Jun 21, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Athletics center fielder Coco Crisp (4) celebrates his tenth inning base hit that scored first baseman Alberto Callaspo (not pictured) to defeat the Boston Red Sox 2-1 at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland A's sign 10 year lease to stay in run down Coliseum

In what be a moment that threatens the future of football in the great city of Oakland, the Oakland A’s have made the decision to remain at the Oakland Coliseum for another decade. Extending their stay in a building that the Oakland Raiders desperately want out of and have a lease to end after this season, the Athletics will remain at what is now called the O.co Coliseum past 2020 and well into the next decade.

From ESPN:

Oakland Athletics owner Lew Wolff said Wednesday the club has reached a 10-year lease agreement with the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority to stay at the Oakland Coliseum.

The deal that would run through 2025 is subject to approval by the Coliseum Joint Powers Authority, which is scheduled to vote on the extension Friday. The City of Oakland and Alameda County Board of Supervisors also would have to approve the deal.

MLB commissioner Bud Selig also put out a release about the A’s new lease, saying the he believes the A’s need a new facility despite being happy with the A’s committing to staying in Oakland. Also adding that he feels the Coliseum site is the best venue for that to become a reality.

“I commend the Oakland Athletics and the JPA for their efforts in reaching an extension for a lease at O.co Coliseum.  The agreement on this extension is a crucial first step towards keeping Major League Baseball in Oakland.

“I continue to believe that the Athletics need a new facility and am fully supportive of the club’s view that the best site in Oakland is the Coliseum site.  Contrary to what some have suggested, the committee that has studied this issue did not determine that the Howard Terminal site was the best location for a new facility in Oakland.”

The A’s lease is reported to have several out clauses, but there are undoubtedly going to be questions and concerns on how Raiders owner Mark Davis takes the news that the city could potentially delay the building of a new stadium for another ten years. There is still hope that the A’s lease will not change plans for a future stadium to be built, but with each year more and more negativity brews. The future of the Raiders in Oakland won’t come from this day, but questions are continuing to be asked.

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  • Don

    Wolfe has yet, screwed is own team and the OAKLAND RAIDERS by staying in this dump.

  • Bob

    The Raiders can still build on the site or on property owned by the defunct redevelopment agency without tearing it down, Gotta think outside the box here.

  • Don

    Just when the Oakland Raiders Organization is looking up, someone sh*ts on them. #keepraidersinoakland.

  • raider_nation

    Either way the Raiders will b playing in a dump, feces coming up from the pipes , playing on dirt for what 2 months longer if the A’s make to playoffs .. The city better do something fast ASAP…

  • ryan theroux

    LA is what is best for the Raiders not having to share an area whith another team. There is alot more money to be had in LA compared to Oakland. As Raider fans we should want what is best for our team and not whats bet for us.

  • KloverJane

    Idiots. In this day and age, board members can’t figure out executive decisions. As usual they turn a blind eye and take the easy way out. They must be modeling their efforts after current Whitehouse headlines. Such as the IRS and Benghazzi lies and practices to deceive. The taxpayer and or ticket holder still takes it on the backside yet again. Hooray for Hollywood!

  • Angel Becerra

    LA keeps creeping in closer and closer.

  • K3goldie

    They need to do what’s best for the Raiders. The best thing would be to move the team to Portland Oregon. The city already petitioned to get them and imagine a brand new state of the art stadium and facilities if they reach out to Nike (headquarters right near Portland) this team deserves the best. LA won’t care about this team. They barely care about any team besides the lakers and it would be the same problem as before, empty seats in LA. Move to Portland

  • http://batman-news.com J K

    Wolfe is an idiot and the Oakland politicos have won nothing by signing this crappy deal.
    The NFL should step in and do something for one of their most storied franchises!
    Go Raiders!

  • ryan theroux

    We care about our teams out here thats whay the dodgers are always the leaders in attendance in baseball and even when the lakers suck the stadium is still full and the team still makes money.

  • B Christopher

    We need to get The Raiders back to Los Angeles Area, whether it be LA or OC, does not really matter. The Raiders should have NEVER left. There is a HUGE fan base here, with lots of rabid fans. The NFL top dogs need to stop messing with the Raiders, and not get in the way of this move again. COME BACK TO LA/OC RAIDERS!

  • CognizantImpiety

    A’s suck.

  • Todd_the_Hunn

    As long as Paul Allen owns the Trail Blazers & the Seahawks Portland can’t have an NFL franchise . THe only way is if Paul Allen was to move the Trail Blazers to Seattle or sell the team and neither will happen . By the NFL laws an NFL owner can’t own another sports franchise in a town that has an NFL franchise .

  • David

    Bring Them To L.A. As Far As Fan Base We Got The Kings, Dodgers, Lakers, Missing The Raiders, Plus They Already Plan In To Build A New Stadium Or Two Or Keep Em In Oakland Wouldn’t Feel The Same As A Different City, Would Loose A Lot Of Financial In Oregon As Far As Fanbase

  • Raider Grant

    LONG SHOT Portland OR would ever acquire an NFL team let alone the Raiders, but anything is possible? As far as losing financially due to moving to Oregon is far from the truth if you knew how deep Raider Nation truly runs. Big following up here in the NW, and if the team did happen to make that most likely impossible move to Oregon The Nation would grow & so would the profits! No matter where they relocate, Our beloved Raiders deserve a permanent HOME. Go Raiders!!!

  • Raider Grant

    I would love it if they did, but for my own selfish reasons of course! Go Raiders

  • Scott Freeman

    Who is Wolfe, and who is the idiot? Wolff locked in a series of one year deals that He can easily get out of, while getting great rent for as long as it takes to get a stadium. In 7 or 8 years when both the Raiders and the A’s have new stadiums right there where they are at now, the only idiots are the short sighted crybabies who don’t have a clue that patience pays off. Look at how long it took the Niners to get a new stadium, and now they have the newest and the best. Our day will come, and when it does, it will be grand. In the meantime, the A’s play on a beautiful field and going to games there are just as enjoyable as the venue across the bay. You probably are one of those sharpies who ridicules an NFL team owner for his haircut.

  • Don

    Really, cool guy, your so smart where is the leverage for Mark Davis and the Oakland Raiders now? Tell me Mr. Im smart