Nov 25, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith (99) sacks Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) during the second half at FedEx Field. The 49ers won 27-6. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders Rumors: Aldon Smith potential piece in Raiders-Niners deal?

For all those doubters out there, a blockbuster trade could be in the works between the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders involving DL Aldon Smith.  The rumor mill is, the 49ers could deal Aldon Smith, the 30th overall pick in 2014, and future draft picks to the Oakland Raiders for the 5th overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

I will stress that this is only a rumor and not factual.  The rumor was discovered by me on one of my Social Media sites, and it is direct from an unknown source within the Oakland Raiders organization.  The question is, how would Raider Nation feel about this?

The truth is, the Oakland Raiders have a definite need at defensive lineman.  Youth is a question, especially after adding aging veterans in free agency.  Aldon Smith was a 1st round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, and he would provide that dynamic hybrid LB presence.  At 24-years of age, he would give the Raiders the youth and experience needed on the field.  Could you imagine Aldon Smith with Antonio Smith, Justin Tuck, Lamarr Woodley, Sio Moore, Nick Roach, and Kevin Burnett?  Talk about a winning combination.

Although Smith has some of off-the-field issues to deal with, including a DUI in 2013, an assault weapons charge in 2012, and an incident at the Los Angeles International Airport in April of 2014, he would be a very good addition to the Raiders defense.  It is still in doubt whether or not he will face a suspension by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in September, but this move would help the Raiders get even better at defense in 2014.  That’s what the draft is about, right, getting better?

After this rumor broke on Thursday, May 1st, the 49ers exercised their right to pick up Smith’s 5th year option for the 2015 season on Friday, May 2nd.  Of course, the NFL deadline for picking up the option was Saturday, May 3rd.  This move would make most believe that Smith will be with the 49ers for a long time to come, but anything is possible.

Over the years, football fans have seen a lot of player trades for draft picks or draft movement, and this could be another move along the lines of the “Herschel Walker Trade” made by the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings in 1989.  Remember that, The Cowboys dealt Walker to the Vikings for 5 players and 6 future draft picks.  This deal led to the Cowboys drafting players like Emmitt Smith, Russell Maryland, Kevin Smith and Darren Woodson, and the rest is history.

It will all depend on how much the 49ers are willing to give up, and it will depend on how much the Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie is asking for.  Personally, I would accept this trade as a fan, because the Raiders would be getting a very good player who can get after quarterbacks, and they would also be getting compensatory draft picks.  Seems like a win, win situation for McKenzie to me.

In any event, remember this is only a rumor and not verified.  Still, I just thought I’d get Raider Nation’s take on the deal if it became real.  Provide your comments below and let me know if this is a deal you’d make, or if this is a deal that’s not worth the risk.

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  • Bob

    You guys just wake up. pull these rumors out of your ass, and post them. He my be suspend for the whole year and is due 9+ million next year. Continuing to spread the Raiders/Niner draft trade rumor will not make it true.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Nice. I’m just saying, don’t be surprised if something happens. Still, he’d be one heck of a player.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Always enjoy your feedback Bob. You definitely lay it down…

  • Glenn


  • KloverJane

    Trade him for our 5th rounder. Good idea. Lol

  • raidernation

    I like these rumors they’re exciting .. but even if its true it would b bad . First of all he will likely been suspended. 2. He could probably go to jail for any of his charges.. 3. Sooner or later he will get into more trouble so the Raiders will b missing a roster spot.. not worth it

  • chase ruttig

    Yeah, most of our expenses are on plenty of lube to pull all of them out of there.

  • chase ruttig

    I also have done my best to put it out there why the deal doesn’t make sense for either team, but if it were to happen the Niners would have to cough up a significant talent to do so.

  • Jesse Sanchez

    If this was true how high do the niners want to move up. Remember Detroit wants to move up to 5 too. I’m being optimistic but say the want to move some were around the top 10, in a dream world the raiders could trade the #5 pick to Det for Suh and the #10, theIf we could trade the #10 to the niners for Ald

  • K Hendricks

    Wouldn’t want him.He is the furthest thing from a “good character guy”. That there is in the league. Would love to have Suh though,he looks like a saint next to smith.

  • Tina Martin

    If it can be done then do it. He is a proven player and defense should be the number 1 priority

  • Jim Stack

    it’d would have to be aldon smith and all their picks for the #5. Smith is too much risk and is ineffective without Justin smith.

  • Bob

    Glad I could stir it up. It just seems like fiction. Blackmon is constantly in trouble and suspended. Smith has yet to get his suspension for all his transgressions.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Trading down wit SF I can stomach, Aldon in the deal I CANNOT. Dude is a MORON, I’ll take the 2015 1st rdr instead.

