Dec 15, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson (10) returns a punt against the Minnesota Vikings in the third quarter at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. The Vikings win 48-30. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

DeSean Jackson to Sign with the Washington Redskins

Well Raiders fans, DeSean Jackson will be signing with the Washington Redskins and not the Oakland Raiders.  Basically, the Raider Nation’s cry to have DeSean Jackson sign with the Oakland Raiders went unheard.  Jackson has chosen his team, and he has decided to stay within the NFC East.  Now, he will get to play the Philadelphia Eagles twice every year.  This will be his revenge upon the team that let him go, even in a Pro-Bowl year.

Although this is a slap in the face to a fan-base that rallied together to have a player become a Raider, the Raider Nation should rejoice in the fact that a call to arms means that all or most of Raider Nation will stand together to do what is necessary to give the Raiders the respect it so desperately needs.  It is a sign that the Raider Nation has a voice in helping the Raiders to be victorious.  No other fan-base can claim this for themselves, only the Raider Nation.

If there is any indicator that the Raider Nation deserves a winning team or a winning attitude from its players, look to defensive end Justin Tuck or Charles Woodson for the answers.  Tow veteran players who understand what the fans mean to the game of football.  For without the fans, there are no television contracts.  Let’s face it, the fans throwing money at their team is the reason why each team stays afloat.  Hell, the reason why the Raiders have stayed afloat for so long is due primarily to the following that the Oakland Raiders have throughout the entire world.  That following is called the Raider Nation.

Thanks to the Raider Nation, the Oakland Raiders have remained in football.  The fan following/the popularity of the team is the reason why a team sells so well.  We are the Raider Nation, and we help our team to achieve victory.

Now, General Manager Reggie McKenzie and the Raiders will prove their dedication to their fans, they will show us that they care, they will win in 2014, and they will continue it into 2015 and beyond.  The Oakland Raiders will be here to stay for the long haul, and it is due almost solely to the following of the Raider Nation.  Be proud of yourselves Raider Nation, this is the reward we want for our team, and for ourselves.

There is no other nation, just the Raider Nation.  Go Raiders!

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  • KloverJane

    Depression sets in. I wanted him signing in Oakland. But because that’s what I wanted, it didn’t happen as usual. He can fight with Garçon.

  • bigninaross

    It’s all good. Hello Sammy Watkins.

  • Don

    The daft is deep in wide receivers anyways. Raider Nation is the Greatest

  • HipHop1980

    Sammy Watkins wont be there at #5.

  • bigninaross

    We’ll see…

  • Chris Schroeder

    He heard our calls. This is his home. He could have put on the colors of his childhood team and help bring them back to the glory days while really establishing himself as a number one receiver.

    His only motivation was revenge, so now we saw firsthand how much of a punk this guy really is to turn his back on his own people, and when the Eagles beat them twice next year he’s going to realize the mistake that he made. Jackson and Decker join crap teams to throw away their careers over a payday. Yeah really guys I want to join my team. I may sound a little bitter but that’s because of all the invested effort I put in to calling out for this punk to come home.

    Watkins or Evans?

    In Reggie we trust, Go Raiders!!!

  • LGNDgrijalva

    Jackson in a Raider uniform would have looked awesome but I trust Reggie. There was definitely a concern about Jackson being a “ME” player. There are alot of new faces on the Raiders but the new faces are guys willing to work hard. Jackson is a tremendous player but I cant help but picture a similar situation as Mike Wallace last season. Whatever happens I continue to have faith in the Raiders! Im pretty pumped up to see how the draft turns out. Im sure alot of fans are thinking Watkins but Mack looks like a beast. Raider Nation!!

  • Brutus

    I think RM just breathed a big sigh of relief, not really wanting the potential headache in his locker room. I expect to hear nothing from DJ or RM about this, because I think they already discussed it and decided it was not a good fit. I loved the idea of DJ in silver and black, but suspect RM told him what was expected and he wasn’t ready to make that team commitment. DJ is not badmouthing Raider Nation yet and will likely make some kind of conciliatory statement tomorrow, so at this point we should not bash him – all bets are off if he badmouths us.
    Still find it interesting that players think they have a better shot of winning with the Redskins, Bears and Cards. Seriously? Rough 10 years for us, but we’re not a perennial loser. Two years into the new regime could have been (but didn’t deserve to be) 8-8 or 9-7 last year with a few quarters of better vet leadership. This team has 8-8 or 9-7 and a playoff run written all over it, with a shot at better if we fire on all pistons with average years for everyone.
    Still think we are trading back. Don’t see us drafting offense with the first pick unless Bortles is there at five. I expect us to go defense. If we go offense, it will be one of the o-linemen or Evans if we trade back. Assuming Bortles is gone or we don’t take him, look for us to move up and grab Carr in the late first if he is still available. I think those are the only QBs that interest RM and DA.

