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Oakland Raiders: Peter King outlines Raiders NFL Draft strategy at quarterback

It is officially NFL Draft season around the league as NFL Free Agency has seen the market dry up drastically as mid-April is upon us and teams begin to make the final push towards the spring weekend that will define NFL franchises for years to come.

Naturally one of the biggest themes of this time of year is draft strategy and who is interested in picking which position in which round as teams set their big boards and league insiders attempt to break as much news as possible during the lead up to the draft. While the constant (and usually conflicting) reports of everything surrounding the Draft can be tedious to some, it is now a genre of football writing and news on its own giving readers and fans more access than ever before.

When it comes to insiders and experts on the NFL there are few better than SI’s Peter King, whose reputation and new MMQB website needs no introduction as the famous NFL writer has sources and information that few can boast. That made his newest MMQB column on the draft interesting as King outlined the Raiders draft strategy when it comes to quarterback position. Citing the lack of buzz on the quarterbacks in the first round, King attached the Raiders to a group of teams that will be waiting on quarterbacks until at least after their first picks in the 2014 Draft.

From King’s MMQB column:

5. A few teams with quarterback needs have an interesting strategy. I’ve heard that at least four quarterback-needy teams—Houston (first pick),  Jacksonville (3), Cleveland (4) and Oakland (5)—are strongly considering passing on quarterbacks with their first picks and waiting until their second or third selections. Simple reason: They’re not in love with any of the quarterbacks, and there are too many other good players who are surer things than a quarterback you have sincere doubts about. For that reason, there could be more quarterbacks taken in round two than round one. For instance, Jacksonville really likes Jimmy Garoppolo of Eastern Illinois, and he’d likely be there high in the second round when the Jags pick again, at 39.

One more thing: The great value in this draft will be from about 20 to 50. So guess what team is in great position to capitalize on the depth in rounds one and two? San Francisco, with the ability and the recent history of moving around so well. The rich-get-richer Niners hold the 30th, 56th, 61st, and 77th overall picks. If they want someone in the forties, they’ve got the currency to get him. The Browns are in good shape to do some damage too, with picks 26, 35, 71 and 83.

It is no surprise to hear this report from King as the Raiders spent big money on Matt Schaub and appear to be sold on Matt McGloin as a #2 backup for the time being. That makes it unlikely that the Raiders will be reaching on a quarterback, allowing them to wait and see if one of the top passers available can fall to them in the early second round. A risky proposition, but arguably one that carries less risk than reaching for a quarterback with the fifth pick in the draft if the value is not there. With their 2014 starter seemingly in place in Schaub, don’t be shocked if Peter King’s report comes true on draft day.

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  • Bob

    It has been my opinion the Raiders should not take a QB this year and stock the defense instead.

  • J Haskins

    “With their 2014 starter seemingly in place in Schaub”

    Ouch!! Just seeing it in print is painful. Good luck nation. With a 19-60 record the past 4 years, and the record holder for consecutive games with a pick 6 as your QB, you’re gonna need it. I’m on hiatus as a Raider fan until they are at least ready to stop being doormats, and are able to compete week in and week out no matter who is on the schedule, like the REAL “Just Win Baby” Raiders use to.

  • J Haskins

    I agree because with Schaub at QB the Raiders D will be on the field a LOT.

  • Guido

    You accuse others of not being a serious fan then say you’re on hiatus…. Raider fans don’t go on hiatus when the going get rough. Go band wagon a new team and please don’t come back!

  • Scoobz

    Go put on some red and gold and don’t worry about my Raiders
    Win lose or tie RAIDERS till I die
    Not knowing who your true team is? sounds like your the one who’s clueless and definitely not a serious fan

  • Mark Shafer

    I also agree with you on not taking a Q B this year. I could not see them taking one at 5 and with the receiver depth in this years draft I would get some one to shore up our receiver depth in the second round.
    As for the the back up quarterback job let Mc Gloin and Pryor compete for it they are both working hard this off season. If Pryor can’t be traded it maybe it will light a fire. If we are going to get nothing for him let him prove that he can or can’t become a starter. Last year I think the blocking hurt both young Q B’s from improving.


