Photo taken by Shane Schilperoort on August 23, 2013

Forever Oakland Petition delivered to Oakland Raiders Owner Mark Davis

On May 10, 2014, a gathering of Raider Nation faithful descended upon the Oakland Raiders Headquarters in Alameda, CA.  Led by Dr. Death, one of many Oakland Raiders mascots, a petition signed by 10,000 plus Oakland Raiders fans from around the world was delivered personally to Raiders Owner Mark Davis.

The petition was spearheaded by Dr. Death as a way to show just how much fan support the Oakland Raiders have to the City of Oakland and Mark Davis.  It was also a rally cry to carry the message that the Oakland Raiders are an important and integral piece of Oakland, CA.

Taking this team out of its birthplace would seriously damage the community, and it could potentially cause a split in its fan base (Much like when the Raiders moved to Los Angeles in the early 80′s).  To continue to show support to the Oakland Raiders and sign the petition presented by Dr. Death, I have attached the link at below:

Mark Davis has been quoted many times about his desire to remain in Oakland, CA.  However, he has also stated that a deal must get done soon, or the Raiders could once again be on the move out of Oakland.

There is a definite need for a new facility to accommodate the Oakland Raiders and its fans.  Several meetings and offers have taken place and been presented as to how and where the new stadium would be placed and funded.  There is no set time frame currently, but I am hopeful that a deal can be struck before the year is up.  Winning would help the proceedings along, of course, but Raider Nation will have to patiently wait for the outcome.

While we wait, it is awesome to view the excitement in Raiders Owner Mark Davis’ eyes as he is presented with the petition from Dr. Death and Raider Nation, enjoy:

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  • bigninaross

    This is awesome! I hope this helps. But from what I understand and have heard in interviews, isn’t it in the hands of the city, more so than Mark Davis and The Raiders?

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Pretty much comes down to funding. It is in the hands of the City of Oakland, and the petition is supposed to be given to the City of Oakland’s Board Members by Mark Davis. Only time will tell, but I am hopeful on a good outcome. I will always remain a faithful Raiders fan, but I would prefer they remain in Oakland, CA.

  • Pridenpoise

    It really baffles me that in this day and age a city can become so lackadaisical about their respective sports franchises. I realize that the economy is still recovering and not everyone is always on board with pumping Tax dollars into a stadium, but when you’re at risk of losing every franchise in your city I would think there would be a sense of urgency on the part of the city to get a deal done. I really want the Raiders to remain in Oakland, but not if it means playing in the decrepit pit they call O.Co.

  • James Holtslander

    I could care less if we stay in oakland, have you seen how empty the stadium is on Gameday. Shameful! Plus for most of my childhood they were LA anyhow. I say go where the best off for a stadium is. Not some tiny new stadium in oakland.

  • Jaime Olguin

    That’s right we are not a fan base, we are a Nation and only one true Raider Nation
    Win lose or tie Raiders till we die.

  • Bob

    Leaving up to City and County politicians is scary.

    Been there done that. Take Five Al Protest, contributed to the Hire a GM billboard. Good energy, but these things rarely work.

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    Hey VA Raider fan Here, I mean to see this footage of the fans petitioning to keep Raiders in Oakland is very emotional of how much The Oakland Raiders are loved from around the world. As one fan said we are a Nation. Yes we need a new stadium. Or get the A one. We re-due the O-co for Al flame is I that stadium I believe. I have yet gotten to see the Raiders in person. But I ask the Father thru his son Jesus to grant me this before I part this world. I am tearing up for my love for the Oakland Raiders. Thank you for the video.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    I guess they’d rather fill their pockets than actually help the community. Politics!

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Keep up the ‘Love,’ and I hope your wish comes true. Let me know when you make it down.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Energy is always good. True, it may rarely work, but keep the faith Bob.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Amen brother, amen.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Yes, but they were born and bred along the Bay in Oakland, CA. They only spent a short stint in LA. For most of my childhood they were in Oakland, CA, where they should remain. They are the Oakland Raiders, not the LA Raiders, not the Oregon Raiders, or Portland Raiders, or Nevada Raiders, or Sacramento Raiders. Oakland Raiders! Go to a game in Oakland, and you will understand. The energy and aura that is felt there is like no other, No Other!

  • nomoreseasontix

    Explain how 10,000 fans sells out the new stadium. The fact remains that maybe 80% of Raider fans don’t want anything to do with going to games because the 20% who show up (and don’t sell out), are not representative of the fans who support the team.
    Mark Davis isn’t an idiot. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. He knows the number of fans who want to attend games, but won’t, far out-numbers the drunken idiots who do attend games every week. Why do you think they’ve had to tarp Mt. Davis? Because there were too many idiot fans and not enough seats?
    Get real. The Raiders will be gone in the next five years.
    Their only chance is to start over somewhere else. They have to leave the ghetto knuckle-heads behind to survive.

  • Harry Seaward

    The Coliseum is fine. You want a pretty wifi, cup holder stadium just like the media tells you we need?
    We don’t need anything, and you have no pride nor poise.

  • Harry Seaward

    The whole ghetto knucklehead thing comes from when they were in LA

  • Harry Seaward

    Admitting you sponsored that lame billboard from some 23 year old punk in the east coast makes you look bad

    You should have just lit the cash on fire..

  • Pridenpoise

    It maybe fine for you, but I guess if you live in a cardboard box, visiting the coliseum is an upgrade, you have no brains, and are missing a few chromosomes if you think that the coliseum is going to be suitable for the Raiders. Harry do us all a favor, split the Prozac in half, and refrain from commenting until you get the chromosome thing worked out, you’re an IDIOT!!

  • Bob