Dec 8, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Oakland Raiders fans pose during tailgate festivities before the game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders invite fans to participate in “One Nation-Your Story” Campaign

Raider Nation, this is your chance to have your story heard, and to have the Oakland Raiders reward you in the process.  The Oakland Raiders are running a campaign from now through July 18th, so get on board and send in your videos to  Here are the particulars from the Oakland Raiders:



The Oakland Raiders are extending an invitation to anyone who considers themselves part of the Raider Nation to share a story of why they love the Silver and Black.

Fans can upload a video of up to three minutes to, a digital community where members of the Raider Nation can share their stories and watch others.

This campaign will unfold across multiple platforms starting today, culminating with a grand prize winner being selected to win a trip for four to watch the Raiders play the Miami Dolphins in London on September 28.

Once the submission is approved and appears on, the storyteller or anyone inspired by a story can share it across social networks. Submissions will be accepted now through July 18.

Following the deadline, an Oakland Raiders panel will select the five finalists whose stories will be turned into short features by Silver & Black Productions that will be unveiled during the Raiders final home preseason game. An Oakland Raiders panel will vote for the finalist’s story that they believe is the most engaging.

The Raiders have an extremely diverse and loyal fan base. “One Nation – Your Story” is seeking stories that show why the legions that love and support the Raiders are so passionate about the franchise.

Who:     Members of the Raider Nation

What:   One Nation – Your Story Video Contest. Submit a video that tells us why you love the Raiders.

When:  Through July 18

Why:     Unveil how the Raiders have positively influenced people’s lives, reflecting fans core values and ideals of the Raiders organization.


Grand prize:   Trip for four (4) to watch the Oakland Raiders play in London.

Prize 2:             One 12-person suite to a Raiders 2014 home game.

Prize 3:             Four (4) club tickets to a Raiders 2014 home game.

Prize 4:             Four (4) first level tickets to a Raiders 2014 home game.

Prize 5:             Autographed Raiders football helmet.

How cool would it be to call your friends up and say, “We’re going to London!”  Pretty cool.  Even the consolation prizes are awesome.  A 12-person suite, I’m down.  Club tickets, first level tickets, or an autographed helmet, nice.  Get those videos in and show your support for the best team in the world with the best fan-base in the world, the Oakland Raiders!

Thank you to the Oakland Raiders for working in conjunction with Just Blog Baby to bring this exciting opportunity to Raider Nation. 

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  • Shane Schilperoort

    I want to go to London, or the 12-person Suite, Awesome!

  • Mark from Section 122

    Raider Sock Monkey went out and bought a Learn to Speak British course and and all the Austin Powers movies already. Stupid sock monkey.

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Nice, go Sock Monkey, go…

  • Mark from Section 122

    Don’t encourage him, now he’s washing down his banana bread with a bottle of Olde English 800 and putting up naughty Kate Moss posters in his treehouse, bad monkey!

  • B Christopher

    Wow BayBaaaaaay! You know, it’s funny. The Raiders have been a “lifestyle” for me, all the crazy shit we do and have done, all of the absolutely bizarre rituals, and the superstitions that my family does in order to help eek out a Raiders victory. I wouldn’t even know where to start. It all just seems normal to me. But, I suppose if making sure that I am wearing the proper black with silver trim underwear for home games, and the silver with black trim for away games regardless of whether or not I have to dig them out of the hamper, under a weeks worth of dirty clothes isn’t normal, well then, somebody should have told me that. It’s just normal. My GF asked me the other day “Don’t you have any other shirts that aren’t black?” Is said, “ya, I have some silver ones too!” That’s not normal? I’m sure you all sit in the exact same spot as the week before if they won? Right? That’s not just me, is it? or you can go near the place you watched it if they lost the week before? Right? See, I wouldn’t know where to begin to put this into a video, it’s JUST NORMAL LIFE FOR US!
    Right??? I’m the rule, not the exception, right? Hmmmmmmm

  • Mark from Section 122

    Dude, buy more underwear, even if you don’t do any laundry all year, all you need for regular season is 8 black and 8 silver. (Of course you wouldn’t wash the ones you were wearing when we won, you save those for playoffs.)

  • Shane Schilperoort

    You’re all good. Relax in the same spot this year as the Raiders will become victorious!

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Poop stains and all!!!

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Somebody has to

  • B Christopher

    Great Shame! Just great! Why did you plant THAT seed? Like I wasn’t already superstitious enough, you have to bring up poop stains on the sacred Silver & Black underwear? This is all your fault!! Now, I’m going to be working all week long trying to produce just the right amount of Silver, and the right amount of Black in those poop stains!!
    WAIT A MINUTE! You may be on to something. I never thought to incorporate the poop stains into the whole equation!!!! This explains why they have been losing this past decade!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU,
    THANK YOU!!!!!
    You just guaranteed a trip to the Super Bowl.
    You struck Gold! or rather, Silver & Black.

    Anybody have any ideas on how I can “produce” the Silver???