    Kick rocks to you weak ass FAKE RAIDERS FANS!!!!
    I ride with the Raiders & Lakers through the ups &

  • Brutus

    Sounds like a Raider-hater trying to stir things up. Clearly not a Raiders’ fan as Raiders’ fans don’t go on hiatus. We get pissed and call for heads, like many are doing for RM and DA. I am not one of those thinking RM and DA need to go (although I reserve the right to change my mind), but I respect their opinion. We are passionate fans, not quitters. If you truly think you were ever a fan, please don’t come back. Raider Nation does not need you. I am assuming you are a fan of one of the four franchises who have won more Superbowls than the Raiders or at least one of the three who has won as many, right?

  • Mark Shafer

    Stay on hiatus we neither need you nor want you. May I suggest you pull your rickety assed wagon over to the Chockers or Donkeys they are always accepting band wagoneers.
    Please, please, please don’t ever refer as a Raider fan, or ex Raider fan again. No team wants fair weathered fans such as yourself. Go soil another fan base, because RAIDER NATION is the best fans in the world!!!

  • Chris Schroeder

    I believe I speak for everyone when I say. You’re an idiot.

  • Raider Grant

    Raiders have invested in QB this year, and don’t need to stretch on one during the 2014 draft . Look at what we could of drafted instead of Wilson last year, and gave up draft pick for Flynn. Those are potential players at other needed positions passing us by. Add true solid playmakers, no more projects, no more “I think they can be” QB’s! This is it year it all changes, go Raiders!

  • Todd_the_Hunn

    We need a left O tackle too .

  • Otis60

    Round 1 – IMPACT defensive player or trade down. Round 2 – Wide Receiver. Round 3 – Take a flyer on a QB if and only if it’s someone the staff really likes, otherwise take the best OL available. Rounds 4 thru 7 – Defense, defense, defense, defense…The Seahawks just proved it again – Defense wins championships. Or maybe I should say the Donkey’s just proved it again???

  • Robert Williams

    Where do you get 19-60? That’s 79 games, which is more games than are even played over 4 years. Their record is not good, but it is actually 24-40.

  • ploc

    Raider 4 life through the ups and downs fuck all the fake fans we comin this year

  • stucktrader

    hey J,
    We’ll just hope for the best… Schaub is more of a sure thing than the QBs recently on the roster… in the end, a running game would help both Shaub… and the defense stay off the field.

    Im all for getting: Robinson (he probably gets to start midway through the season, we know for sure he can blast holes for the RB), or Watkins (receives and does punt/kick returns), and Mack (can rush the passer or be in coverage, has the talent to play ILB or OLB)

  • J Haskins

    You have declared ” we comin this yeat ” fior the past 12 years now. WHEN will reality set in? Instead of passionately responding to my post, use that same passion to get on RM and DA for bringing in Schaub. I don’t see Raider fans getting pissed about that, but they should be, but right now they are wearing rose colored lenses, but will take them off after tthe first pick 6. Why not take those glasses off now and let RM and DA know you deserve better. For example, when DA declared that Schaub was on par with Peyton Manning, I was pissed beyond belief. I come on here to vent with other fans, but nobody else is pissed. They would rather get pissed at ME because I’m frustrated and pissed at their consistent futility. So misguided. I’m not your enemy. RM and DA is.

  • J Haskins

    16-48 the past 3 seasons, and excuse me my mistake, 19-64 the past 4 seasons. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop the bleeding.

  • J Haskins

    What? Schaub sucks period. The only difference is I know without a doubt, and you don’t have clue. I don’t have to wait until his first multi INT game. I already know what’s gonna happen, so I’m ALREADY pissed

  • stucktrader


  • stucktrader

    right on bro… talk to Mr. Haskins below

  • ploc

    Come on man when u a fan you stick through the ups and downs you don’t give up on your team regardless of being mad at the fact we have an idiot for a coach and a dumbass for a gm just win is the motto and it seems like it might just sink in this year at least defensively were looking good. Im excited either way Ima rock my black and silver all the way fuck the haters man.

  • Mortis

    and what does 24+40 equal?
    (let him figure it out on his own)

  • Mortis

    Glad you said that so I didn’t have to – he should go be a 9ers fan

  • Mortis

    go away

  • Mortis

    hey – go be a Browns fan, you will fit right in

  • East Coast Raider

    I think we should draft defense with a WR and OT. I believe we can pick up an UDFA like Shaw from Carolina, Price from Washington or Boyd from Clemson. If we do draft a QB, I’d take Fales in the 4th.