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Should the Raiders Trade for DeSean Jackson?

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If you were Reggie McKenzie, would you trade for DeSean Jackson or would you try to find a receiver in the draft? If used correctly, DeSean Jackson can be one of the most electrifying players in the NFL. He is without a doubt the fastest player on the field at all times and is a threat to score every time he touches the football. Yes, he has a big contract but with the Oakland Raiders cap situation being what it is money would not be the reason they do not make this deal in my opinion. DeSean Jackson is a weapon on the field and he will put fans in the stands, if he helps take this team to the next level I do not think you can put a price on that.

There is also a downside to trading for DeSean Jackson. The cost is most likely going to be one or multiple draft picks. The Raiders need every draft pick they can get so trading one for a player who might not be happy with your franchise is a risk the Raiders cannot afford to take in my opinion. DeSean has also been a headache for the front office in Philadelphia. Over the years there have been reports making it obvious to me that DeSean is not shy about wanting his money. If he comes to Oakland, is a distraction, and doesn’t work out, it’s another failed experiment by Reggie McKenzie and loss of a draft pick. The Raiders cannot pay that price right now.

The other option Reggie McKenzie has is drafting a receiver. This draft is extremely deep at the wide receiver position. There is a legit chance you can draft a player in the later rounds who will contribute immediately. With the number five pick, the only option at the wide receiver position is Sammy Watkins. Watkins is a tall receiver with blazing speed and good hands. He is definitely the best receiver in the draft but I do not believe he is worth the number five pick. If the Raiders did take Sammy Watkins at five I would not hold it against them because he appears to be a very good prospect but I would rather see them take a chance on a pass rusher or another area of need. The Raiders have plenty of holes to fill on this team and with the signing of James Jones receiver just isn’t at the top of that list. Owner Mark Davis has already let it be known the Raiders would probably go in another direction with the fifth pick. I could see the Raiders looking at receivers in the third or fourth rounds but it is tough to see them diving into the wide receiver pool any time before then.

If you ask me, drafting a receiver has just as much risk and reward as trading for DeSean Jackson and it is a lot cheaper. As much as I’d love to see Desean streaking up the field in the legendary silver and black, I would hate to see him become another one of Reggie McKenzie’s failed experiments. Especially if the pick that Oakland gives up turn out to be a good player, it would be a slap in the face of the Raider Nation.

Reggie McKenzie has made some good moves this offseason but he still has some huge decisions to make. What Reggie does over the next month or two can either make or break him as the general manager of the Oakland Raiders.

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  • PK

    Id rather them draft Watkins then trade for deSean he’s more of a risk I feel

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    I wish RM HAD WAITED FOR SHAUB TO BE CUT & then traded 4 DJAX.

  • Guido


  • Tony maez

    As much as eagles want Jackson gone!! Wait for him to get cut!! He is a raider fan why wouldn’t he sign a deal there once he is signed

  • Tony maez

    Waited for both to be cut

  • gdubb

    We don’t need djax. Or watkins Draft a receivers mid to late rounds

  • Brutus

    If Reggie feels that the strong vet presence on the team can control the potential locker room issues with Jackson, they should make the trade – but not a draft pick. Philly supposedly wants a third round pick. Using the NFL’s draft charts, that pick is worth 245 points. We could get creative and swap 2nd and 3rd round picks with the Eagles (not losing either, just sliding back 17 slots in either round) and make up that differential. I’d prefer not to slide back in the 2nd, since I think there may be someone there we want, but there are other combinations that accomplish the same thing. The big issue is the locker room issue. I think Jackson now realizes that he is costing himself money and I’m sure his agent has told him as much. I suspect he is motivated to reverse that image. If we’re confident in our ability to handle the potential locker room issue, he is a better risk than a receiver in the draft since he is a proven NFL receiver.
    As far as one commenter saying that we should have waited for Schaub to become a free agent, I disagree. First, it is pretty clear a deal was already in place to renegotiate his contract. Second, we proved he wanted him and were willing to give up a draft pick to ensure we got the QB we wanted. I think that was important to him. Bottom line is that Schaub is more than worth a sixth round pick and he renegotiated his contract.
    I like McGloin, but he is UFA who will benefit significantly from sitting behind a vet. It is too early to tell if he will develop into an NFL starting QB, but I think sitting behind Schaub for a year or two will definitely help. I also feel confident he can win games for us if Schaub gets injured or is ineffective. We will likely draft a QB at some point in this draft, so McGloin will get to go head-to-head for the right to be next. From what I saw from him last year, that is all he is asking for – a fair shot. He should get one with the Raiders, because RM is not afraid to admit mistakes and cut his losses (see Flynn, Wilson) if he acquires a QB this year that doesn’t pan out.

  • Brandon Malady

    Kalil mack pick five,paul rich colorado in a late round,jackson is not percy harvin so fifth round pick is all id trade because he just fit good in chip kellys system,chip can make players better then they really are,im talking to you cooper ….

