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Rotoworld senior editor rips Raiders, fans on Twitter

It is no secret that making fun of the Oakland Raiders is a common staple in NFL writing circles as the team’s decade long streak of missing the playoffs and a passionate fanbase that is often misunderstood have became easy targets for sportswriters looking for a cheap joke at the Raiders expense.

“Raider Haters” as fans of the team call them are quite common, but there is perhaps no bigger fan of ripping the Raiders and their fans than Rotoworld Football senior editor Evan Silva. Long known for his negative spins on the Raiders (read this spin on Justin Tuck from free agency for a good sample of Silva and Rotoworld’s anti-Raiders takes), the Rotoworld writer took to Twitter to rip Matt Schaub in light of recent positive reports out of Raiders OTA’s surrounding rookie Derek Carr.

Silva didn’t just stop with a fair assessment of the Raiders terrible quarterbacking since the Rich Gannon era, bringing the team’s fans into his negativity towards the team.

When engaged in conversation with 95.7 The Game radio host John Middlekauff about his distaste for Raiders fans, Silva admitted his personal biases towards Raiders fans who he feels are “disrespectful.”


Disliking an NFL team’s personnel moves and decisions is one thing, but making it clear that you openly enjoy seeing one of the league’s teams lose based on your personal dislike towards a fanbase is a tough tightrope to tiptoe if you are a senior editor of a website devoted to covering the news of each team in the NFL. Silva’s anti-Raiders opinions are a matter of preference and opinion which is something fans need to accept as not everybody is going to speak positively over a team that hasn’t won anything since the first George W. Bush administration, but his attack of Raider Nation on Twitter likely won’t be too popularly received, something that may not be good for business considering the passionate fanbase of the Silver and Black.


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  • Bob

    Winning will cure everything. Until then, this is what we as fans have to put up with.

  • chase ruttig

    Editor’s Note: That is the truth, but for a senior editor of an NFL news service to admit personal biases towards the Raiders because of their fans was noteworthy to me. Hard to take their negative analysis about the Raiders with much faith if their editor is basically saying he hates the team openly on Twitter.

  • raider_nation

    What a sissy. #evansilva .. he knows it, he knows we are the best no matter what we still bleed silver & black , lame ass duck how can he considers himself an analysis when he doesn’t gives credit where credit is due.

  • George Castorena


  • George Castorena


  • always a raider

    Wow, give a guy a twitter account and he thinks his opinion means something. Just another d bag raider hater. Must be a patsy fan. Saying we’ve already taken a girl from him implies he has the ability to get one in the first place. Bring that shit to Oakland bitch!

  • Nate

    Rotoworld is a FFB must, but I have noticed for a long time that no matter what moves that are doc’d regarding the Raiders there is always some backhanded comment towards them. Good to know there is an A-hole at the center of it all.

  • B Christopher

    Let him make fun of us, that’s fine. There aren’t very many fan bases that openly sticks by their team win, lose or draw more than the Raider Nation. So, he can kiss my big white lily ass for all I care. It’s easy to hate on the Raiders and their fans because they have not been very good the last decade, and prior to that, they were one of, if not the best football team going back 4 decades. Our time has come! I’m gonna shine my white ass up in anticipation of the kiss it’ll have coming.

  • Pridenpoise

    Tell him to bring his ass to the Black Hole, and tell us “Disrespectful” fans how he feels, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion he would come down with a case of laryngitis. Go F**K yourself Evan.

  • KloverJane

    Senior editor of a biased sports rag. We should feel so offended. If this two faced shylock knew anything about journalism he’d be writing something, for an outfit, worth reading. Not twittering his thoughts or talking to the radio.
    Seems that we have another limp wrister in our midst. What’s next harsh language form Silva?

  • KloverJane


  • KloverJane

    You out did yourself today Chase. Getting a rise outta Raider Nation. The autumn wind cometh early!

  • Chris Schroeder

    People fear what they don’t understand and they hate what they can’t have. Being one of the most glorified franchises in the history of the game it’s an honor to be hated on. If you are a team who has haters then you must be doing something right. This editor is a nobody. Just another hater who secretly envies the Raiders for having the greatest Fanbase on earth, and it kills him so much that they are rising back to greatness that he could no longer hide behind his theater mask of despair. Now that he has become an empty shell nobody gives two craps about he has to take to Twitter like a only child starving for attention.

    When the Raiders are once again knocking on the door of greatness and this clown is on his dirty knees begging for acceptance, We will look down upon him and remind him there is only one nation…. Raider nation!!!

  • Raider Grant

    Hopefully the NFL will grow a pair & come out of closet to admit it has a bias against The Raiders too! NFL loves our fans……money though, especially once we start winning again & merchandise sales go out the roof! Go Raiders

  • Reivax Soirreb

    Just take Silva’s comments for what they are worth. It is very easy to rip a team that you dislike, so that’s what Raiders fans should expect from Silva.Too bad for Rotoworld Football section that they have an editor that can’t even attempt to hide their dislike forr one of the teams of that same league he is supposed to cover and talk without biased opinions. Just to remind Mr. Silva, the Raiders franchise has been in the NFL for probably longer than he has been alive and that things can chaange from season to season. Heck he may be forced to write positive and glowing opinions about the Raiders this season. How funny and delightful that will be to us Raiders fans. As for now lets not even mind him or his website and if you do read Rotoworld NFL coverage be aware that you are not really reading from someone that has any impartial knowledge and makes objective comments.

  • Reivax Soirreb

    Oh and one last thing, did you see his answer only to John Middlekauff, the ex-scout that works on the Raiders flagstation on weeekdaays now with Haberman. This Middlekauff is another one that won’t mince words to criticize and belittle Raiders team and management and is more like the people from the East coast with their disdain for the Raiders.Silva is based from Chicago and just follows the trend of getting that cheap backhand comment that is always negative on the Raiders or even laughing about it.

  • Reivax Soirreb

    All I know is that after the situation that the Raiders were when Al Davis died we needed the franchise to have someone with the steady hand firmness and that above all felt very loyal to the Raiders organization and Mark Davis couldn’t find anyone better than McKenzie, whom by the way a lot of these “experts” Silva, Middlekauff, Rosenthal,Wesseling, Sessler,Williamson and others too numerous to count like to try to rip. We will see at the end of this season.

  • O Hernandez

    Silva who?

  • stucktrader

    What’s Rotoworld?

  • Shane David

    Guy is a fag, he blocked me on twitter a long time ago.. Pussy