  • Don

    Lots of me guys on the skins now

  • skyler29

    When was the last time the Raiders won anything? The laughing stock of the NFL. Desean did the right thing for his career. Redskins have a good offence

  • AF AF AF

    To answer your question when the Raiders lastwon something, it was 2002 when we one the AFC Championship ( yes we lost in the SB, but we were there) 2. We do also have 3 rings would you like to kiss them? 3. Redskin Nation??? Show how little you know about the NFL and how much you want to copy THE ONE AND ONLY RAIDER NATION! Last i heard your teams name was the WASHINGTON FORESKINS!

  • Don

    Lol, you funny let’s see where you guys end up in cap space the next three to four years. What’s a mobile quarterback if he can’t run. Happy April fools skins, we dodge a bullet with this one. Last I heard Jay Gruden was happy to be a part of the raider nation!

  • Charles Vasquez

    It’s all about THE NATION! The one and only RAIDER NATION! We do not need a “me myself and I” player! – aka RAIDER X


    Redskins are about to find out what most of the NFL Coaches and League owners already know. His work ethic is not a priority to getting to the SB, and he only plays when his money is guaranteed. Hence, one of the reasons he’s not an Eagle anymore. Jackson would have sulked the entire 2014 season crying about not getting what his worth is. Forget the alligator arms across the middle, or failure to block downfield. True, he stretched the field, but team play is not his forte. As far as the personal accusations, It was DeAngelo Hall (Redskins DB) he flashed the Crip’s gang sign on when he got knocked on his ass. Even a 22nd Draft pick will give the Eagles a WR a good skill set for a dynamic offense.

  • Fatrickswayze

    Little one I live in DC and the loser foreskin nation is a joke just like that crap team you put on the field. You losers predict a SB every year because you’re an overrated and over hyped team and fan base that blows almost as much as your queen Robin Gay the Turd. So next time you talk shit remember you got WORKED when it counted to this laughing stock of a team 38-9. How did our asshole taste that day? You guys ate it well, thank you for the tossing. The Foreskin Nation will always be a failure, my Raiders can win if they just do what is needed and bring me on to run the player personnel. Mr. Davis if you read this I can build you a dynasty, RM and DA is building an elderly home in order to get 2-3 more wins in order to keep employment. I’m about building the Raiders into a dynasty, I know talent, RM is clueless. If you don’t believe me look at his draft picks and when they were drafted. We need to trade down in the 2nd and add extra 3rd and 4th round picks. My Raiders draft would be:
    1st rnd- Mack, Watkins or trade down
    2nd- trade down, Morgan Moses, Yankey or Seferian-Jenkins
    3rd- Moncrief and Keith McGill
    4th- D. Lawrence or D. McCullers and Mettenburger.

    RAIDER NATION remember these picks because this is what building a dynasty through the draft looks like!

    Skylar and Foreskin Nation, this pics for you, you know what to do!

  • Travis Myers

    I think the Raiders should have pushed for a trade. All things considered I’m sure the Eagles would have taken a 7th round pick for him if nothing else to keep him out of their division. It would have been nice to get his playmaking ability but you have to wonder what would have happened the first time he lit up a qb with an already fragile confidence for not getting him the ball.

  • PK

    Ok that’s why the redskins bring in countless probowl players and dump crazy picks and cash into the team and they are still losers lol player go to FC to die lol how the redskins have already ruin rg3

  • Pridenpoise

    When was the last time the Deadskins won anything, should be your question, best fans in the the NFL, now I know you’re delusional. We will see you next season when Bob gets knocked out for the season, and the Deadskins have nobody to throw the ball to those receivers. As for laughingstock of the NFL, that would be your owner. Now beat it you pissant.

    P.S 38-9 remember that score we do.

  • Pridenpoise

    I hear u.

  • nomoreseasontix

    Whew…. Dodged a bullet there.
    I don’t really think Reggie was very close to bringing him here.

  • Shinobus

    Yea, I was bummed big time, initially. Then I thought about how much progress we’ve made this offseason and how quickly it could have been “soiled”. Im not hating on DJax at all, hope he does well but, in the long run, im now confident we’ll be better off. We STILL need a solid draft and a first round playmaker that can start. Im sure we’ll find another diamond in the rough at WR….aint a damn thing wrong with James Jones either so, Im ready to move on. Go Forth Raiders. Let today be the end of all this Djax stuff – until we watch him cus out Jay Gruden and RGIII on national tv – wont that be great to watch??!! Onward and waaaaaay Upward!!

  • CognizantImpiety

    How is this a “slap in the face” of Raider Nation?

    Did it occur to you that Reggie didn’t WANT MeSean Jackson in the Raiders’ lockerroom?

    Maybe that’s why Jackson went to the ‘Skins instead of flying out here first.

  • Don

    Media and haters will hater on raider nation. Let’s just watch the enplosion of the deadskins