuck will be gone in two.

  • David Jones

    As you say, you cannot build a franchise through FA alone. Agreed. Two drafts have shown RM to be inept and his FA strategy is to get thru the year. RM will be gone after this year after causing another 4 – 12 year.

  • iceman4

    Lamarr Houston is 6 3, 305. Tuck is 6 5, 270. How is Houston small? lol do some homework before you write biased articles. Fans writing articles; what has the sporting world come to. The Raiders are 53-123; the worst stretch in FOOTBALL history. Even before the NFL.

    Teams found out last year that if you double team Houston, the Raiders line was toast. He was double teamed constantly so just looking at stats is ridiculous. Using your “logic” then why did Chicago snatch Houston up for 7 million with Houston and the Titans wanting him too?

    How did Veldheer play bad? The Raiders played fairly well the first 5 games and so did Veldheer. If he would have been signed you’d be saying how good he was.

    It’s shameful that SI has fans writing articles. lemming Raider fans looking for anything positive will love this. People with brains, shaking their heads.

  • iceman4

    you are obviously a Raiders fan and this article is a joke. You are speaking NFL combine speak. Save the long arm and other ridiculous things you say, it’s about football. If Houston stunk so bad then he wouldn’t have been double teamed all year. NFL network showed how bad the Raiders DL was when Houston was double teamed.

    your argument is ridiculous. Tuck had 9 sacks on a TERRIBLE defense that couldnt’ stop anyone. The Raiders have been drafting and signing poorly for 10 years and that’s why they are 53 and 123. Those are the facts. Hope and what might and could happen isn’t cutting it.

  • Really?

    You have no idea how football works. Two players that didnt work out from the 10 that we drafted shows the same thing it shows every NFL franchise. You win some you loose some. 8 players that he drafted have huge potential, they just need time to develop into NFL caliber players. Furthermore, the GM doesn’t cause bad seasons. The coaching staff however does. Nice try though.

  • iceman4

    p.s. plus the Raiders wouldnt’ be in this mess after choosing Hayden over Star Lotulelei. Star was another stupid pick because of a 40 NFL time in gym shorts.

    Lotulelei put Carolina’s defense at the next level into an elite defense. It’s ok to tell the truth about your team. Blindly saying every move is good and everything is ok doesnt’ make you a better fan.

  • SilverandBlack666

    Okay Sebastian if Reggie has a such a great eye for talent then why are there no real play makers on this team after TWO drafts? Reggie is a hack who has this franchise in worse shape then an 80 year old Al Davis. Sure he has 57 million to spend but on WHO? All the tier one free agents have been signed.

  • Fernando Maestas

    That’s right ‘ice….man” I am a Raider fan.. that’s why Im wearing a Raider Shirt posing for a pick with Jim Otto in my profile picture… easy assumption. This is also a site called “Just Blog Baby” an Oakland Raiders fan site on fan sided. I hate when people state the obvious to help out some bull crap slander. Yes I was speaking NFL combine exactly… Houston has long arms like Mike Mayock said… from the NFL Combine. Anyway, that was giving some pros to Houston but what does it matter anyway. Now with your numb nuts of a comment about Houston being double teamed all the time… Im just laughing because you are talking about a DE that had a tough time getting to the QB plain and simple… dont give him the double team excuse when it really only took one decent LT on the perimeter to sop him. He was very rarely doubled up… That’s a fact! Clowney coming out of college, he was double teamed and can use that excuse but there are not many pro DE that are getting double teamed these days.. please post the videos you were watching in reference to your facts you claim about Houston getting doubled up so much that was aired on NFL network. I watch NFL network everyday about 3 times a day.. they never did a special on Houston for 1, he’s not that great and 2, he’s not that great… numbers dont lie! I go to every game and sit on the 50 and have been watching Lamarr since his Rookie year; I never seen Houston getting doubled up unless you want to call a chip block from a RB or WR double teamed… that is too funny. Like he’s Lawrence Taylor or JJ Watt! The only guys getting double teamed from past to present.

    Oh no… Ice man!! another dumb comment Iceman; oh no you didnt! You did… why do people even try to use the TERRIBLE defense excuse for another mans success? Well guess what… the fact is, Houston only had 6 sacks in a even more poor defense. It doesnt matter how good the defense is when it comes to sacking the QB….like the other team gave Tuck more of a chance to get at the QB because his D in NY sucked…come on! Those are the facts!! Why do people automatically think because they are posting a BS knock of a comment on the Raiders, they automatically think they are correct. Your facts: 1. Video evidence of Houston getting double teamed, 2. Tuck had 9 sacks because he was in a terrible Defense, 3. Raiders drafting terrible! Okay, 1. NFL network hates the Raiders and doesnt even show the Raiders when we have highlights to show, let alone, would cover a guy like Lamarr Houston who barely has 16 total sacks in his career. He had 5 his Rookie season, 1 in his second year, 4 in his third and last year he had 6… big whoop… oh, he was doubled up!!! lol 2. Tuck actually had 11 last year, not 9 and has more of an argument if any about being doubled up since he has 60.5 sacks to his name. 3. Raiders drafting terrible… oh you got me there… except Al Davis was the one who drafted terrible, not the Raiders. Now, Al is dead and this article is about Reggie McKenzie which his draft has yet to play enough to judge but if you want to low blow the Raiders with Height, Weight speed drafting of Al… Ill give it to you. Again, this article is about Reggie however. Hit me up when Houston at least gets to 50 sacks or a playoff or a pro bowl. Houston was a good perimeter tackler but hardly has the numbers to be called an edge rusher. Get me that video before you waste your time with a counter comment.

  • dwayne

    What does the past have to do with the present? You saw what a horrible offense can do to a solid defense last year when MM couldn’t sustain drives, and the defense was out on the field for too long. Lamar Houston was good, but will never be Justin Tuck, or Woodley. These are true facts. If Brady Quinn stunk so bad, why was other teams interested when Cleveland let him go, a few years back? Stupid question,right? If you can’t see the upgrade from last year, to this year, you truly don’t know football! I didn’t want JV, LH to go either, but if they truly wanted to be here, they would’ve. Just like DMC, when he took less money, to remain with Oakland! Regardless of opinion, he showed the commitment of a true Raider! RM is smart not signing either of them, and smarter not signing Jennings. They all can be replaced, and will be! We will have 1 of the best, and most improved defenses this coming year, count on it!

  • Jonathan Allen

    Yea we need to lay off Reggie and let him do his job and i love what he is doing, and i think the leage better watch us in 2014, i know we say this every year but thats what REAL FANS DO!!! its gonna be a surprise in the AFC West!!!!

  • Bryant Hamman

    Just remember He’s had 1 year………With a full set of picks. Burris was what a 5th rounder??? Sio Moore Watkins and Hayden will be studs. Another good Draft and we will be legit by 2015.

  • Crusader10

    Great article. Even and fair. I agree with the points here, though I thought that at the time Tyler Wilson might have been a steal there. So did a lot of other people.

  • Ericc Pierce

    The person that wrote this article is very very dumb!! Lamar was not undersized, check his weight and height, second RM is still dumb because we could have got better players with all the money we have. The moves he making now are good moves not great. I promise you writing articles is not your things and please stop. You want make it, but other than that #Raidernationforlife

  • Ericc Pierce

    The Person that wrote the article is very dumb and knows nothing about football!!

  • Kenny Oliver

    Tuck should still easily give the Raiders more production then Houston for the next few seasons, that is more then enough time for Oakland to find another pass rusher to step in and take his place. Houston wasn’t that good, he was just average at best.