  • Carl Elftman

    I say draft Watkins at number 5, a few of the drafts have him going to the Rams at number 2 and all the way up the 10th pick but no lower.
    If you trade for Jackson, and draft Watkins what a receiving core.
    I don’t want the Raiders to wait until he is cut because the Panthers, the Pats and the broncos will sign him. Can you see him with Peyton twice a year? No way!
    Put the trigger and trade for him!
    Or make Pryor a wide receiver.

  • Arty G

    Khalil Mack at 5 that’s who we need to get and trust me Streeter is gonna s**t this season

  • KloverJane

    I say you go after the fantasy player. Let the league know we’re not going to play mediocre football anymore. And you draft Watkins, Clowney, or Mack. The Autumn wind cometh!

  • Ross O

    Trade back get extra picks then draft Aaron Donald. Trent Murphy in the second

  • Ryan Pierce

    Why do people think we need to get jackson or even draft a receiver. Sure after round 5 why not maybe we get lucky… but this team is in my extremely biased opinion STACKED at Wr with the addition of James Jones. With him and Streater on the outside, I love D Moore or Jacoby Ford in the slot. A beefed up o line will give these speed demons all day to get open and Schaub is just accurate enough to put the ball where his guy can get it. And as for the next 2 months making or breaking Reggie??? You gotta be kidding me… Take your blinders off man… Reggie has more than proved himself with a plethora of free agent signings that made this team a legit dare I say “winning” football team. “CAN’T WAIT”

  • Jay Bedi

    Trade Moore, Pryor and a 7th round pick for desean cmon reggie make it happen jackson,jones,streater and holmes datz solid right there and draft mack at #5 also draft carr in the 2nd or sum other qb later

  • Travis Myers

    I say wait it out. As the draft gets closer and closer Philly’s bargaining power gets lower and lower. On the 3rd day of the draft is when you approach them about a deal. At that point they would take anything or risk getting nothing by cutting him. The Raiders don’t have a 5th or 6th round pick so you offer the 2 7th rounders.

  • Gregg Brennan

    Need to draft Watkins. We’ve passed on Larry Fitzgerald (for Robert Gallery) and Calvin Johnson (for JaWalrus) in the past, we shouldn’t make this same mistake again. Jones is good, but he’s not a number one and that’s what we need. We could then trade Denarius Moore or Andre Holmes and probably get back a mid round pick at least.

  • Bob

    Only if he is cut. The Raiders only have six draft pick without trading down. I have come to the point where I believe the Raiders need to start getting impact players in the draft. Impact Players=Pro Bowl Players =Wins.

  • Bob

    Ford is not a Raider anymore.

    The Raiders receiving corps as they stand are not an elite group.

  • mccall316

    The Raiders have spent 3 draft picks already on QBs. It’s time to keep what they have a use them wisely. Not trade for a wide receiver that could end up being Randy Moss all over again. At the 5 spot, trade back and hopefully add defense. The whole draft needs to be about defense except for late rounds where you try to find a QB or receiver. I hope the 1st two rounds Oakland decides to take defensive line help. Forget about Jackson

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    I say no because he is a me player. They just gave him a new contract. Then he was used very often in Chip Kelly offense. Now you still complaining. So with his attitude he would hurt the Raiders. His style would be great. So no I say pass on him. I would go for Watkins or a later draft prospect with more team than selfishness.

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    Stop trying to make Pryor a receiver. All you guys that want to take him out of his position is foolish. He is a good QB and if he get a chance to stay in a system for more than one year. He would be great. He lead the OSU to a Sugar Bowl championship with the MVP honors. If you take Tom Brady out of the New England system he would struggle. just as he did with new receivers. Payton if you notice he had the offense change to his style. That is not the same offense that Tebow ran. We won 3 super Bowls with QB’s that the league say was not good. Stabler, Plunkett. We even went with a season back up name Rich Gannon. You do not need a high caliber QB to win a Super Bowl. Hell Ravens won with Trent Difer. Pryor needs to go to Chicago and learn from Tresman the guy that made Gannon great as well as McGown

  • Carl Elftman

    I agree he should be our QB but the front office and head coach do not like him. Don’t know the real reason, but they are going to let him go and the Raiders will pay for it in the future. What it Denver saw something in him and he has a Hall of Fame and future HOF teaching him. The Raiders will pay for their mistake twice year.
    I still believe we trade for Jackson and if possible draft Watkins. What a receiving core.

  • Damon Dunay

    There is absolutely no reason to trade for Jackson. He grew up in Long Beach…went to Cal…he has a Hollywood tattoo on his forearm. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the team ends up in LA. The guy grew up a Raider fan. Philly will release him and RM can scoop him up immediately. Jackson wants to play for Oakland, the Silver and Black are the only team in the league that can afford him without a contract restructure. No need to waste a precious pick.