Dec 15, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns wide receiver Greg Little (18) makes a pass reception against Chicago Bears cornerback Isaiah Frey (31) during the third quarter at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders claim Greg Little off of waivers

After passing on a wideout in the 2014 NFL Draft, general manager Reggie McKenzie has decided to take a gamble on a promising young wideout whose character issues have forced him out of town and onto the waiver wire. On Monday the Oakland Raiders made a move to bring in a wide receiver, claiming recently released Cleveland Browns wideout Greg Little according to multiple sources as well as Little’s twitter account.

Little, a former running back, is a former second round pick dating back to the 2011 NFL Draft who led the Browns in receptions for two years during his stay in Cleveland before being released by the team in the wake of the signings of Miles Austin and Earl Bennett as the Browns don’t seem to mind cutting Little loose even with Josh Gordon looking at a full year suspension for violating the league’s substance policy.

Little’s release came partly due to a problem with drops, but he also has character issues that have been well documented in both college with North Carolina where he was one of the players who were receiving improper benefits under the team’s agent scandal while he was at the university.

In addition to the NCAA violations, Little reportedly racked up 93 parking tickets while staying in Chapel Hill, not exactly the sign of maturity. What might have been the final straw for Cleveland was when Little was drag racing and totaled his car prior to last season driving 127 mpg in a 35 mph zone. That in addition to the drops and regression in play (which to be fair can be attributed to Cleveland’s quarterback carousel), likely led to Little’s demise in Ohio even with Josh Gordon looking at a long time on the sidelines. 

Still the Raiders may feel that they can turn Little’s career around, something they did pretty well with Andre Holmes in 2013 after the former Cowboys wideout missed the first four games of the season. Little arguably has even more upside as the speedy and powerful wideout has the tools to succeed as evidenced by his strong rookie campaign where he caught 61 passes for 709 yards. With some strong expectations of professionalism out of Little if he wants to make the team and a consistent quarterback to work with the Raiders could have a potential diamond in the rough out of Little, the big question will be if Little is willing to change in order to become a successful veteran in the NFL. If he can do that this waiver claim could be one that we are revisiting come the season as a sneaky move from Reggie McKenzie that paid huge dividends, don’t be surprised if Little can contribute even after regressing for two seasons in Cleveland.

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  • Mark Shafer

    This is a good move by big Reg. There is no harm in giving a guy a second chance. If it works out great if it doesn’t no harm no foul.

  • raidernation

    I agreed. RM knows his stuff we aint going to sacrifice dead money on players no more. No risk move.. probably diamond in the rough . Yeah boi.

  • Raider Grant

    Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t contribute positively at all either. People claim we did not need D. Jackson due to his ATTITUDE, supposed off field trouble, and money he would require. Mainly attitude & supposed off field issues? But signing Little conducive for locker room an/or the team ??? Eventually we’ll have to spend top tier money for top tier free agents if we want to become a top tier team! This move is hypocritical to the supposed “PLAN” ! Since we acquired him, best of luck Mr Little! RAIDER NATION FOR LIFE

  • KloverJane

    I want to see TDs from the red zone.

  • chase ruttig

    Little costs nearly 1/10th of what it would have taken to bring in DJax, making his “risk” significantly lower due to the fact he will only cost the Raiders slightly under $800, 000 if they cut him. Completely different situation.

  • Raider Grant

    Not really Chase, you get what you pay! I fully understand dollars & cents to include all ascpects of The Raiders in depth, not just the fluff of being positive & trying to spin EVERYTHING into a positive. Every story has two side, and there’s nothing wrong with stating the facts. Only difference is Little actually has off field issues & D.Jack didn’t. Little costs….little & D.Jack cost more. I wish Little the best, but don’t be surprised if he busts or has drama though. He’s definitely the character type player we’re looking for though right!

  • Mark Shafer

    I am tired of watching the Raiders making field goal attempts. Hopefully with our revamped o line our red zone play calling will get more aggressive.

  • KloverJane


  • James

    As a Raiders fan, we should all hope he doesn’t make the team… That would mean Brice Butler, Criner, Moore, Holmes, Jones, Streater and all of the other young Raiders receivers play well enough to push him out of a roster spot. This move is purely to bring competition to another position and force the best man to win the job. The great teams are built on depth and competition at each position. His physical attributable would have guaranteed him a position with the old Raiders.

  • GreeneWolfe

    Run on sentences…