  • CRUZdaddy

    Wow!!! Aldon Smith the 30th pick plus a second round pick to move up for Watkins/Evans!!! Win win for both teams! Please come true!

  • Shane Schilperoort

    You know, a trade with Detroit for Suh would be better. They have a lot of picks to get rid of too. Then we only fall to 10. Anyway you cut it, I think the Raiders will be fine.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    That is definitely the risk involved with this trade. The question is whether or not the Raiders take the risk vs. reward.

  • Brutus

    I don’t see it happening because of the “culture” and “chemistry” issues RM has been trying to change for the past two years – he even reiterated in his most recent press conference that these were things he started to change as soon as he was hired. If Smith does become a Raider, I believe that RM will be convinced that he will be a good teammate and not a distraction. I looked at the Deshawn Jackson issue the same way – if he had become a Raider, it would have been because RM was convinced he would not be a problem. There is no questioning the talent of either player. I also feel that is why Clowney will never be a Raider. He don’t think he will fall to us at #5, but if he did I think RM would opt to rake in a pretty good bounty in a trade.

  • Jerry Teach

    That would be a dreadful deal… The guys been arrested what? 3 or 4 times in his 4 years in the league? That’s Lawrence Phillips territory. Only a matter of time till the guy lands in prison and that’s supposed to be the replacement for our 1st round pick? We need impact players. Keep the number 5 pick unless you can find a trading partner in the top 10 and then leverage that into another 2nd round pick. Better to trade down in the 2nd round and beyond if ya just want warm bodys.

  • Jerry Teach

    And a 1st or 2nd rounder next year.

  • Jerry Teach

    Another thing is Reggies trading history is pretty lame! Last years trade for our #1 was a bonus for the other team and trading Terrell Pryor for Mr irrelevant? Blah! We’d probably get smith and give them our 1st and 2nd. Just make the dang pick at 5…

  • 757Raiderfan

    Yes I couldn’t agree more…. I find myself agreeing with you a lot in my head but I had to comment. I really can’t see us trading down that far down. No matter what we get its not worth it.

  • Raider Grant

    I would be more interested in how many draft picks & what rounds those picks would be from in order to go from 5th to 30th, then I would be in acquiring Smith. Just say no baby,!

  • Pingon27

    Are you kidding me. a DUI in 2013, an assault weapons charge in 2012, and an incident involving a gun at the Los Angeles International Airport in April of 2014 for which he will be suspended so of no use…..and you give up a 5th round to drop 25 spots in this deep draft and some obscure future draft picks?. If RM does this deal he will be out of a job immediately.

  • Gerardo Mendoza

    I don’t see it simply because of the culture change within the raider organization.

  • rob

    Unless the 49ers have a pretty good idea of what the suspension will be, why would they trade a young productive pass rusher (hard to find, and also a first round pick) plus their #30 pick plus at least one other mid round pick for #5 when you know Watkins will be gone? The answer would have to be Mike Evans. In other words, is Evans worth that? No. Just another rumor.

  • rob

    It probably is fiction, although I’m sure his name has been thrown out there (as is other players) as possible trade bait. All sorts of possibilities are thrown out in order to take temperatures.

  • [email protected]

    I’m a raider fan and I think this trade would be foolish and this article has no credibility. Comparing this ridiculous trade with the cowboys-Herschel walker trade is absurd. Aldon Smith is a loser and the 49ers are stuck with him – welcome to the dark side of the Jim harbaugh era

  • Roberto Duran

    Paul Guitterez is reporting the deal will be announced draft nite!

  • Bob

    But this front page post on a blog reeks of taking the temperature with a rectal thermometer.

  • Bob

    Paul Guitterez heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who said the Raiders were shopping around.

    Good song, but nothing else at this point.

  • RaiderJohn

    I say NO!! Do not include Smith in this deal, his off field maturity level is too low and outweighs his on field BEAST MODE, get the additional draft picks and build this team, train them the RAIDERS way. Now, If we are truly drafting for the future, it has to be a QB (sorry Reggie). Either TB or JM is our future. I prefer TB’s 31 TDs with only 4 INTs this past year, he can play under center, reads defenses, and can sit a couple of years, while he bulk up and learn how the position is played at the Pro level. However, I don’t think he’s still available with the 30th pick.

  • Jeff lopez

    We can no longer be in the business of employing “knuckle Heads.” End of story.

  • Bob Yost

    Only problem I have with it is that Smith, if he made slightly better decisions, would be roughly as bright as a small appliance bulb, on a good day. As it is however, he’s about as sharp as a bowling ball…